£1,000,000,000 Newcastle United Takeover Challenge!! FIFA 20 Career Mode

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£1,000,000,000 Newcastle United Takeover Challenge!! FIFA 20 Career Mode

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98 thoughts on “£1,000,000,000 Newcastle United Takeover Challenge!! FIFA 20 Career Mode”

  1. The video is superb…. But if the takeover gets complete then Newcastle utd will get 250M in transfer market in first season.

  2. Can you do a 1 billion pound Bristol City takeover as they are in the championship so you’ll have to get them up to the prem and then champions league glory

  3. You will probably not read or reply this but I just want to say that you are unique. You do fun stuff on Youtube and Especially the . __ to glory series. Keep up the good work! ( I know my spelling is shit)

  4. Pcq:pls send your scouts to Brazil,Portugal,France in Manchester united series pls like my comment if you think my idea is good

  5. Newcastle literally buying old average players to help improve league positive and selling them later on to US clubs for money!! Such money minded clubs should be banned from Football!!?

  6. Pcq: what do you think of the fact Neymars mom, dumped his boyfriend after finding out he had relationships with multiple men?

  7. I have watched s2g for about a year now and when ever I am sad or bored I go straight to him and watch his videos I hope lots of people feel the same way keep up the good work 😜

  8. Can you pls do Barcelona on a full career mode on fifa without Messi and Suarez and pique and Busquets and others like the new Barca

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