£1,000,000,000 AC Milan Takeover Challenge! FIFA 20 Career Mode

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£1,000,000,000 AC Milan Takeover Challenge! FIFA 20 Career Mode

►In this FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenge video we takeover AC Milan and give them £1,000,000,000!! Will this amount of money be able to help them win the Serie A and ChampionsLeague? Subscribe for more FIFA 20 Volta, FIFA 20 Career Mode, and FIFA 20 Ultimate Team content! #FIFA20 #CareerMode #ACMilan



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285 thoughts on “£1,000,000,000 AC Milan Takeover Challenge! FIFA 20 Career Mode”

  1. Can u shout out Ireland in ur next vid
    Haven’t watched gonna be great tho
    Edit: U signed 2 Scottish players ROBBO and Norwich cb

  2. I came to the comments to look at funny comments but I was bombarded with “First”, “Second”. Why does this happen to me 😥😪

  3. Do the for Kobe challenge::: Basically you have to shoot your shot NO LAYUPS and if you miss you have to do 24 push ups or a 8 second plank

  4. Do It With Real Madrid
    1.Buy No More Than 3 30 Year Old Players
    2.Buy 4 South American Players
    2.Release 1 85+ Rated Player

  5. Hey bford use your name on the next career mode make it look like you and bring my national team to the World Cup USA 🇺🇸

  6. dude your so stupid why did you take mahrez from man city you could legit take de bruyne , sterling🤦🤦🤦 stupid ass dumb BIG dislike..man

  7. Bford since MLS starts today I want you to do a quick manager season with FC CINCINNATI! But maybe tomorrow… 🙂

  8. Could you do a team with their highest potential in it vs baby icons. So players who have high potential e.g Thiago Almada has high potential so he’d been in the squad. Baby icons would be icons with their lowest rating thanks BFord you’re my favourite YouTuber keep it up

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