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  1. Pcq: honestly raphinha is terrible. Replace him with goncalo guedes in this january transfer window… (He is portugese and he has good attacking stats, speed and dribbling)

  2. Bro do a fixing challenge on galatasaray sk they are the biggest team in Turkish football as they have won 22 Turkish leagues, 16 Turkish super cup, 18 Turkish cup
    1 europa league, 1 uefa super cup
    They are currently 15th in the league with 11 points of relegation.
    Do it as it will be a challenge

  3. PCQ: i think you should sign Daniel James as a replacement for Adama .he is the perfect replacement you can imagine ,he is really fast and he is going to be cheap

  4. Pcq I love ur videos and enjoy I love u thank for creating a quality content for us and pls upload videos on ur second channe I LOVE EVEN THE PLAYER CAREER MODE and get well soon

  5. Pcq: Bruno Guimares has confirmed his move to Newcastle from Lyon. I know you just signed him, but if there is a season 4 or even the January window, would you be looking to sell him just like when you sold Adama to Chelsea?

  6. Pcq- You have to sign Diogo Jota bez he is Portuguese, weakning an opponent and great link up player. Pls sign him.

  7. PCQ:Sign rayan cherki or ousmane dembele 2 wingers who have 5 star skill moves 5 star weak foot and can play on both wings

  8. You could go for chuckweuze 77 rating and 85+potential he would be really cheap and for Ronaldo if he retires next season osimhen 80 rated 87 potential

  9. If you want Raphinha to score more goals give him instructions free roam get in behind and he will give more assists and score more goals

  10. Try to sign rodrygo from Real Madrid.he is so potential and right footed… He can make good crosses and also score like Pedro Neto…and make another year contract for Ronaldo

  11. PCQ:You can sign Christos Tzolis Over Hudson-Odoi and Mahrez because for Backup, he’ll be better in the future and probably be 80 plus, considering it’s the third season.(Also swap mendes for ait nouri)

  12. Pcq:Maybe spin a wheel to see if you can renew ronaldos contract. If u lose him then use Andre Silva as a option 85+ rating and he still would be like 26-27 so hes young and u can put a long contract so u wont lose him on a free. Maybe try get a deal for ronado for the max amount or use a swap deal and a bit of cash for andre Silva. Hes also portugese which makes sense. Also for the rw I think Callum Hudson would be perfect you can also try see if u can use as a cam

  13. Did sid say richarlison instead of raphinha at the start of the episode ???? Sid my man, you should drink some water. Dehydration and loss of water from body causes temporary memory loss.

  14. Whenever you feel the urge to attack press the down arrow on your controller and activate the offside trap option . It’s been really useful for me whenever my defenders are pressing high up the pitch. You will concede fewer goals

  15. Pcq: You are running out of time to replace ronaldo. He might retire by the end of this season or the next. So i think Arthur Cabral or Diogo Jota can be potential replacements

  16. Pcq: Renew Ronaldo’s contract as next season you can use him in a swap deal to sign his replacement. Also try to lower that release clause because if it gets triggered, you will get good amount of money for a 39yr old. Love your vids btw❤️.

  17. Maybe do a swap deal with been borussia dortmund for earling haaland+ please get new kits also can u sell raphina to get more money space to get haaland

  18. I carnt lie ur decision making is very poor that cut back to ronaldo u minimum power on it and when u tried to cut to him u could of hit it with his left and most likely would of went in

  19. I really think you should have gotten Hudson-Odoi. Mahrez is old and will be downgrading fast. Hudson Odoi is younger and has better stats and can grow faster.

  20. Pcq × Sing Leon Bailey or Luiz Diaz from porto there very good for a winger and I think he has more potential than Callum Hudson odoi. BTW your voice changed a lot.

  21. for the corners use the set peice tactic “crowd the keeper” and put the ball in the rectangular box it has a very high chance of scorin

  22. S2G
    “it’s a tap-in for Ronaldo”
    “how did you miss that , that’s your bread and butter”
    Trolling Ronaldo 🤣👏!

