BAYERN IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!! – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP30

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BAYERN IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!! – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP30

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401 thoughts on “BAYERN IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!! – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP30”

  1. Admit that S2G has no improvement in playing fifa even though he has spent years practicing, im extremely frustrated when he blames the team

  2. pcq I think that you should make martial the captain of the second team , s2g man you are the best I love you you’re just the best thank you soooooooo much love you

  3. PCQ:- Don’t you think Digne is underperforming. In the start of the season he was brilliant but now he is not performing the same

  4. Pcq: since there is good potential midfiled in the bench, why not do the same arrangements like the centre backs?

  5. Pcq:what do you think of a 4-1-4-1 formation having fede or Scott as the holding midfielder and have both Dybala and Bruno as the attacking mid. It did you good with leicester

  6. Pcq:sign joao felix from athletic to replace ronaldo next season . He’s young with a potential of 93. He would fit in ur team perfectly

  7. Earlier you said Maguire will Captain the games he starts.. But Ronaldo is captaining every game even though Maguire is starting.

  8. Pcq: After this series do a Chelsea career mode because they need a lot of
    Improvements and you could sign a lot of world class players also Chelsea have potential

  9. Pcq: since sancho was playing so good in the Leicester city career mode revisit and he hasn’t been playing as good in this career mode would u consider changing his instructions to what he used in that career mode?

  10. Pcq: For your next career mode, please do a team in the bundesliga or ligue 1. A smaller team like leverkusan or lyon would be very fun to watch

    • That’s true and every time he sends a scout he never chooses what type of player he’s looking for he just selects any

  11. Pcq: when ronaldo retires will you play bruno at cam and dybala at striker, or will you sign a world class striker who is relatively young like mbape

  12. Pcq:How about u use Harry Maguire in the premier league games and marquinous in the champions league games it’s fair for the pair of them

  13. Pcq: when ronaldo retires what will you do? Play dybala striker or winger or get another world class striker or winger?

  14. PCQ- please play rashford and James on opposite flanks and then rely on through balls to the wrong. Believe me. It works

  15. Why don’t you try the 4-3-3(attack) formation with Dybala as CAM with free roam instructions, Valverde to stay back while attacking and Bruno as the other midfielder. It will be a great as you have lot of midfielders.

  16. what do you consider as auuar future at man united will you sell him or will you keep him i think you should sell him bc he is young and is worth a good amount of money

  17. Pcq: u should sell digne and buy david alaba as lucas digne is under performing at some games . U could do a bayern leverkusen career mode as they have a lot of young players

  18. PCQ: Maybe look to player instructions for McTominay for stay back while attacking to then allow Bruno to roam forward.

  19. Pcq: after this career mode series plz do Chelsea or Arsenal especially for arsenal so you can actually save their defence…

  20. PCQ: Around 2023 or 2022 that is when Mbappé Contract ends with PSG and u don’t have to pay PSG any money just give mbappe a wage and I did that in my career mode and he is a 95 when I got him

  21. Pcq: after man utd career mode conpleted will you do a bundesliga team career mode ? (Like rb leipzig, or borussia dortmund)

  22. Pcq: plz do this thing for pcq you show like most goals and most assists so do most amount of getting the player of the episode!

  23. Pcq: Change to a 4-3-3 attack so dybala can play CAM and Bruno at CM so Bruno joins the attack more then you can put instructions on Valverde to stay back whilst attacking

  24. pcq: When you finish you career with United, you should to best XI, combined from leicester, milan and man United career modes

  25. Pcq:After this career mode would you consider doing a Dortmund career mode they have a lot of talent like Sancho and Haaland plus they are struggling in the champions league and sometimes the bundesliga

  26. Pcq: Considering you play fifa 20 a lot I don’t get why you don’t go Near post more because In this game near post is VERY overpowered

  27. PCQ:Don’t you think it’s unfair when you start career mode and pick a team to manage, you just replace the current team manager. There should be a system where you have to negotiate with the team.

  28. Pcq: Can try playing bruno in the left midfielder role because in real life despite playing as a cam on paper he always reverts to that position. Try it out please

  29. PCQ: Valverde broke into the 1st team of Madrid competing with world-class midfielders like kroos and modric etc…. don’t you think its a bit unfair to bench him?

  30. Pcq: Will you sign World class players like Brandt and Saul and can u start a series of arsenal after Man U as arsenal really need some help

  31. PQC: 4th time saying this but are you going to do a my player career mode ? like the Oscar Brown one in fifa 19.

  32. This is gonna be 3 ultimate team series now. 2 haven’t been completed and Ronaldinho isn’t even that good on the game. Also bring back Master league because that’s yet another series you left unfinished

  33. Pcq- What about you try a career mode with a second division team and lead them to silverware after this
    Underdog stories are great to view

  34. Pcq:Will you buy a superstar Left winger as Marcus Rashford has not been at his best and also not much development this season??

  35. Please make Maguire the captain when he play, because you always make Ronaldo the captain even when Maguire Play.

  36. PCQ- when you signed Ronaldo you said you’re not going to play him in every game but from my perspective you play him In almost every game especially in episode 28 you played Ronaldo against Leeds who aren’t having the best of the season why are you doing that?

  37. Will you consider buying a new goalkeeper next season as De Gea will be 30 and he will decline In rating maybe Lafont or Maingan would be a good option to replace De Gea

  38. Not Ronadinho to glory … people would like more of Barca master league for sure … Upload more of those.. it’s been a long time

  39. PCQ: Would you like to change the positions of Dybala and Ronaldo? do you remember Ronaldo 9 in real Madrid? where Ronaldo stayed back?

  40. PCQ: in the Bayern game about 9:10 seconds in it says ronaldo considering retirement… would you bring in someone like Harry Kane or Robert Lewendoski??

  41. Pcq: since you have already done career modes in England, Italy and Spain would you consider doing a career mode in the bundesliga for a team like borussia Dortmund or RB Leipzig. You could do a poll on the final episode in which they choose which club you do next and give them 3 teams to choose from

  42. Pcq: Dan James could play LM and Rashford is in ok form but Dan James is in great form so it makes sense to play him there right now

  43. Pcq: use this formation

    GK: DE GEA

  44. Pcq: play 4-1-4-1 like in the Leicester city career mode if you play that you can yus bruno and dybala both in cam

  45. PCQ: Will you play Aouar more now as he saved us from dropping even more points to Brighton (and saving our Premier League streak)?

  46. When the leicster career mode started u said you were just taking a break from the barca career mode and would return to it. are we going to see it?
    like so sid can see

  47. Pcq: You could live stream The Manchester United career mode so we have more content to watch
    Please like so Sid can see

  48. Pcq: here’s a tip for finding great players when scouting. Check if there value is above at least £500k. (If they are worth £1m they are wonderkids.) I’d below £500k then not good enough

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