FUT Millionaire Review – Best FIFA 20 Autobuyer

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366 thoughts on “100 x PREMIER LEAGUE UPGRADE PACKS!! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team”

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    • Shit look the bots are working together, nobody fall for that stupid scam otherwise you jus a silly niga

    • Patrick Blunden yo so true I did it to see if ppl actually gonna be put their fucking address and guess what? These fuckers asked for it

  1. literally opened my console today, made 1 PL pack and got TOTS Alison in that pack. thank god I didn’t do DDG yet 😂

    • Nothing To See ya ur right, in gameplay context, but DDA is anything a game changes so that a player is not bored, so if you get the same shit packs over and over ur gonna stop playing, so we’re both right just with different context. Ea hasn’t said if either of them are actually in the game but content creators joke about it as “red list”

    • Dude me too, the day the PL season came out, I opened my first pack which was a 2 player pack which I wanted to get out the way first, I even skipped the walkout cause I didn’t think I would get anything good. Then..BOOM TOTS Alisson next to a none rare cars, and he fits into my squad, not bad 🙂

    • luiggi714 how does he perform for you? I feel like mine should be saving some pretty easy shots but they just go right through him

    • Thursday for rewards are the cheapest but maybe Friday once the new tots come in because the others will be out of packs either way just watch the market those 2 days

  2. About to go to bed…Notification: “Nick Run the FUT Market”. Looks like I’m up for an extra 16 minutes

  3. I got Adama troare back to back swear to god waiting to put him in prem upgrade . P.s Adama is insane

  4. Hey Nick loving the content recently man , do you reckon we’re actually going to get any flash sbcs these jokers in canada talked about?

  5. Nick question bro if I wanna cop a bpl tots should I wait till Thursday rewards or after guaranteed pack is out cheers bro

    • @FL Youngin to be fair that is why its kinda good that pack weight is low cause you appreciate it more when you actually get something good

    • In my first pack i got tots – english( I thought it was TAA) – GK – Henderson form Sheffield fuck me

    • I opened 5 55k packs and 10 50k packs and didn’t get a walkout. I hate fifa with a burning passion

    • Sorry to tell but my friend got traore tots, henderson tots en taa tots out of 3 packs . There were 2 in one fucking pack

  6. Nick your the goat I was about to go to bed but I saw your notification so I’m now staying up I love your vids 🐐

  7. Its gonna take a long time to get a blue I’m telling you chat. Literally the next pack 5 seconds later: BLUE! lmao

  8. I opened 2 of these packs got baited so hard with a ucl rare kepa then got richarlison thinking he was another ucl rare.

    • nah, only doing league specific now. They might do it at the end of tots when they do the ultimate tots tho, but who knows with ea anymore

    • @Rannon Rodrigues so technically these are the “upgrade packs”. They’re not doing the 25k packs anymore. Taken directly from ea’s website, “including the popular premier league upgrade sbcs, available for 24 hours towards the the conclusion of each league team of the season so far” which tbf they did drop them today instead of Thursday like it says, but I doubt they’re gonna change their mind about the pack

    • Spoooie but why would they drop them now if in their website says it would be dropped on Thursday I don’t get it ! I’m grinding BPM to get these golds to open packs idk whether to stop now if we are not getting these 25 packs ! What do yu think

  9. Did about 5 of these and got nothing, did 3 82+ and got Kova. Think that’ll do me, the prem upgrades are a complete rip off and should’ve just been any 11 rares

  10. Did 5 of these and got nothing. Did a couple gold rare two player upgrade and got totssf alisson. It is literally just gambling at this point but all in all I feel blessed 🙌

  11. That’s 2.5 million worth of crap what a waste of coins! Thanks for the video Nick I won’t be doing these packs!

  12. Wish all content creators were as real as Nick, says what everyone thinks about EA and isn’t worried about being their golden boy

  13. When Nick says to invest in special prem players cause they guaranteed to increase…. and there already 40k cheaper in 1 day gg

    • @A wDeEn but that does not mean that players will increase in price. The market will be flooded with coins for some players not all. But the amount of red picks and untradeable players will be insane. Therefore the supply will be much greater then the demand

  14. I invested in so many epl Rares for under 900 coins. im gonna sell tommorow at 6 when I feel the supply for them have gone down a bit

  15. Fuck you ea, 11 bpl rare players!! You guys just ruin the game! And now somehow… I cant pack even a bpl rare anymore 😖

  16. I just bought 3 TOTS Alisson’s for 130k each, hopefully they go up on Thursday. What do you think Nick?

  17. Didn’t they say we’ll get premium upgrades in the last 24 hours of every league. So this Thursday they’ll release the real upgrades.

