Fut Millionaire Review [My Review]

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  1. Cani, I know Dubravka is a good gk but he is quite old. I think maybe u should consider buying Leno next season. He’s relatively young for a goalie, 6″3, 85 rated with a little bit of room to grow (87 potential) and he would weaken a Premier League rival in Arsenal. I know he’d be quite expensive so maybe a target for next season

  2. I am the true first since when I refreshed my subscription the episode came out and also the said zero views zero likes

  3. Ik this is early and cani hasn’t asked for it but for the forfeit for any one of the objectives cani has to sign adrian/marcus llorente and play them out of position

  4. #forfeits
    For Cani’s nightmare
    Name: beans beans beans
    Sign Jesse Lingard and play him for 10 games in the prem
    Like so Cani can see

  5. Me: didn’t watch cani in a few months
    Can’t wait to see what he is up to
    Me:Sees videos about PES

  6. Hey Cani, after the Newcastle career mode can you do a Leeds united career mode. They are historically massive football club with an unbelievable fan base. They have good players like kalvin Phillips and Ben white. Take Leeds united back to where they belong.
    Like so Cani can see

  7. Go for Robert skov he is a LB that can play on the Wings RM/LM and might have a release clause of 4 million

  8. Cani you need a proper CDM to connect the back as you also play it as a CB when any injury happen because concead so many goal because you defense could handle it
    Like so cani see

  9. i got pes 21 player career mode idea
    Cristano Ronaldo jr
    Thaigo Messi
    Will Shearen

    Born July 3rd 2003/US
    Brown hair and eye
    League to start: Mls or Portugal
    Hairstyle Same as benjamin

  10. You should get Jamal Lewis as a backup for Jetro and also try and get Zaha for a winger in the summer he is better than McNeil and also get Vidal if you can in the summer as an impact player also play on Legendary so that the problem where you win against top teams and loose against smaller teams does not happen like so Cani can see

  11. 22:54 Cani realized Bringing amavi was a mistake…and he really tried to cover it up😂😂😂 Anyway all the best with this shitty team brudda😅😅

  12. Try and sign Vidal I know he’s old but got great experience and try and sign Cavani on pre contract as he’s only got 1 year left on his contract plus both linked with Newcastle

  13. In my opinion u should let go of your GK ant try to get other one, bcs he makes a lot of mistakes, like so Cani can see

  14. Buy Gabrielzinho from moreirense I bought him in my west brom career mode and he is a beast he is so so fast he is young is low priced and he start at a rating of 70 like so cani can see❤️

  15. Cani to add polls when you are uploading you scroll to the bottom of the page and click the cards button then click the arrow and click poll to type your poll

  16. Cani hi, I have never been this early. I recommendd next season signing Moussa Diaby. I think he could be a good player to come on as a sub and earn a starting spot. Like so Cani can see!

  17. please cani please cani plssscanizzzzzzzz plzzcanizzzz plecanise swap dubravaka for leno. he kept cleansheets in arsenal career mode or buy free agent nubel.

  18. When the background music changes in a style we can understand whether it’s going to be goal or not🤣🤣

  19. Cani please try to sign either Rodrygo or Vinicius on loan they both can join in the attack and are insane skillers
    and if they don’t work for you Kubo and Martinelli are also great options.
    like so Cani can see

  20. Cani against top six : top six huh you are no match against the Mighty Newcastle boom 7 – 1 against city
    Cani against bottom half : 😭😭😭😭😫😫😣 no my defence are acting worse than liverpool’s 2016 defence

  21. Cani please sign Dominik Szoboszlai he is 74 rated, 4 star 4star he is quite fast with good dribbling and has a potential of 87. He is an attacking midfielder who can play on the wings.19 years of age and plays for Salzburg

  22. Cani buy Robin Koch from freiburg in Germany, he can play CB,CDM and although he 76 overall at 22years old he does only have 80 potential however with dynamic potential you could easily get him to around 87 rated in about 2-3 seasons if you hold onto him
    He also has a real face in game

    Like so cani can see 🙃

  23. Give real faces to most of your players it make the series do realistic and also the academy players like so he sees

  24. Alan Shearer was No 9 in Newcastle. All the No 9s in Newcastle have that pressure from fans to get that numbers of Shearer.

