100 Ovr Golden Week Players in FIFA Mobile 20 – Full Golden week Team

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100 Ovr Golden Week Players in FIFA Mobile 20 – Full Golden week Team

➡Golden Week Event is here in FIFA Mobile 20 – 102+ Ovr Golden week Players(Concept)



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48 thoughts on “100 Ovr Golden Week Players in FIFA Mobile 20 – Full Golden week Team”

    • Lol , i didn’t want to put effort so i just went for prime moments litmanen but i have tried Maldini and he’s an absolutely beast, it’s worth it

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  2. Please ITZ trobey send Friend request to Username – RONALWARRIOR (101 Ovr) In FIFA mobile and also subscribe my channel if you like my videos

    • @World Festival of Arts & Culture World Festival yep and that’s only main thing which determines how good ur keeper is no matter how beastly stats a keeper may have if he is below 6’5 then he’ll perform poorly no matter what

    • @Neil D’Silva yep I have Alisson in goal right now and I have an extra Pope so when I get 5 rank tokens I can rank him up (or my OVR will drop and I’m trying to rank transfer Pope to Alisson but it says I have no players in my inventory) so then I use Alisson as TXP to train Pope and only 200,000 coins. Nice discount 🙂

    • @World Festival of Arts & Culture World Festival yeah man in real life alisson is such an amazing keeper sadly in fifa mobile height matters alot

  3. Too many Golden Week videos.. I have no idea which one to start with.. and btw Trobey when you get Zidane get the 3-4-1-2 or 3-5-2 they are really good formation

  4. Are the 98 f2p many people have said yes but did anyone calculate with the energy and the time required so pls reply

  5. There is something wrong because when I sold mendy for 1,100,000 he didn’t sell and I saw the other mendy cards selling I sold him 3 times

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