110 FACES ADDED TO FIFA 22! – New FIFA 22 Update 4

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110 FACES ADDED TO FIFA 22! – New FIFA 22 Update 4


Title Update 4 has brought in many new faces to FIFA 22. Here are many of the updated faces.
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84 thoughts on “110 FACES ADDED TO FIFA 22! – New FIFA 22 Update 4”

  1. Not excited about these faces update because what we actually need is a new faces for high potential player. Btw, the new Nike boot added is really nice! Thanks for the video Vapex!

  2. I’m just happy because I complete the SBC flashback for Alexandre Pato and was shocked to see some generic face it gave him so to him to have to face in the game made it worth it

  3. These faces are not enough they need add at least some more better players such as improving Real Madrid’s, Bayern munichs and Barcelona’s players faces

  4. Almost all of them are old. I dont get what ea is doing. For example with borna sosa who finally got a face scan in fifa 22 but with short hair. He has long hair for 2 years. What the f*** has ea done for 2 years ffs

  5. A lot of re-added faces that were there in previous FIFA’s. I would like to see EA focus that time in more player face scans than re-adding those archived ones. Example, Marko Marin’s face is like from FIFA09😂

    Thanks for the upload Vapex. Nice to see a few new scans!

  6. I’ve been a fifa player back in fifa 11-18. Left for pes for few years and now started to get back into fifa and the lack of real face is shocking. Didn’t expect them to not up their face game since then but the content beats pes all day long.

  7. Max mayer
    Jedro Williams and Lewis Holby my goddamn name is take me back I always used to buy them on career mode does anyone remember the French player was ridiculous speed .he never quite broken In to. The high potential he was going to be but he played for like Palma
    . Saido dombia as well i’ve butchered his name but he was the player it played for CSKA Moscow I think he went to Roma as well but he also didn’t live up potential

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