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  1. Maldini fits in my team so I got him, have POTM Bruno so there was no point of getting Kaka. He’s been a great partner with Rio so far

  2. It’s either KAKA or Maldini. I’m leaning more towards Maldini with a shadow. What do you guys think? Kaka just feels weird in this game.

    • I agree that Kaka feels weird, but I think the correct chem and playing long term may make him very effective. He’s very hard to get off the ball.

      Also, I think the link in the central offensive positions helps a lot in hybrids.

    • Inception FC definitely go for maldini. Kaka isn’t always gna play well for you and there’s many better options in attack

    • Using maldini with Fuchs. Insane understanding between them. Very rare that I concede n opponents always have under 5 shots on target

  3. Hey man I rly don’t know who to get… I have 89 griz as a cam so I’m leaning towards kaka, but also I have gold varane and gold ramos which arent the best either… what should I choose?

  4. Hey inception, do you want to review PIM Carlos Alberto? I’ve got him, and not many reviews are on him. I recommend if you do try to use him to potentially at CB as well as RB. Could be a really interesting review! Let me know if you’re interested <3

  5. I really want to consider getting him, But I’m sure EA are gonna nerf him cause they can’t accept everyone has a superb CB for free! I know the majority of the players will get Maldini so EA’ll nerf this card!

  6. Bro, i was waiting for you to do something about maldini. Ty for that, going for him for the combo with flashback Boateng!

    • Wilhelm I try him out I promise you you’ll not regret ! I’ve just played 27 games with gomez tots and decided to try maldini he is just incredible the perfect CB in this fifa meta dos not matter what chemsstyle you will give him !

  7. Ready for the hate but I went with Diego! Yeah 19 tokens seems a lot and he does have 75 stam but the sentimenta/ current actual value for coins/ how he feels in game was worth it. I was iffy on stam but he does fine with stay forward at cam, maybe lasts longer as striker. Can’t wait to try him on WL, hoping the pack gods are with y’all this Friday🤙

  8. I am currently playing with de Ligt TOTY and Birthday Manolas, but I am considering to replace Manolas. Do you recommend to buy TOTS Godin 93 or Icon Bobby Moore 93 or is Maldini so outstanding that the tokens are worth it?

  9. Still confused between dalglish and Gattuso or Maldini and prime pack, My luck is horrible tho and I have Ferdinand so id really love an attacker and dalglish looks great someone pls help decide

    • My regular pack luck is trash bro, I did 1 bby icon pack when it was 350k sbc and pulled pele, and I did prime sbc for 9 tokens and pulled kaka prime, I’d say try it bro or if u really want to just get daglish

    • @jorge contreras i mean packs looks like the most fun in this scripted game, but you can get really dissapointed, i sold my only tradeable player to stop playing and did 5 mid icon packs, got in this order: pires, zola, kluivert, gullit, ballack

    • Diogo i have mid zola, he is good but not exceptional, prefer mbappe. I love bustos, he is in my team, now doing swaps i used him as a sub on cm and even striker and he scored a lot and steals everything

  10. Should i get him or overmars?
    I have felipe anderson 87 as LW and he is decent for me and i have ramos 93 and Diego carlos.

    • If i were you ill pick maldini. In my opinion him n ramos are the perfect partnership. I have them in my team. Theyre so good. Theres alot of free story line wingers if you want to upgrade felipe. Overmas is good but his not a scoring goal winger due to the lack of shot power he has.

  11. I have 91 Miranda he has been wonderful for me and have Diego Carlos pair with him but I might go for Maldini to pair with Miranda I have to many midfielders and strikers

  12. Nice review Inception … How do you think this card compares to Cannavaro? I am worried that Cannavaro is too small for a CB

    • I have both in my team. Canavaro need someone big next to him if you gonna pick him. I sold canavaro n keep maldini to pair with sbc ramos. Perfect partnership in my opinion.

  13. Got him today myself, played 10 games and he is amazing, whenever the opponent get into a 1 on 1 situation with him it’s over for them🤣

    Edit: After reading these comments, I’m expecting a lot of us to be running this card for the upcoming WL😂

  14. 👌 Is still use gatusso he is a great cdm for me with shadow maby I do other icon swaps thnx for review man 👍

  15. Great video man, I have sarr and hes never put a foot wrong, I even prefer sarr to the moments Ferdinand I had on loan for 7 games. I pair him with ss kante and swap bakayoko in game for kante, bakayoko has been immense as well at cb. Do you think maldini would be a better option than sarr? I know everyone will say yes but I would value your opinion before I grind for the tokens.

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