  23. Pcq: i think you should remove that release clause rule and that rule with offering new contracts because you are one of the top clubs in englands and you are playing champions league

  24. PCQ: you should renew ronaldo for a year.. if you sign a new striker, he will be a super sub to hop on the LW or striker to give some fire power or you can change to a more attackive formation when you’re down

  25. Pcq: u should renew Ronaldo contract as he has been in a phenomenal form for u and has been linking well with raphinha Neto and other players

  26. PCQ: Renew Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract and maybe sell Fabio Silva for some extra cash and add another backup for Ronaldo like Dusan Vlahovic , Patson Daka or even Sebastian Haller

  27. PCQ:don’t sign a new contract with ronaldo let it as it is and hopefully he retires so you can sign his regen if he doesn’t then sign him back simple as that

  28. Jacob Watkins talent is getting wasted just recall him and give him game time anotherwise he will fail to deliver
    Remember jacob andrews? If he can be influential then i think jacob Watkins can be too

  29. Pcq: while you still have ronaldo you should make use of the lb/l1 cross. This will make it so ronaldo can use his jumping ability.

  30. PCQ: I think you should do singing like cm and it goes to ozil or toni kroos, with cheap price and also give great result on ucl and epl . I am think thank you

  31. PCQ: I think you should keep Ronaldo for this Uefa champions league seazon than sign him back as he will be a free agent and no one will pay his release clause, and let’s be honest, HE IS THE MAN FOR THAT ST POSITION. Like so s2g can see

  32. Pcq: try a swap deal with nuno mendes and give away ait nouri because you won’t need him in the future because you have vinagre as a backup.

  33. Ideally, the rule should only apply if release clauses are too low. It would be unrealistic if you had to let contracts expire if no-one came in for them.

  34. PCQ: I would personally sign Antony (AJAX) or Kingsley Coman (BAYERN). Both have very good pace, like Traore and can grow very well from my past experiences playing with them.

  35. PCQ: Sign Luis Dias he has high POTENTIAL and very good growth, I signed him and over one season he shot up to 7+ overall really good player, also helps fill squad depth and you can play him on Lw-Rw.

  36. PCQ:If you want someone to replace Ronaldo,I think you should sign Jamie vardy he has a 86 potential and his price is not too much.

  37. Renew Ronaldo’s contract he deserves it .He won the premier league golden boot at 37 and looks like he will win it this year too. So make an exception and renew Ronaldo’s contract

  38. Pcq: Sign Callum Hudson adoi u have the money he’s an amazing player with pace finish and everything u need for a winger sign him

  39. pcq: be calm before you take ur pens, whenever u take a pen u charge the meter and then indecisively choose a spot in panic. pick a spot and then shoot

  40. Recall Jacob Watkins convert to a winger and since he is 6’5 he will be able to win headers if the cross gets to him

  41. “It’s so good to see such a good team but it’s not good to be playing against them cause they are just so good.”😆
    – S2G(2022)

  42. ronaldo can give you 1 or 2 good seasons an will rating will only draw by 1 or 2 so letting him go will be a big downgrade as you will only be able to sign a 80-82 rated player.
    please give me a shoutout i am indian and my name is anirudh.

  43. pcq:ronaldo can give you 1 or 2 good seasons an will rating will only draw by 1 or 2 so letting him go will be a big downgrade as you will only be able to sign a 80-82 rated player.
    please give me a shoutout i am indian and my name is anirudh.

  44. You said you was going to sign experienced players so their release clause wouldn’t go to their value since they can’t grow so why not sign Luiz Diaz he should be 28 or 27 and would be fighting with raphina for the spotlight

  45. i think s2g should keep Ronaldo for the rest of the season and then have to sell him so you renew his contract and then at the end if the season you sell him or release him

  46. Pcq: Dont sign Hudson-Odoi to then you got as wingers Raphina, Neto, Mahreze AND Hudson-odoi thats not smart, then you just wasting your money. I think a better LB is smarter, like nuno mendes. Or a replacement for Ronaldo.

  47. PCQ: Sell Raphinha he is so bad he was also bad in your Arsenal career mode in fifa 21 you sold him because he was so bad try and sign Rodrygo he is very good in career mode and plus you haven,t used him in career mode I,ve seen Renzy Dortmund career mode he bought him and was insane try him out he has 4 star skill moves and 4 star weak foot and you could develope him

  48. PCQ: Make Fabio Silva LW then you not have to use the 50 million on Raphinia and use them on a new left back then sell raphinia the use the money you sellled raphinia in to an new LW

  49. Pcq: u will not get Hudson odoi this season cuz when a players contract enters that last 6 months it turns into a pre contract for next season

  50. Pcq: Sell Raphinha, he’s been underwhelming for you, and sign either Sane, Kingsley Coman, Foden or Bernando Silva and change him to RW he will get +2/4 ovr

  51. Pcq: I think you should pick CHO over Mahrez because Raphinha has not been that good for you and he might grow in his rating and take over that starting spot.