  25. Will this takeover be like the comeback by Leicester city in season 2015/16
    And cani you can sign daniel podence from wolves he has 93 pace and play in left side you should try him

  26. Can see Cani has been watching Tik Tok in his spare time 😂 Don’t think I have the facilities for that big man.

  27. Cani, you can potentially sign Alphonso Davies in the team he’s a 77 overall and has a potential of 88, he can play LB RM and LM, like so cani can see

  28. Cani what about Diego Rossi my comment had about 200 likes btw when I mentioned him I meant on the bench over tshavali

  29. Newcastle United 5 Leicester 0. Cani is more excited about the clean sheet than he is about his team scoring 5 goals

  30. You should keep track of will shearer Stats Like his Appearances assist goals to one day beat his dad’s record of all time appearances and goals etc.

  31. Kevin Volland’s goal against Leicester city was almost similar to Van Persie’ s goal against Tottenham…Great Content by the way…

  32. Cani you can make Amavi on LW and rotete
    Him with saint-maximin and please try that because in my career mode I played him as a LW and I got 8 goals and 14 asissts in one season.

    • Always believe in you or soul you’ve got the power to know your indestructible always believe in karl darlow

  33. The lindelof own goal should count as an assist because he was the last one to touch it before lindelof

  34. Go for Limios is a Rm from Paok at the age of 19 he is starting with 74 rating with 80 pot but with the dynamic potential he can reach 88 rating (like so cani can see🙂)!!!

  35. Why don’t you just try to negotiate for the other young left backs because you could definitely afford them if you try to negotiate.

  36. Please look into any players with contracts expiring so you can sign them for free. I think that’s the best way to get decent players and build for the future.
    Like so Cani can see xx

  37. If your team isn’t making runs go into settings and increase their run frequency if you don’t want to do this or it doesn’t work then just charge with your selected players and the defenders automatically come forward and then you get options this way you will score more goals

  38. Get Jorge Carrascal from River Plate. 5 star skills, decent overall, decent potential, high attacking work rate.

  39. Plese buy jota from benfica. He has 88 potention and he is a beast. He is a left midfilder. Like so cani can see.

  40. FUTURE SIGNINGS?!?!? Later on in the future of the Newcastle career mode you could buy players like: Billy Gilmour or Karamoko Dembele or Agel Gomes. This my fifth day commenting this😂!!
    LIKE so Cani can see Plz 👇👇👇
    👇👇👇thank you!

  41. Dude stop buying such low rated players, you aren’t gonna get anywhere if u don’t buy any 80+ rated players

    Also scout players before the transfer window so you actually know how much to pay instead of under or overpaying

  42. Can you do a season end awards with the best goals, assists, saves and any more ideas from you and our ideas. Like so Cani can see.

  43. cani if you want to see players overall rating before you sign them without scouting them just go to edit players and check them in the team their playing for
    Like so Cani can See!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. u should sign wijnal he is a dutch lb who start a save 66 rating with decent potetial considering u need a lb

  45. Cani a good replacement at the lm position since McNeil is on loan is Giovanni Reyna who is a left mid who can play cam. He has a release clause of 2 million so it would be a good buy. He should be around 70 rated but probably above

  46. Shearer was number 9 the legend as number 9 for England when he played. Give Volland 17.much nicer number for a strike. #SoCaniCanSee.

  47. if u can try can you pronounce saint maximin and sansons name properly…saint maximah and sanso kinda like that

  48. You are buying bad players please listen to us and buy good pllayers not random talents who r not good

  49. Cani, i can speak for almost everyone and say that we are enjoying this Newcastle career mode. that being said, i would like you to do at least a 1hr livestream of this career mode sometime.

