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How to get fired in Career Mode – 5 Ways

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How many times can you be fired in FIFA 20 Career mode
How many times can you get fired in a season
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how fast can you get fired in career mode
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191 thoughts on “5 WAYS TO GET FIRED IN FIFA 20 CAREER MODE!!!”

  1. Wtf? Aw man I always give players big salaries. Especially if we win the Champions League, I will extend everyone’s contract by one year and give them a $1,000- 10k bonus. Depending on how much they contributed throughout the year.

  2. 5 Ways to Get Fired in FIFA 20 Career Mode:

    1- Offer your player a huge salary (I got fired even at offering 30K)
    2- Low Release Clause
    3- Simulating too much
    4- Having way too many players (unhappy players due to lack of time… even if your team is winning)
    5- Of course, when your team is underperforming.

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  3. simione at charlton athletic, please tell us how you did it? how do you take an existing manager to another team?

  4. I had a mate who said he got sacked 40 times in like 2 months. It all started because he offered De Bruyne a $1 million release clause. Since then it went down hill. The most he lasted was a week or something

  5. Lmaoo I got fired on the first day for putting a release clause worth only a small percentage of Messi’s value 😂😂

  6. One of my youth players got a 97 after a few years and was up for an contract renewal. I got fired for offering him 17k per week. 17k for a 97 goalie. So I reloaded, offered him 10k and 1mio in cash and it worked. I just want classic football manager 13 back :/

  7. I don’t understand and I’m confused, my rating for manager keeps going down but I’m winning every game and I’m achieving every goal, it’s like winning games and playing good has no importance, and the rating just goes down and down, I’m at 70 right now

    Help anyone

  8. Offer your player a huge salary – they try to solve bugs. in other fifa (19,18,17 etc). easy money budget bug. for more –

  9. I’m doing a Cambridge career and just offered a future star 4K wages – he’s my highest rated – and now everyone wants higher and my manager rating has gone down to 60 :/ how to fix

  10. I literally made southampton go from relegation zone to top 4 this season and i got sacked just because i added release clause on boufal contract

  11. Can someone please say me the website or link to download FIFA 20 or 19 or 18 for PC..it would be really helpful ..

    Thanks in advance

  12. ard bruh i need help so im managing barcelona right now and i paid messi i guess a bit too much but i didnt get sacked only thing is my rating is a 63 % what should i do to raise it up

  13. *_”We value Messi very highly, and to protect our investment in him, we want to include a €20,000,000 release clause in his contract.”_*

  14. I brought a 19 yr Gk up to 94 and he was still on a 5k contract, so he wasn’t happy.
    I managed to get salford city into the prem aswell so players wanted higher wages, I managed to give the 94 rated player 80k per week, and then I got terminated, having brought a league 2 team into the prem and growing the team to an average of 80rtd players or more.

  15. I literally took Walsall from EFL league two to the championship but got sacked for agreeing to pay my star player £16,000, which was a lot more than the other players’ who were on £6,000 at the most. I was in disbelief! Haha.

  16. my club transfer bugnet is negative 10 Billion. wage budget is around 1 million. squad size is very small. lot of players complaining with wage demands. i cant renew contracts. i cant sell them they will not move may be coz of squad size. But still not fired

  17. i took rangers from losing everything to winning the europe league and the scottish prem and the champions league and i was savked caus i forgot to sign one youth player

  18. Got a team promoted from league 1 to premier league. Gave a high prospect player with 1 year left on his contract a salary increase from 4k a week to 12k which isn’t even the current highest salary in the squad. Got sacked wtf!

  19. Last season I won the Europa league, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, Community Shield, League 1 and the Johnston Paint then offered a player 17k a week and got sacked.
    Only Hamilton in Scotland would hire me 😂

  20. If the Career Mode itself had a Morale rating, then it’d be at 0. Well done EA for worrying too much about your FUT. I’m a PES Master League manager now. 😎

    • @Judy Stroyer I get where you’re coming from. But my personal experiences over the last few Fifa titles have been nothing more than disappointing. Like I mean they’re obviously going to sugarcoat the career modes with the extra cutscenes and all but the real dirt is still there.
      My gripes that EA never addressed are:
      *You still can’t train the physical attributes of your players other than stamina.
      *At the end of every season, you still lose a large chunk of your transfer budget, effectively making tournament prize money a non-profit.
      *And my last gripe is the lack of authenticity with youth squad development. Tell me one person you know who was lucky to develop a goalie at least 6’0″ or over at his tallest.

    • @Judy Stroyer But in saying all of this, PES Master league could do with some work too. It needs an edit mode, no not editing the player attributes because that’s cheating, but just something you can do to their appearance and especially their boots – get rid of those damn PES boots and chuck some proper ones on christ sake! (Sorry my OCD kicked in 😜)

    • @Maki Tinonui
      Training physical attributes would be good, I agree but the transfer budget is realistic, you get a new budget at the start of a season + only sign realistic youth players. tall goalies only, You get WAY too many high quality youth players, I find myself rejecting a lot of high potential youth players.

    • @Judy Stroyer +then again you wouldn’t worry too much about the transfer budget if your sole focus is on the youth.

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