Arsenal FIFA 20 Career Mode Update (Glitchy Gameplay)

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Arsenal FIFA 20 Career Mode Update (Glitchy Gameplay)

Not sure why and how this happened as I went through the same process for recording as normal but I assume you guys won’t want to see a full episode of glitchy gameplay like this so give me your suggestions on what to do

6 thoughts on “Arsenal FIFA 20 Career Mode Update (Glitchy Gameplay)”

  1. What should I do with this? scrap this episode and pick up from where it is? I record with OBS and this is the first time it’s been like this without changing any settings.. so makes no sense to me. Always something negative to happen once I find some consistency in a series..

  2. Oh man! Fifa 20 has been shit this year with glitches and the bad gameplay, specially after the update when they made ultimate harder. They need to fix this for fifa 21

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