  50. I think the lower rated teams play a more defensive style, unlike the top clubs which play to score constantly

  51. Yo Cani, you know how long the hair situation has become…Had enough of mine so let my Wife take it all off with some clippers! My beard now looks massive compared to a bald head…feels better though. Who knows, it might grow back by the time Newcastle can keep 10 clean sheets! 🤣 Like so Cani can see👍

  52. Cani please start scouting players on your shortlist, so you know how much to pay and their ratings. Your signing too many low rated players and overpaying for them mate. You should try signing Foden from Man City, I haven’t seen you used in most of your career modes.Plus he is young,English, and plays attacking positions.

  53. There was a player a player you wanted to buy and you found his contact was expiring please check him again you might be able to sign him..I forgot his name though😂

  54. Cani you should change the kit sponsors once Newcastle get European football or champions league as they are a Billionaire team now. Stay Safe Cani. Like so Cani can see

  55. Please put some umbro boots on shearer, give him a short receding hairline and that hand in the air celebration! Like so Cani can see!

  56. How about Matheus Pereira as a Right Winger? Don’t play Fifa (but enjoy watching these episodes) so not sure how good he is on here. He might be at West Brom on loan if not parent club is Sporting CP. Like so Cani can see.

  57. Sign up Nicolas Dominguez from Valaz sarsfield something like that hmm anyways in the Argentinean league and thiago almada they both are insane players thiago almada 90 overall cam nicholas Dominguez 90 overall cdm

  58. And sign up Danylo sikhan a striker from I think he’s Ukraine or Polish a hidden gem in fifa20 87potential easily up to 90 with training

  59. Never do player swaps because they are stupid. If you had offered like 15 mil for one of the full backs you would have got him. When you include players in deals it makes them suddenly want double the amount. Like so Cani can see

  60. I literally got 7-0 on my man utd career mode against man city. Also sign halland since he’s not at Dortmund

  61. I think the reason why you play so much better against the top teams and worse against the rest of the league is because the top teams are always attacking and leave a lot of spae behind the defense line . And also because they dont put the best teams available. And the worse teams are like freaking hungry for a point and just go Super Sayan on you

  62. I was looking at the team and I feel like you could use another midfielder that can alternate places with Sanson or could even replace him and give Everett time to grow, Look at Sandro Tonali, he is Italian CDM/CM 19, years old, 3*skills and 4*wf, Traits-Leadership, Flair, Long passer and Playmaker, I got him for 15million 79 overall, by the age of 23 he can hit 86 overall plus, It would be a nice touch to Italians aswell as I don’t think you have any Italians in the team, also love the content, Keep it up 👌

  63. Why don’t you sign Reuben loftus cheek, he’s a strong midfielder who’s good in defence and can bang a couple of goals in aswell

  64. Timothy fosu mensah would be a great singing, i believe his contract is expering aswell, he plays for man utd and can play center back and right back, he is a beast believe me!!, Like so cani can see this message 😁🤘

  65. I love you content and i have a question for you…i have awesome idea for fifa but on fifa 19 its still in progress but do you think i should try to make videos about you….i am not saying what it is because someone might steal it….. 😂

  66. Cani: Showing some love to the Australians, New Zealand flag comes up🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  67. I had the issue with the teams too on my West Ham career. I had a 10 game winless streak against under top 6 clubs and then beat Liverpool 4-0 and Man City 2-1

  68. Honestly he makes poor decisions in signings and in the box… It pains me to listen to him explaining and doing stupid moves with no defending

  69. Cani a left back is gagnado he’s a generic player but young and Brazilian and I think he starts about a 77 rated like so Cani can see.

  70. Cani(Fact) If you win either the FA Cup or League Cup you qualified for the Europea League if you not in the top 4 and 5 is a qualifying round if for example. Everton won League Cup and West Ham won the FA Cup by the way I am 11 years old so spelling if it wrong Iike so Cani can see that why you see 5 highlighted in the league table

  71. get rid of waris! he’s had a crap season and he’s 74 at his height. buy Samu Castillejo as a replacement from AC Milan. he’s 80 rated and at 25 years old .He can probably go to 83/84 with training. might be able to provide some good competition for both saint-maximin and almiron or even a upgrade on almiron.

