5 NEW FEATURES WE WANT IN FIFA 21 (Career Mode Features, Gameplay Features, New Faces & More)

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5 NEW FEATURES WE WANT IN FIFA 21 (Career Mode Features, Gameplay Features, New Faces & More)

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Today we talk about new features you guys want to see in FIFA 21. I talk about Owner Mode from madden, new Gameplay features, Career mode features, new faces and more

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145 thoughts on “5 NEW FEATURES WE WANT IN FIFA 21 (Career Mode Features, Gameplay Features, New Faces & More)”

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    • Changes I want in Player Career mode:
      *Start a game from the bench.(Like PES)
      *The player should get to choose which club he wants to go to. Just like in PES.
      *Able to negotiate with clubs about your wages and year contract just like you do in manager mode but this time you are the player of course.
      *Club records mentioning when you surpass them as a player, for example you become the highest scorer for that club.
      *Interactions with the press and post/pre game interview.
      *Frequent contracts act like an achievement, for example Sponsors for football boots.
      *Tattoos for customising your player.
      These mention above is not so hard to implement as they are already in the journey mode. So I hope that these come in later edition of the game.

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  3. Our expectations: fifa 21 amazing

    Fifa 21: Loses license for Brazil and calls them the “Team with green and yellow”

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  5. There should be a mode by transfers to bribe the refs but depending on what league or competition depends how much to offer but if you don’t offer enough you could lose your job forfeit the match get banned from the competition or get sued

  6. I would like to see manager reaction or celebration when there is a last minute goal which changes completely the game

    Player Career Mode Wishlist
    – Tattoos
    – More black player hairstyles
    – More mixed hairstyles (Maybe brown and blonde)
    – Have an agent that can get us good transfers (at the start have a bad agent, and get a better agent with your wages)
    – Player interviews
    – Can be able to get subbed on during the game
    – Request player shirt number
    – If you are number 1 in squad ranking, you are highly rated by the manager, meaning you can request for the manager to sign other players and who to sell
    – Can request to play a game
    – Managers can get sacked so you have to adapt to a new style of play and different or even higher expectations and get sold if you don’t live up to the standards.
    – Simulate a whole season with 1 click of a button and it doesn’t take more than 6 minutes to finish.
    – Retire from international football
    – Thicker beards.
    – Be able to roll up sleeves from long shirt (Like Ronaldo)
    – Have leadership trait and become captain
    – Get a sponsor that helps you unlock specific boots (maybe adding a photo shoot would be cool)
    – Shirt off celebration

  8. I’d also like to have all stadiums at least with the original names, because its lasts many time to edit every stadium, to get it more realistic.

  9. I’d like a live ticker in the game no only if you choose English commentary and maybe a little highlight show in halftime of the other matches goals or at least at the end of the game.

  10. Portuguese 2nd Division, Liga NOS broadcast and headscans for some of the players is a must need, Eredivisie only have Ajax and they are well scanned while Porto, Benfica and Sporting dont have any stadium and most of the players arent scanned: Bruno Fernandes, Alex Telles, Rafa Silva, Danilo Pereira, Pizzi, Ruben Dias, Acuna, Wendel all of them dont have a face ig. Which as a portuguese guy its really boring and sad to see that even through we have good players, good teams and sometimes we get good runs on european competitions we never got the recognition we deserve. Porto in 2018/19 got to the quarter finals of the champions league and 0 headscans rly.
    EA should get both Liga NOS and Eredivisie a lot of effort, so PSV, Feyenoord, Sporting, Benfica and Porto can get some headscans, and even get their stadium like Sporting has in PES.

    • Pedro Correia Benfica are now partners with EA so maybe some Benfica players will be scanned for FIFA 21

  11. I love how every year you have videos like this but ea doesn’t give a crap and never puts anything in and we still buy the game.

    • @Nonstop Flying Bruh its not scripted. One match you play against a player who is similar to your level and the next a player harder. Then a player worse than u. It’s not scripted it’s a chain so it can be fair.

    • @Yannick Joaquin You tell your self that, do some research or just play the game and see how many times a defender just doesnt go to the ball or runs away from it, goalkeeper decides to let the easiet shot in the 45th or 90th minute. It even says it on the website that they manipulate the game.A simple search on the FIFA sub-Reddit reveals hundreds of videos alleging that scripting is at large – something EA Sports has denied for years.

  12. Player career mode needs to include a records book and trophy cabinet to show you what you have achieved. Also would be nice to show you how many games, goals and assists you have scored In each competition, I’m sick of doing all this manually

  13. I would like to see dynamic weather in the UK the weather can change from sunny to overcast, or when you play evening game it turns day into night at half time.

