130 x SERIE A UPGRADE 81+ PLAYER PACKS!! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

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130 x SERIE A UPGRADE 81+ PLAYER PACKS!! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

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180 thoughts on “130 x SERIE A UPGRADE 81+ PLAYER PACKS!! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team”

  1. Literally every other game my team’s stamina is gone by 20th minute. Anyone know how to fix this? This shit is costing me games. When that happens my players don’t run and they pass like 2 year olds. Wtf is this game.

  2. Respect for doing this don’t think I’d have the strength to go and do 478 lmao good luck for tomorrow I’ll be in the stream👍

  3. Kit theory may be right when I got lewa I had on and RB Leipzig home and Bayern Away and next day got Werner .. it can be true

  4. I have spent all of my coins for serie a upgrade packs and I have gotten, Pellegrini, 2 handanovic, szczesny and acerbi. My friend does one and gets gomez. If I get nothing in the guaranteed pack I will quit fifa. Smh

    • Tino Perez how will taking a month break improve his pack luck? That makes no sense😂

      And the game will be dead in a month anyway, after TOTS it’s loterally not worth playing.

    • BroJennan theres a theory that if you come back to the game after a while of not playing you get good pack luck to keep you playing the game

  5. Watched the entire 5 hours of pack building and all the packs and I don’t regret anything, best way to spend your Monday

  6. Let’s go nick keep them going you’ll get cr7. I opened 50 and got only defenders and was about to give up. Opened around 10 ish more and got Dybala. We move.

  7. 2 things I look forward to everyday during quarantine
    1. Fifa content release at 1pm est
    2. Nick’s videos
    Thanks for all the content 🙏🙏

  8. Hey nick, just wondering how you do your thumbnails cause I’m starting up a YT channel? Great work keep everything up!

  9. hey Nick, great video! i would appreciate it if you can check out my pack opening, I have also packed a BLUE!

  10. Nick i am inspired by the way u yell blue. I am poor in coins and rares so i could only do 1 81+ pack. I got 96 immobile in my only pull. Will u call it a W?

    • Lol I was like that for 3 months till I kept hearing chad from every fifa youtuber and realised it’s chat😂😂

  11. I opened one and got 96 gomes. I then opened one of the 80+ picks and got Teixeira. Some crazy ass luck i swear

  12. Did anyone else have exceptionally bad gameplay and delay today? I couldn’t even play 2 full games before I gave up

  13. I feel like my luck ran out. I got 15 TOTS out of roughly 25 upgrade packs during Community and Prem TOTS. Then i got 2/4 in the LaLiga upgrades. So, I opened 30 Bundesliga packs and 4 Serie A packs and the highest has been 84. 400k down 😕 Should I keep trying?

  14. Am I the only one getting a headache listening to him opening packs, so you just skip through? He is so loud + there is something wrong with his headset which make the sound so irritating

  15. I’ve done around 70 of these Serie a packs, had 4 szczesnys, handanovic, radja, smalling, immobile, berradi, acerbi and Hernandez. Also opened 50 odd Megas rare players packs etc, got promes. My mate opens 15 Serie a packs, get illicic, Martinez, acerbi and 3 others. Like how is that weighted properly?

  16. I r been doing the weekly packs for the tots and saving the rest of fodder up for one last Icon pack this year (so far I’ve got Costa 4 times and baby Henry when those out) I got mid gullit 😍

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