  72. Y dont u renegotiate for a way lower price cos they’ll bring down their price tag down instead of ending the negotiations straight away lol

  73. If you search up Adam Johnson plays FIFA 16 and scroll down to the comments Cani commented on that saying it was a great video 😂😂😂

  74. Why do you keep ending negotiations without trying a lower price?? Sometimes they say 20 mil but I can get it down to 10 mil

  75. I do not think amavi is good enough for your future plans. Ismail Jakobs could fix this issue. He’s a LM/LB that is young and has good potential and maybe you can try a swap deal with amavi in it.

  76. I took my eye off the video for a second and I saw Cani standing there in a very awkward manner , and I realised oh yeah , I have to like the video 😂
    Like so cani can see 😃

  77. Sign alphonso davies he is only 21 he is a incredible speedster and he can play left mid right mid and left back

  78. Hi cani significa albert elis, he is rated 75 in 1st season, 9m and wages around 10k, steed dribble trait, blair trait, dive in to takle gratis and every pacy.

  79. #irl
    Cani what do you think about the sponsorship of bayern gonna be Tik Tok ? because some of Bayern fan was dissapointed about that

  80. Scouted player: Chanathip Songkrasin. LW Right footed with 3 wf and 5 sm. H/H work rate and can also play CAM if needed. Very very good at dribbling and a lot of pace. Not a very good finisher but if you train him in his finishing, he will be very fun to use and can grow by himself a little bit[24 years old]. Not the tallest with 5’2 tall but you can have fun with his 5 stars skill. I love him a lot in my career mode.

  81. the problem you’re having with the big teams not giving you trouble and small teams beating you is a problem with fifa 20. pressing is incredibly ineffective in fifa against any team with the pace to counterattack, which is why you keep getting all of your goals after breaking their presses. since small teams sit back in a low or mid block, there isn’t any opportunity to counterattack. since fifa is built on pace, fancy dribbling and counterattacking, it’s incredibly difficult to break down a mid or low block with patient buildup or passing plays. you just keep running into the opposition’s block with your honestly subpar players. it’s either you sit deep or in the middle of the park and let the opposition come to you, or you bear with it until your team is good enough

  82. you should sign jefri bolkiah from lester city he the prince of brunei and richest footbaleer because of his fathr and your team is owned by a prince as well

  83. Scozarella
    umb-rella, felt the need to comment this 🖒if you remember and so that cani can see

  84. “Sign Dominik Szoboszlai he’s 18 current rating 74
    Sign Pedro de la Vega he’s 17 current rating 70
    Like so Cani can see.

  85. Cani,at 20:38 ,there is haland but he is in Espanyol and having a different profile photo

    Like so Cani can see!

  86. 800k in the wage Cani.. i mean come on I get you want the financial fair play but really… whats the point of a takeover if you dont spend!!!

  87. #transfersuggestions
    – Timothy Fosu-Mensah 23 (pre-contract)
    Sign him on a pre-contract as a rotation defender. He can play RB/CB/CDM and will develop into a decent player of 80 potential
    – Ollie Watkins 23
    A good English striker who can cover on both wings. He will be about 76/77 with 83 potential. A move I hope happens irl
    – Niklas Stark 24 years old
    He is from Hertha and can play CB and CDM. Should be around 76/77 with 83 potential. He has played for Germany once so is a decent talent irl

  88. cani would u consider not selling joelinton because he had a gud performance against leicester city like so cani can see 🙂

  89. Buy tgankov, remember him? Ukraine sorry for the spelling.
    And Everton are amazing thank you very much

  90. Keep joelinton but sell Dwight Gayle and Rolando Aarons, mccurphy. With the money buy Joe Gomez he can play CB and RB if neccesary.

  91. Sign Joao Pedro from Watford! Young beast striker with 86 potential.. I am doing a Watford career mode and he is carrying me!

  92. You could buy mikel oyarzabal he starts at 83 rating and have 89 potential. Like so Cani can see

  93. Because of you new career mode i created one to
    But i am missing some players can you reccomend players with a 40 mil max price pls

  94. Hey Cani, i just wanted to say that after I’ve subbed to the channel its been really great watchin your content and i want to thank u for puttin a smile on my face during these tuff times and this is how many people agree

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