  14. Regarding Ronaldo face i personally don’t care about a ‘man bun’ haircut because footballers change haicuts all the time , what i do care about is players like Saliba , Camavinga , Tonali , Tierney etc who hasn’t a face …Ronaldo’s face in game is still frigging good imo .

  15. the things I whant to have in fifa 21 is the womans theam like the clubs. It wold be fun to do a career of like Manchester United womans team. Imagine doing a creer mod with the woman club teams ore a ultimate teams. On ultimate you get to select if you whant to play with the men ore women team in like a box ore somthing like that. I whant to have new commentators. We have the game in norwegian but not the commentators. the las ting I whant in fifa 21 is to give us like football Association career mode. where you start your own football association. For example, our job is to start our own league or help the clubs in the country we have the football federation in with what they need. For example, give them more money or take them home and upgrade the stadium. If you pick and help a team and upgrade their stadium, it will be a cut scene where we see the boss travel and talk to the club. then you have to choose what you want to upgrade. you see the stadium and the stadium says what is possible to upgrade based on what the club wants.

  16. Career mode and pro clubs would be amazing and the two best modes if they just got rid of volta and put less effort onto ultimate team and makes a game where they just lots of new career mode and pro clubs features. As they have so much potential

  17. I think they should do a second kit for the goalkeepers now I know this isn’t a big deal but it’s so weird that the game is just fine with the kits clashing let me know what you think

  18. I’ve given up on Fifa and enjoying PES 2020. I’m an offline player and don’t play FUT. I’m tired of the gameplay in Fifa. Slow it down and give us more realism. Dump the cartoon Volta etc

  19. Owner mode will be fucking amazing but EA don’t care about career mode player(me included)..they only wants Ultimate team players

  20. If they add changing ticket prices and food or merchandise they should make it so that if you make things more expensive, less people will buy them but if they’re cheap more people will buy them, etc.

  21. also in madden you can change your stadium and reloacate
    i think they should bring the change stadium aspect over to fifa cause if i get a league 2 side up to champions league i dont wanna play in a 2000 seating stadium

  22. The youth team scouting needs to be add the ability to scout of a player In a certain position unlike fifa 20 where is attacker winger defensive minded goalkeeper

  23. I want EA to grow big fucking balls and get back uefa euro 2020 lisence back to where it belongs EA Sports fifa 20 or fifa 21.😡🤬😤😠

    1. The option where you can’t get sacked in career mode.
    2. Design your own hairstyle
    3. Poppy for remembrance day
    4. International champions cup
    5. Create your own story mode!

  25. I think there should be a create a club option for manager career mode to give u something else to because it gets boring after awhile playing with normal teams. And if u were able to make ur own club with your own name and kit and badge and be able to change the badge and kit every season and even upgrade the stadium if needed to would make it so muck more enjoyable

  26. I’ve been saying for a long time Fifa should allow us to change the Goalkeeper kits cos they clash with other kits at times and it’s annoying . Same with refs

  27. I reckon Bruno well get his wish this is definitely something I reckon will be added. Be good as well when players get golden boots, worlds best and man of the match awards they have that added to their stats. Like a symbol and number. Maybe also a total tally for goals, assists, golden boots, man of the match, manager of the year and team ranking. Want per season and total for the entire career mode.

  28. For the fans chanting when you score a last minute winner they could have the fans shouting through the speaker of the controller.

  29. Playing youth leagues with your real life and career mode youth team would be cool
    Also being able to actually speak with your manager it would be more realistic-like so vapex can see

  30. If you play as a player that plays irl like Ronaldo or a player you created as the years go by the player should get like older and stuff

  31. Tbh I just want fifa to be fixed, as it hasn’t been the greasy of game lately so if they fix it properly and have so many problems with it I’ll be happy 😂

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  33. As of right now for the next fifa (fifa 21) owner mode would be a huge boost, if all the things from madden were transferred to fifa. That would be a huge boost

  34. Manager level difficulty.
    Choose your starting budget and negotiation difficulty.
    Option to play a full or half season
    Sponsorship offers and tv rights deals.
    Kit changing every season.
    Able to upgrade stadium scout and medical staff.
    Youth academy squad.
    More realism in crowd attendances and derby matches.
    Able to ask for more money from board.

  35. Like seriously can 2k just make a football game at least we know it would be focus on career mode 🤷🏽‍♂️

  36. they actually do have different crowd levels, just not enough. I was smashing west ham away 6-0 in career mode and then west ham pulled one back at the 80th minute and their fans barely reacted. They stood up and clapped and barely anyone was jumping.

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