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Weekend league Fifa 22 – Here are the highlights! Can i get 20 wins in my first games this year? Enjoy the best scenes of FUT Champions in Fifa 22! Thanks for the great support on twitch!

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Hello everyone!
I’m a 15 years old FIFA player from Denmark. Representing RBLZ Gaming the eSports Team of RB Leipzig, my dream is to become FIFA-World-Champion at one point. Subscribe to follow my fifa journey, and watch me hopefully win tournament after tournament!

What i post:
💯 [Best goals from weekend league]

– Every week i am posting clips from my twitch livestream. These clips are some of the best goals i score in the weekend league. So if you’re sad you missed a stream, you can always watch most of the content on my youtube channel!





  1. I like how consistent you are… thats what makes you unique from other pro players… you are the BEST… congrats on 20 wins,,, let the wins begin!!! can you please be consistent with your youtube uploads, we been starving mate n ended up eating rubbish 🙂

    • The best tactics are what work for you. Play the game, try different things. Don’t be a sheep copying YouTubers and streamers.

    • @Carvalho182 I want a hero tactic to try it, there is no problem. I want only instructions, brother, if you know them. I know the tactic and the plan. If you have instructions, you can tell me, and I thank you.

    • @Carvalho182 hey buddy idgaf what you watch him for. Some of us don’t need inspiration & ideas for our teams. I watch him to get a better understanding of what works in the game. Every pro player drops cash to build their team lol get a fkn grip

    • @BUYEST phil mcracken I love you telling me to get a grip from the safety of your bedroom. Typical needless absent personality aggression of this spoiled child generation. Also you just said what I said in a different way, you’re clearly a little slow. I was wrong, you should just stick to your “cry more” reply.

    • @Carvalho182 hahaha that’s what I thought. I see you talking but you’re not saying anything. Keep crying in a 15 year olds YouTube videos.

    • Of course it’s not difficult with that team man. Either he wins or people getting so scared by just looking at his team and they rage quit. easy wins.

    • Yes like fifa just started and everybody has a shit team his over here with pele Ronald and all that Ofc he has to win lol

    • This was my thought exactly. If you are possibly the best in the world, flaunt it and take people apart with a fairly normal team. I found this pretty childish and boring when I saw his team. He didn’t face a team even remotely close to his.

  2. I could also win games with that team. Not trying to be salty you’re much better than me but at least give yourself a challenge with a team like that…. no competition

    • @JLPB2010 I absolutely could not, you’re right. But he was going to from the minute I saw this team and it made the video monotonous. It would have been far more challenging to see him RTG than this snore content.

    • @Carvalho182 i Don’t think you understand. Anders isn’t a YouTuber he’s a pro player he don’t need many views but he needs a good team to win over the best players.

    • @Jacob Snegl I understand perfectly. He does need views that’s why he put this video up on YouTube. He isn’t yet a pro, he is to young to play on the major tournaments. He is signed by RBL though for when he can compete. I think I understand perfectly. I think you miss my point that if he wants to put videos up, they should hold a higher entertainment value.

    • @Carvalho182 yeah i see youre point but Anders isn’t that interested in YouTube. He just makes some vids about his wl but he don’t make series because it doesn’t interest him in the same way as playing pro fifa. And btw he is pro he has a pro contract. He plays tournaments just not the big ones because he is not old enough.

    • It’s not about team and player It’s about informations that we don’t have.
      If u have it ur practice makes u pro soon
      ea sells icons to pros maybe the informations are whit their buy

  3. Ultimate team competetive have ruined the game. These players wont be anything without those pay to win squads. Yes he is only 15, but come on. 600-700 k FIFA points? That is 5500-6000 k dollars for a game coming out every single year?

    Give everyone equal opportunities, and none of these players will appear in top 200.

    • Bruh stop the capping, even if people had this team Anders would still be smacking them 5-0. If you were a great player, you would be able to win with pretty much every team.

  4. We are 2 weeks of the release of the game and the kid already has a end game team😂😂😂. Of course with this P2w team he has its easy against people who have low tiers teams.
    Wanted to see this kid using bronze players or even silvers he would struggle totally.
    He has some skill for sure but dont hype him too much. He still has a very long way too go.

  5. Hey ..Anders ..are going to participate in fifa22 licensed tonaments? .. if so ..I can’t wait to see you bust some pros on LAN 😆😹🙌🏿🔥🔥🐐

    • @Carvalho182 if u noticed in the video whenever he faced opponent with decent teams the game ends in 2-1 3-1 so all I can imagine is what if he faced opponent with similar team as him R9, pele messi and shit. I think he could’ve lost. anyways I’m not a hater but, just pointing out a fact!

    • @Ø He and I aren’t hating, we are expressing our opinions that he could have provided more interesting content by playing a weaker team. He is possibly the best player in the world certainly in the top 10. He was always going to crush his opponents with this team.

  6. That team takes the shine off 20-0. I get he’s good, but he didn’t face a team close to his. Almost boring to watch when this a starter team.

  7. You are one of the best players in the world right now. Please don’t put music in your vids, leave the original sounds, they’re much better. Keep it up man

  8. Hey everyone can someone tell me how it is possible that the whole team rushing for getting the ball in this video (its a clip of anders streaming)

    The cms and defenders even the other st running with full speed 😳
    I asked it from 10 other pros and still I don’t have my answer

  9. – only 2-1 against FC Bierschiess…that guy must be really good (maybe one of the best), losing only 2-1 and having a way weaker team.

    • @Astab Subedi You’re talking rubbish. That team is at least 5 points higher rated than the average community team. Maybe you’re a good player in elite tier where all teams are up at that level, but if you are your not an average member of the community. You cannot get that team without being amazing at the game already and grafting or spending on points.

    • @Carvalho182 bro you can’t even buy r9 without spending insane amounts of money never mind the rest of his team I get that he’s insane but man had what most people would class as the best team possible before he played a game like I’ve never seen him play with an average team like any decent player can win with his team

  10. How’s he only just beating some teams 2-1 they be playing with gelson martins and Renato Sanches meanwhile he’s got a 50 million coin team imagine he had a normal 500k team he’d get smashed

  11. Talented? Yes, he is in some ways. But his talent is judgemental. Try playing an 83-85 rated squad only then I’ll say you are not only talented but gifted.

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