  52. Pcq: Dont Sign Nuno Mendez as Ait Nouri is only 1 rating below and can grow in rating. Sign a center back instead as Botman will not grow anymore. Plus Ait Nouri is a real Wolves player and as a Wolves fan it is kind of boring to see a Wolves career mode with only 2 Wolves players in the storting 11

  53. Pcq: I think you should get a substitute keeper if you don’t want to renew sarkic,s contract. I suggest Alphonse Areola because he can also be a good choice if onana,s not playing. Keep up the great work bro💪💪💪

  54. pcq : onana was one of your choices while jose sa left and you instead went with pickford… do you regret it now as it would have taken you to champions league last season itself

  55. PCQ: I think you should go for Bernardo or Foden because they are better than Raphinha. But they would be more costlier than Hudson Odoi

  56. Always thought the 2 season no renewal contract was kinda unnecessary. It’s not really a challenge, ur just losing players and honestly that’s one criticism of this series that I don’t like.

  57. Renew Ronaldo contract because he still score goal and he still fast and if you renew Ronaldo contract you don’t have to waste your money on a St and spend it on rw or lb

  58. Pcq: you should go ahead with the nuno mendes transfer this January window, and maybe make Joao Felix as your Portuguese signing next season to replace Ronaldo.

  59. Pcq – If you want to challenge for the prem this season you need your best goal scorer…..
    So Renew cr7 …
    And fabio silva isn’t playing that well

  60. PCQ: I think u should sign Hudson odoi because as u said he is one for the future. You should also loan a winger because you only have 2 wingers

  61. PCQ : PRISTIANO PENALDO STRIKES AGAIN 🤩 WHAT A LEGEND AND A BEAST HE IS FOR YOU , but i think you should replace him with someone like joao felix or dusan vlahovic

  62. Pcq : Sign Bernardo Silva for the right wing as he is relatively younger than mahrez also he is portugese plus better player

  63. Sid please do sign alvarez from river plate.He has signed for man city in IRL and is very versatile in attack and can even play CAM.Please try him he will be so good.

  64. Pcq: Hudson odoi isn’t a goal scoring winger and that’s what you need in your team, sign someone more prolific like lookman

  65. PCQ: I think you should time one of the best player at the time to the club like Mbappe or Haland. What do you think about this?

  66. Raul Jiminez still plays for Wolves why did you sell him then? You should have kept him for your REALISTIC career mode…. Lol

  67. You should resign ronaldo cuz its better to get atleast 30-40 million for ronaldo ( in case you sell him) than losing him for free.

  68. You are running out of time to replace ronaldo. He might retire by the end of this season or the next. So i think Arthur Cabral or Diogo Jota can be potential replacements

  69. Great video there buddy and cool transfers targets, I suggest you to keep them, so I think you should start doing some slide tackles, when I do slide tackles, I may get yellow cards but red cards are rare, so yea to improve your defense, it’s better if u use it but anyways nice video

  70. PCQ: You do know that Ronaldo is
    Probably going to retire and you aren’t going to make any money so I suggest selling him while you can because you can get a younger striker in kean or karma adeyemi

  71. PCQ: You can try and sing popescu from romania. He’s not that higher rated like adama or mahrez but he has really good potential.( I’ve buy him once and he goes from 67 or something to 90 in 2 and an half seasons)

  72. Pcq:i think you keep the transfer rules for this season and if you continue another season you can get rid of the rules

  73. Since your now competing for the prem, I think u shd remove the release clause and 2 year rule and renew ronaldo’s contract

  74. Stop signing players without game faces! Gamefaces keeps the realism.
    Vinagre and ait nouri are better than Nuno mendes when trained properly.
    Your career team will look like fifa 10 in a couple of seasons with all these generic faces.

  75. pcq – ait nouri had been good in last episode i don’t think you should sign a left back or look at other positions give ait nouri some chance

  76. Pcq: ronaldo has been dominant throughout i feel you should keep him, he is a beast! but raphinia is uunder performing and you should let him go…

  77. Pcq: sid renew Ronaldo ‘s contract he is been beast he gave good assist link up play
    And finishing at 38 so renew his contract.

  78. Pcq: You could also sign ferran torres or Bernando silva too as they are young and can stay with you for a long time. You can also sell raphina in a sort of swap deal with either of them as tbh raphina is not living up to his standards.