  18. Great video man do you recommend investing in 89’s? I have 200k after packing soyuncu from elite 3 squad battles

  19. All walk outs or better. Thank me with a like 🙂 1:46
    10:05 lol

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    • John E. Scott LOL we are not that stupid okay? Your spam is everywhere with that fake reply from a fake person. Literally asks for your address lol scammers

  20. you should buy gold rares from other leauges then when the rar players pack for that league comes your gonna have mad profit if you buy dirt cheap

  21. I did three of the prem ones. First one I pack tots kovacic, Kane. Second one I packed lloris, and the third one I pack tots son and Fernandinho. These packs are mental

  22. Wow…this makes me feel extremely greatful,Done 6 and got Kovacic 2nd pack in and Aguero on ky 4th pack

    • Might rise a little bit but there’s going to be way too many cards out and a potential firmino sbc might be on the way

  23. Did like 5 and only got lucky once I got two 87 players in one pack but other then that it was a bust

  24. I got a TOTS Vardy and TOTS Alisson in my first 6 packs, got excited sold few of my first 11 and spent 350k more on doing these packs and didn’t pack another TOTS RIP

  25. Idk how, but today I got Alisson from 6 prem packs. Then from 30 82+, I got Aguero,Kovacic and Ambrabat😂 Guess I cant complain if my reds and guaranteed pack are terrible. Complete contrast to Furbirthday when I did over 100 upgrade packs and didn’t get one.

  26. I’ve stayed away from these packs personally but I love your reactions to the utter garbage that came out in yours 😂 however I saved my untradable rivals rewards and bagged a Richarlison 🔥 give him a tryout some time. He’s so cracked. Keep up the great content

  27. i did 5, 82 plus packs and got tots aguero and manolas. can’t say they’re better but they were good for me

  28. Man, I did 2 and packed 3 walkouts 1 was totssf Robertson, this was insane to believe you packed 1 in a 100

  29. These packs are stupid… you either get the best pack of your life or you’re sitting their for hours getting discard price players.

  30. First upgrade pack I did…Rashford. Third one got me Aubameyang. En the fourth one…Rashford. see my twitter @AHillenga if you don’t believe me.

  31. Nick is the upgrade big enough to be worth upgrading mid garrincha to prime garrincha, i would only have 150k spare after pre-rewards.

  32. I asked you to review Soyuncu on the other channel and EA just helped me out on that one. I’m from turkey so I’m really happy to see some high rated Turks in this year’s game. Kabak future stars and this guy will be a great duo!

  33. How tf are ppl in the comments packing these within 10 packs, and 2 and 3. Lucky I went unassigned, fuck these packs I’ll just buy whichever ones I want. #fuckEApigs

  34. Matt HD gamer is a EA partner whatever they call it he’s even wearing his CALM fut kit in his bpl upgrade pack video. He only opened 10 packs and got rashford totssf in the 5th pack. nick opens 100 of them and gets 1 and it’s the worst lol. 🤔🤔🤔 … D 👏🏻 D 👏🏻 A 👏🏻

  35. Opened two and got Richarlison. Didn’t think too much of it until I watched the youtubers open em .-.

  36. Helped a guy get his first elite this weekend by giving him the win with an og then backing out. Hope that was him giving the shoutout 😂🤙🏽!

  37. Can someone tell me what dda is. He sais it all the time but I have no idea. For example, the second time he packed lacazette he said it

  38. I bought grizou fut bday at 780 and now he’s 700 should I take the L or will he rise? I don’t like him in game so I want to sell him at one point or another…

  39. Got trent out of my first pack. Think i deserved him tho after getting inzaghi out of my prime icon pack🙃🙃🙃

  40. I got kovacic after 10 of these, think im stopping there and saving my coins for the better ones on Thursday

  41. Okay so Im in a fucked position, I bought Mbappe Inform LW last weekend for 505k. Now he is at 395… should i sell now before he drops or Will he Rise on friday?

  42. Guys I have literally only packed one 83 today while my friend has packed tots son, Robertson, kovacic and mbappe today. I was like bruh

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