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53 thoughts on “AN INSPIRED TACTICAL DECISION!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG S2 Ep2”

  1. Ches please can you look into Joe Gelhardt from Wigan Athletic, he’s a high potential young striker and will grow so well for you

  2. Just started a Ipswich careermode struggle to play with a 4-4-2 formation any ideas of what tactics I should use ?

  3. Guys I need your help for my 2 new signings for 1 CB and 1 LB, I have big budget though
    So for CB I’m thinking of:
    M. Škriniar
    De ligt
    N. Süle
    L. Hernández

    For LB Mr. Andrew Robertson decided to dip off to Madrid even though I was playing every game, he was in good form, and he had high morale

    So for LB I’m thinking of:
    Alex Sandro (but he’s kinda expensive and he’ll be stuck on 85)
    Alex telles
    Lucas Digne
    Alex Grimald
    David alaba
    alphonso davies

  4. I know he’s the captain, but maybe try Harry Darling at CB instead of greggy for a few played games? He has more upside and it would be good to bed him in

  5. Please play Cano over Greg Taylor Cano is so much better and is a rock at 6’5″ and only 18 where taylor is 5’10” at 30 and his stats and performance is much worse than Cano

  6. I dont understand your logic when signing youth players, you signed a 14 year old with 58-88 potential but declined another 14 year old with 67-95 potential

  7. some player have a better over rating in diffrent playing postion there is a caculator on sofifa where there best postions is eg playing serg grapry at cam his rating is higher than him on the wing

  8. Ches keep that 5 star 5 star free agent on your shortlist, because also he is not high rated he could be special

  9. I commented on the last video to move Ngoy to striker but not sure if you saw it, good work anyway Ches, you need the pace upfront (please keep Knibbs on bench as much as possible 😂😂😂)

    Play Cano over Greg Taylor!! He was so much better in played games this episode…plus height helps with clearances – ie fewer headed goals conceded (the AI uses that way to score when it can’t score any other way, I’ve noticed)

  10. Same thing is happening with me atm. One loss all season and 95 points. I improve the team and I’m currently 11th. Won 6 out of 14 matches. I have no idea what to do. I have tried formation changes but the team feels awful. Morale drops so quickly. I think the update has messed up the difficulties.

  11. Ches, use your wingers more and get some crosses into the box. You try to go up the middle everytime and it’s not working. Must do better!!!

  12. Grow Conceicao then sell him when you reach the championship if he hasn’t impressed by then and you should slowly phase out Greg with Cano to help with his growth

  13. Most of the players in your youth scout are absolute trash yet you keep them and train them. You can release most of them. They wont grow above 85

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