  79. Pcq: sign nuno mendes he is angreate left back he s was brilliant in my crete a club and do you regret getting rid of trincao

  80. PCQ: Remove the two year contract situation since it will be terrible to have a player like Ronaldo leave for free. Although you can still keep the release clause rule

  81. PCQ: I think you should let go of Ronaldo, however great he’s been for you he’ll be 39 by the end of this season and every footballer has a sell by date. For his replacement you could sign someone like Joao Felix, he’s Portugese, and is considered the heir of Ronaldo even in the Portugese national team.

  82. PCQ: let go of raphinha put him on the transfer list and sign a very good RW
    And prepare for the future retirement of Cristiano Ronaldo and maybe sign Dusan vlahovic you remember how broken he was in the fixing ac Milan video he might be the new Ronaldo and you can sign with the money you will get from the end of the season

  83. Pcq: why not signing Anthony from ajax at the right with a swap deal with rafinha as he was not good enough , and Anthony is young talented and his fifa development is very fast

  84. Riyad mahrez would be a loss of a signing cuz he is gonna be poor soon and you will never make even half the money you spend.

  85. Pcq: Sign goncalves for the sub as he is young and has loads of potential meaning he can either play starter or help the squad

  86. Brooo…. Plz sign ANTONY …… A ridiculously different baller . He will be a perfect right wing as well

  87. PCQ: I personally think you should remove the 2 season rule now since you are a big club and are challenging for titles, plus letting your best player leave on a free transfer isn’t realistic

  88. U should try to keep some of the lower 80 rated players in the XI for as long as possible in the series so it is somewhat realistic.

  89. PCQ: You probably need a right footed right winger as you have been struggling with the left footed ones in raphina and trincao while you have been thriving with a left footed left winger. so buy someone like ismaila sarr or dan james.

  90. Pcq: i think raphina is struggling bcoz cutting in in this fifa is harder and u are often trying the same routine. maybe after callum comes to the club try him in the rw and raphinha at lw and see him perform there for some matches where u can afford to rest neto.

  91. Pcq: When you have played Inter, I have noticed how good Lautaro Martinez was! So I believe you should sign him instead of renewing Ronaldo’s contract. Keep up the great work!!

  92. pcq: when youre on a players weakfoot, you tend to take it to their strong foot, but players like ronaldo have 5 star weak foot and can shoot with his left. enjoyin your vids 🙂

  93. Pcq: renew ronaldos contract becayse he can still provide you those banger goals at the age of 38 and after renewing his contract just wait for his retirement

  94. I think u should give Ronaldo a new contract cos he’s been too good for you. Even if he downgrades his rating would be down to probably 86-87.

  95. You need to sign L. Martinez or Haland your forwards are missing with a new fresh young feets. F. De Jong will be a better option for you because we have already saw Bellingham in the Midfield and Mendes or Zincheko from man city i haven’t seen him in your Mods

  96. PCQ: scout Patson Daka as he scores a lot against you and you are weakening another Premier League team. He would be a good replacement for Ronaldo

  97. Did you all notice subconsciously Sid is not loving Raphina ! Because when talking about Callum Hudson-Odoi transfer he said he have Pedro Neto & Richarlison as his wingers ! 👀

  98. Pcq:Give Ronaldo a new contract as you are at top of the prem and emerged as a premier league gaint so you can remove the contract rule.

  99. Pcq: Extend Ronaldo’s contract you have not played with a better stiker than him at wolves. If you don’t you will regret it

  100. Pcq:swap ronaldo with ben yedder gives the best value and for winger sign anthony from ajax and for lb telles or and unrealistic theo hernandez

  101. Pcq dont follow the rule for now you know ronaldo is a big player but if want to then I guess Andre Silva From Leipzig would be a good option.

  102. Pcq: Ait nouri has been really disappointing. I recommend you to sign a left back like Lucas Digne or Theo Hernandez. They both are young and better than Ait nouri.

    • Lucas Digne in 28 and Theo Hernandez is 24 while Ait-Nouri is 20 and knowing that this is the 3rd season Digne is 30 and Hernandez is 26

  103. Keep Ronaldo as he has made the series so fun to watch and can get you till the champions league final !!MR.CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SID !!!YOU GOTTA RENEW IT


  105. Pcq: Sign Rashford as a Left mid and convert him to Left winger and pls extend Ronaldo’s contract he is fun to watch and has been great

  106. Pcq: Renew Ronaldo’s contract and wait till the season ends..if wolves manage to win pl or UCL then sell him on a high..if not let him stay for another season..

