30-0 ON FUT CHAMPIONS with A 5 STAR SKILL TEAM!?! Fifa 20 Ultimate Team gameplay + Squad Builder!!

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30-0 ON FUT CHAMPIONS with A 5 STAR SKILL TEAM!?! Fifa 20 Ultimate Team gameplay + Squad Builder!!

My 30-0 bronze players vid is below x

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Hashtag Harry in his prime is back with a challenge!!! Can I get top 100 on FUT Champs with a full 5 star skill team? Firmino RB, FUT Birthday players, shapeshifter promo players!! #fifa20 #ultimateteam #futchampions

Will be streaming all 60 weekend league games soon!!
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My previous uploads have included:
Top 100 with a Bronze Team
Top 100 with a Silver Team
40-0 with a 100k Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Bronze Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Silver Team.
Winning Division 1 with the slowest team.
etc etc

168 thoughts on “30-0 ON FUT CHAMPIONS with A 5 STAR SKILL TEAM!?! Fifa 20 Ultimate Team gameplay + Squad Builder!!”

  1. Loved the video Harry, watched it already. Thomas Leese is the best PS4 player in the world. Shawreys shit at fortnite, Tekkz carries him, and he thinks his accents are unreal, when theyre utter shite

  2. Ay my nigga harry, ive been fkn with you since fifa 16 or 17 idgaf What any1 say yu in my eyes are the Greatest ive seen. NO 1 ELSE CAN SAY THEY GOT TOP 100 WITH ALL KEEPERS !!! Lik fuck outta here! Yu are fkn unreal salute to you and stay safe ….. Btw whenever iget mad at fifa cus im not playing well i LITERALLY SAY THIS NIGGA HARRY DID IT WITH A BRONZE team ! So i should be able to do it with my squad [ass tier] btw lol appreciate you

  3. If you’ve got the coins mate… build a draft within a certain time limit say 5 mins, then build that squad yourself and have a go with that in fut champs for a weekend! Loving the uploads lad! 👊🏾

    • Playing with no chem will make the best cards on the game worse than the best bronzes / silvers.

      Would be a hard challenge for sure.

  4. Referring to what u said about the champions league. “You can come 4th in your country and still be champions of Europe.” But it can be the other way around as well… Liverpool 1st in their country and went out very early in the champions league to athletico

  5. What a player you are man…aprecciate these good videos ,,hey man i wish to play 0.5% do you play on FIFA…
    Good stuff
    From Portugal ✌️💪👊

  6. Yo open 3 premium gold player packs and build your team from the players you pack then take them on a 30-0 run

  7. was it just me or was everyone laughing when he said his career would be selling balloons I couldn’t stop laughing

  8. 1 pro player from asia said that its easy to play with europe server, so there is no problem to play with noob squad for pro player, try play with asia sever with ur silver squad

  9. Have I just heard this guy mention a second channel🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣, I cant breathe, he can barely keep a single channel uploaded with content

  10. Anyone that slags Harry off saying he doesn’t shut up just needs to grow up, his personality is the thing that makes him the most entertaining fifa YT

  11. Man I’m sweating with using a silver team built around Prime Vieri and barely scraped Gold 1. How the fuck do you do that with a Bronze team, well you are pros for a reason.

  12. Best fifa 20 player IMO very Close having 30-30 With a bronze team no way would any other you tuber get that close!

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