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136 thoughts on “25x SERIE A 81+ UPGRADE PACKS! – FIFA 20”

  1. The deal for the video was 1,100 likes and we’ll dump the million coins i have into upgrade packs tonight! It has to be hit before the stream though!

  2. I see no minuts and seconds at reviews, now i know they had not packed a tots player before i watch the video..

  3. Banger video! Those 81+ seems pretty good with all those great pulls and making me feel like doing some and hope for that CR7 😉. See you tomorrow on stream brother ❤️

  4. I packed handanovic from the 81+ serie a and acerbi from the player pick
    Edit: eid Mubarak to all my Muslim homies

  5. I got szczesny from 90k worth of upgrades which isn’t great but it’s nearing the end of the game so I just wanted to have fun

  6. yo you saying “you can’t be mad considering…” triggered my hey Siri on my phone wtf we have the same voice

  7. I don’t know why, but my packluck last 2 fifa’s has been insane! I got Martinez and Handanovic back to back! Martinez from serie a 81+ and Handanovic from 80+. Martinez fits in my team because I got Maradona from the mid icon pack like 2 months ago! 🙂

    • What are you eating guys, my luck is absolutely insane bad, I done more or less all sbc and I didn’t pack not even pogba or over 50k card and i done all guarantee tots and other sbc and I pack always the most shit player, wtf ea

  8. Hey man love the channel! Could you show the team’s submitted for SBC for each big pack opening so we know if it matters the squad v pack quality?

  9. opened 3 Serie A upgrade packs and pulled an 85 Lukaku, TOTS pellegrini and TOTS Cuadrado. so well worth it for me.

  10. Your thumbnails are annoying to look at quit faking reactions. Then and only then will I take u serious. Your such a big fat phony. Your already rich dude. Stop acting for a thumbnail makes u look so pathetic my guy

  11. Honestly I quit spending money or building sbcs completely, my team is my team it’s 93 overall and I will use it the rest of the year the way it is. Its pointless now such high rated cards are cheap and pack odds are pretty terrible. IMO EA messed up because this is normally the biggest promo and normally didn’t start for a little bit longer, but since there was the virus and EA couldn’t make any money and release promos they did TOTSSF, how much does anyone wanna bet when the leagues come back they’ll do an actual TOTS so they could profit off of it twice? Its May and people are burnt out on the game already like its August.

  12. I’m actually so lucky I did 3 to packs and got back to back to back tots. It was acerbi, de Vrij, and de Vrij again

  13. Just thought I’d drop you a message to thank you for these videos each week. Appreciate you getting them out so quickly after 6pm and they have given me a great insight into the promos each week. Keep up the good work BuckArmy 🙌🏻

  14. I did three and got acerbi then handanovic, im not gonna play with them but they’re huge because im trynna do coutinho and they help me out so much.

  15. All the upgrades seem to be quality. Did 4 Serie A and got two Tots. Did like 5 of the 80+ and got a 94 CSL Tots

  16. Got TOTS Dybala in my first 1 but nothing in the other 3, might do a few more and see if I can get someone who links to him because he doesn’t fit into my squad lol.

  17. Hey buck I’m a new channel that’s trying to get subs and I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me bro to do this, a sub from someone like you would be low key amazing 💪

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