Best FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenges to Try

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Best FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenges to Try

The best and toughest FIFA 20 career mode saves to try.

58 thoughts on “Best FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenges to Try”

  1. Just playing thru career mode with all the glitches is a challenge in its self. Never gets selected for national team, every year is like I just started my career, all the team lineups are “undefined” in the game, legendary level is just stupid. I keep trying to play fifa 20 but just end up playing the older versions.

  2. I went with AS Monaco. I signed the likes of Tonali, Foden, Zaniolo, Issa Diop & more and managed to win Ligue 1 and the UCL in my 2nd season.

    And no, of course it wasn’t on Ultimate – that difficulty is broken af. Legendary is the new Ultimate.

  3. I recommend another team from Spain called Real Zaragoza, they have players like Shinji Kagawa and Luis Suárez (the one from Watford not the one from Barça), they have 2.700.000€ to spend and they have won 6 Copa del Rey, 1 Cup Winners Cup and 1 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup. I hope you play with Zaragoza and that you have a good time 👍.

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