  107. pcq: I think u need to sign paqueta which can be better to sign than hodson udoi and like that you could replace gallagher

  108. pcq: swap deal fabio silva with andre silva from leipzig. quality striker and a good replacement for ronaldo in the coming seasons

  109. Pcq: don’t sell raphinha he is good just give him time to adapt his position and look at free agents you can get ballers there

  110. Pcq: if you have any injuries in simulation you should quit game without saving and then log into the career mode and simulate the same game again

  111. pcq: i think you should sign CHO instead Mahrez as he is young and has potential and will also be a great replacement for Adama Traore

  112. PCQ: Sign Thomas lemar as a rotational player with raphinha and get well soon ,kick that Covid back where it came from the way you have done whenever you’ve had hard times/problems❤️

  113. PCQ: Use the sim match feature more often you can watch the game in 2D mode and you can hop in when there is a good chance

  114. Pcq:Even though ait nouri is playing good in recent games but u know he’s gonna make mistakes so I suggest u to sign mykolenko cuz he’s young, has potential and is a player u never used in career modes

  115. PCQ: wait until next season to sign Nuno Mendes and get an lb on loan. Also loving the videos so keep up the good work.

  116. PCQ: Do a player swap with Nouri and Mendes. He has experience after playing with PSG for a season and will grow really fast.

  117. PCQ: Try using Ronaldo in a swap deal for a top striker, now Ronaldo’s contract is expiring and he still has amazing stats. He’s not going to grow but decline in his rating. You can get a left back by next season. I think the main focus should be replacing Ronaldo.

  118. Renew Ronaldo’s contract and sell him on. I don’t like self promoting but I just started my own youth academy career mode on my channel. I’m posting daily. So pls stop by and tell me what you think.

  119. Pcq: I think dani olmo will be the best option to replace Adama by converting him to a winger, a Spaniard for another Spaniard

  120. pcq: I dont think you should follow the rule because its unrealistic. If a players contract is about to expire and the player is crucial to the team and scoring goals, they will obviously try to renew him and keep him on the club. So you should only follow the rule unless someones contract is about to expire.

  121. PCQ sell ait nouri he can’t defend that well and onana can’t save anything consider signing nuno mendes he grow really fast

  122. PCQ: Sign saint maximan for backup, can play in either wings and has better potential than raphina, hopefully taking his place for good!

  123. try not to target players in set pieces…..today when i faced a setpiece, i kept the target in a random place inside the box and one of my defender stepped up

  124. Pcq : Renew ronnys contract, he scores and he is the goat. he will definitely be useful for the rest of the season maybe even giving you another season awsell

  125. PCQ: Since you signed Ronaldo to a 2 year deal, I’d say you should be able to resign him to another year if you want to. If I were you, I would give him another year

  126. Pcq: Check Raphinas instructions as he seems to drop back too much. I think you should put stay-forward instructions on him as he is lethal on counters. Also put get in behind if not instructed already, hope this helps. Keep up the great work

  127. Pcq: Sign Nuno Mendes as a swap deal and since he will be cheap then get Mahrez for 33M and I think u could afford it as well

  128. Pcq: sign Tyrell Malacia for your LB situation he can be an unreal, his overall can grow to 92 I believe. Plus he’s not as expensive as nuno Mendes.

  129. U can renew his ronaldo’s contract for 2 years and sell him in the next summer window for a good price and buy a new striker

  130. I personally think you should sign Joao Felix in a swap deal with Cristian Ronaldo. I think that would work. Joao is young, Portegueuse, and would work with your formation. He is a CF, buit I think it’ll be easy to convert him into a ST.

  131. Pcq: the players that you don’t want to renew their contracts I strongly recomment you to put them to transfer list you will gonna get a lot of money

  132. PCQ. Sign kepa as a backup GK. He has a respectable overall if Onana gets injured and needs a chance to redeem his carrier.

  133. PCQ: Sign Nuno Mendes as left back and about Callum Hudson Odoi when the transfer windows opens u can sign him on a pre contract so that u don’t have to pay a fee to Chelsea plus u get Callum just after the end of this season

  134. Pcq: u should definitely renew ronaldo’s contract atleast for 1 yr and next season u can swap him in a deal to get a better striker

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