BACK 2 BACK ELITE 1!!!! ULTIMATE RTG #221 – FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road to Glory

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BACK 2 BACK ELITE 1!!!! ULTIMATE RTG #221 – FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road to Glory

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road to Glory
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173 thoughts on “BACK 2 BACK ELITE 1!!!! ULTIMATE RTG #221 – FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road to Glory”

    • Ronaldinho moments is overall the better card because of the power and strength but Cruyff 5* WF is so clutch

      Moments Cruyff vs Moments Ronaldinho = Cruyff i think

  1. Fuj you always forget that we (ignoring stream) read the title so when you say “we got elite __” or we “sold ___ and got ____” 😭❤️

  2. I’m loving the new logo, a bit stupid that those non subs were angry with you for doing what you had to do in the final game, but keep it up!

  3. Get bustos back you loved him and he fits the style you want of a full back who can dribble he fits on Chem if you use tots courtois he also puts Di Maria in full chem. you also get some more packs for pl tots

    • Yes he is lol. They’re incomparable. Cruyff is 5’11 strong with 5* 5* and 98 dribbling and shooting. Zola is 5’5 56 strength 80 stamina 4*4* and worse stats everywhere

      The 5* weak foot alone is worth at least doubling a players value

    • @Ben Creaven adding either a 6m or 2 X 3m players would be a far better use of coins. He’s not 6 million coins better.

  4. You said 5 star 5 star but I would recommend middle grapefruit best, goes for the same amount as di Maria great as a striker

  5. Fuji, Start to save for moments dalgleish he’s on another level! I managed to pack him untradeable a while back in like January and he’s jusy unreal literally carrying my attack to goals as a middle cam and improving my wl results!

  6. Play shapeshifters Mendy at cb on 7 chem and play him rb in game and you can get Ramos on full chem(what do you do think Fuji)

  7. I dont remember about your icon swaps fuj
    Did you got anything from icon pack which is obviously what you will go for

  8. Prime Moments Cruyff is pure filth.
    Only R9 and Eusebio are better!

    There are some icons that are broken for their stats!

    Laporte is ass. Too slow for the game. But can still stick him in a later SBC.
    Goretzka for the price is a banging box-to-box. But he’s no good at CAM or CDM.

    Also there is no TOTSSF that is better than the FUT Birthday cards. Just keep this team and wait for better versions of TOTS!

  9. You keep on singing different songs about Cr7 one video we have to bring him back next i know the will be a good finisher and all but i dont wanna use him…make up ir mind… anyway keep those uploads, makes my day

  10. Fuji its against the EA terms of service to use other players accounts so jus be careful dont want to see you get banned but its a great concept keep u the good work love the vids good luck with the pack luck

  11. My aim is to get Ronaldinho. My aim is to get Moments Cruyff. Next player he’s going to want (guess) TOTS Ben Yedder or Son

  12. about the upgrade packs – its not a rumour that they are only for 24hours, its confirmed information on the EA website

    “Many familiar as well as some new favourites will be released, including the popular Premium League Upgrade SBCs, available for 24 hours towards the conclusion of each League Team of the Season So Far beginning following the Community TOTSSF.”

  13. Will you do that “use your teams” series also on ps4? Feel like we have a really similair playing style so I’m very curious what you would say about my tactics…

  14. I feel like so many people sleep on CONMEBOL Rojas! Similar to Goretzka in every way but just less links, and he’s less than 100k rn. For people who have a couple of icons I’d highly recommend him as a Goretzka alternative.

  15. My rule with my attackers ( my 3 CAMS in 4231 ) is that they have to have 5 star skills honestly it’s game changing…. especially if u have the 5 star 5 star

  16. Congrats on elite 1 fuj, I was upset with my run I tried to get elite 3 and ended up choking 2 pen shootouts in a row finishing gold 2, so now I’m thinking, should I replace gold mbappe with 87 ben yedder just for the 5* weakfoot?

  17. I got elite 2 can’t wait to see your elite 1 rewards you smashed it bro also feels like they nerfed Di Maria a little bit he’s been off for me and I loved him I dunno man

  18. Hey Fuj! You should buy Prime Zambrotta(475K) to upgrade Walker at RB. Start Ramos at CB. Zambrotta would also give 10 Chem to Di Maria.

  19. Try Champions League Live Eder Militao. Switch him and Ramos in game and he should he solid at RB. This also gets Ramos on full chem.

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