Best Pro Clubs Tips on FIFA 20

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Best Pro Clubs Tips on FIFA 20


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0:00 Introduction
0:43 Overall Tips
2:15 CM/ RAM/ RDM
5:03 – Striker Build
6:10 – CAM Build
7:38 – CDM Build
9:50 – ANY Tips

Overall Tips ()
CM / RAM / RDM ()
CAM Build ()
CDM Build ()
ANY Tips ()

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72 thoughts on “Best Pro Clubs Tips on FIFA 20”

  1. Great video JCC. Keep up with the good content bro much ❤️💯💯✌️✌️👌👌👊👊

  2. The height isn’t a glitch tho, because there are also players like me that change height in centimeters which is way more accurate. You’re basicly switching between half inches.

  3. Can you reply to me saying that scranvile FC are better than Boris and Gang, they think they’re catching up with us whilst they just got promoted to division 7 when we got up to division 5 last night just to keep the gap going

  4. Mate on for keeper means it matches whatever you have
    Off for keeper means it can be anything
    Eg if you don’t use a keeper and you put keeper on it means you will never come up against a keeper

  5. Johnny p is a hippo, but a bad hippo, not only a bad hippo, he’s a bad hippo who is bad at Fifa. Sorry Johnny I had to tell everyone the truth.

  6. Would love you to play some kind of league as the ones we have here un Argentina. They are way more competitive than playing divisions as most of the games are 11v11,and you are really playing for something!
    Pd: i know you used to play in a League

  7. When he starts bigging up the any player and we are all thinking surely it’s not Jonny p and then it actually wasn’t cos he’s a shithouse

  8. Youtubers need to realize that making all these tips and trick videos are only gonna make the game less fun In the future.

  9. I’m organizing an online pro clubs tournament on wednesday 20-5-2020, and I’m looking for teams that would like to participate.. my instagram is @frisointown, dm me for more info

  10. I’ll try and stop you before you do it. Can you not upload a ohhh fifa’s dead bla bla bla video. M8 we know it’s dead we get the point, you just want the views you know from experience that ea won’t listen so what’s the point.

  11. Was enjoying content but realized that you have used the same content for new videos multiple times now and that’s just on ones I’ve seen and noticed, channel won’t grow as well if you’re just clipping up the same old stuff sort of makes you look lazy with your own content and does nothing for the people who’ve already subscribed

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