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Time to bankrupt Barcelona and see if we can still manage to win trophies with them.

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115 thoughts on “£0 BARCELONA BANKRUPT CHALLENGE!! FIFA 20 Career Mode”

  1. I don’t think it’s fair for coutinho to receive the amount of criticism he’s got. If u look at his stats, they’re actually good. 13 goals and 15 assists in 52 appearances. Yes thts not world class but for numbers like tht he should not be receiving criticism like he’s been a flop

  2. S2G you are such a good Youtuber and i love the Man Utd career mode and the challenge vids, Keep up the great work

  3. will we see the BARCELONA CARRER mode again pls answer I’ve been waiting since the start of the Leicester city CARRER mode

  4. If they continue wasting all their money on people who move on for way less like Paulinho and soon to be coutinho, this could actually become true!

  5. Looks like the lockdown has been enhancing your creativity😋. Keep up the good work Sid👍👍👍👍

  6. Bro you need to do a coach road to glory start at a really small club and work your way up the managerial ladder.

    • @Santiago Fuentes I’m saying this as a bad thing, Barca are not financially stable atm. Plus he’s planning to sell a bunch of young players for it.

    • @Miller Love in that case, sorry, glad that there is people that recognise that signing players for the sake of it is not good

  7. S2G you the best YouTuber loving the United career it’s amazing your doing amazing to keep us all entertained during lockdown, keep it up.

  8. Barcelona was easy to do this challenge as their team was already good it wasn’t even challenging aswell but I will like more like this.

  9. S2G : you are one of the best gamer youtuber i have seen. Please do a player career mode after the man utd manager career mode.

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