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400 thoughts on “BRAND NEW FIRST OWNER PC ROAD TO GLORY! – PC ROAD TO GLORY Ep.01 #FUT20 Ultimate Team”

  1. Apologies for the loud pack sounds in this video. Working from PC instead of console I hadn’t considered to change some of the audio settings 😭😭😭

  2. Hey nep, have you ever thought about trying a rtg on a game that you don’t know as much about? Would be fun to see you work up and learn another game such as madden or myteam on 2k. Keep up the vids my man

  3. Let’s goooo loved the first owner RTG. This should be great I’m one of the people that havnt played for 4 months gonna be great to see how u get caught up. And I hope I can do the same. Keep up the work Nep

  4. Omg I’m so happy you started this RTG on PC!! I’ve been playing for 5 years on PC now and love to see how you handle Ultimate team on PC😉 are we going to get some keyboard gameplay😜

    • @Michael M so tru i still remember last year when i packed CR7 and he was like 1/3 more expensive than on PS or Xbox 😂

    • @Michael M tbh the market on PC isn’t as bad as it used to be. this year the prices are relatively equal across the different platforms. PC is obviously more expensive still though. also that argument will be dead as soon as crossplay is introduced to fifa as they’re one of the last games to actually implement it and there’s no reason why they can’t; no advantage to any platform.

  5. Very delighted about this project, the pc market is emptier at night time around 10 pm so the prices are higher than usual

  6. Let’s go Nep! As a PC player I would love to see how you build a team on here. I’m very excited to give this a watch. Welcome to the platform!

  7. heey I came back to play Fifa in December and on PC it is kinda meme experience. You helped me alot most of the sbcs and stuff works on PC too

  8. There are some benefits from pc too, you can easily flip icons and other special cards just because there are like 2-5 on the market, when u pack something, u can sell it for more than other consoles.

    • Ugnius Vilimas ye but everything costs more thus its thr same thing at the end of the day, its like comparing us dollars and swedish kronors, paying 1 dollar for bread or 10 sek is the same price.

  9. Love the fact that you are going to try this on PC, been stuck on PC for like 3 years and it’s a proper struggle

    • BPM works fine on PC. Another decent zero risk method is buying non rare golds from main nations/leagues on Mondays and Thursday and sell when they’re in demand (puzzle/league sbcs, marquee matchups etc)


    Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Vertical Sync > ON

    FIFA 20 Config > No FPS Limit

  11. 1. make sure to set the fps limit to 60 (it will stop the mini stutters and not limit the fps to 60 but rather to the max refresh rate of your monitor)
    2. play with directx 11 and resolution and the other settings can be set to auto
    3. id suggest to disable the voice input so you dont have to listen to people that accidentially leave their mic on
    4. if you ever alt tab during a game you will auto dc so be careful
    5. if you alt tab and go back to the game and it doesnt fully maximize make sure to press alt + enter
    6. if you wanna play draft you have to disable share user data in the fifa online privacy settings otherwise cheaters can make you dc AND lose the draft

  12. Question since you are doing pc shouldn’t you be playing the game using a mouse and keyboard cause using a controller gives you the advances doesn’t it? Love the videos Nep keep it up

  13. Nep:picks the 2 unlicensed kits
    Nep:gets relatively sick players from the packs that I don’t have
    Me: I can do one of those

  14. Thank you for doing this ILY. To make it harder use the keyboard instead of a controller. It’s harder to play the actual game if you will because you can’t use skill moves without hurting your fingers ;(

  15. Like that your mixing it up mate, have you pre recorded anymore episodes of The Show podcast before lockdown ?? It was lit 🔥

  16. How do you keep playing this game i struggle to enjoy myself. Love your videos keep up the good work 👍👍

  17. Looking forward to this series as a pc player. ive played over 1000 games and only seen 1 cheater, who was using a perfect timed shot glitch, so dont go in thinking everyone is cheating. BPM is definilty still steady coins, however the league sbc expensive team silver players are hard to find and cost alot, and the really high tier card for example toty, are outragoeus prices. also please confirm my theory that you rarly play people your own level because of a lack of players.

  18. It might just be me not liking change, or it might be because it PC but I already miss the normal RTG. Still support the channel and watch but I would prefer the return of the original

  19. You can disable the pop-up notifications by going to origin settings . Also if you press alt + enter , it switches you from fullscreen to window mode

  20. I know there’s obviously gonna be technical difficulties moving to a new platform and everything but the audio at the start just seems lazy, this is a minute into the video and it just shows there’s little to know quality checking on the channel, I don’t understand how you or toby can make a video and not atleast skim it before it goes live, I understand the youtube wheel keeps turning and you have to make content but it takes half an hour to watch this back and mute or lower the in game volume?

  21. Love it mate 🙂 been here since like fifa 15 🙂 used to be on console and i am on pc since this fifa and i freaking hate these prices ^^

  22. One of the major issues on PC is finding draft opponents, it took me a month once to complete a draft! Incase you plan to play draft, you might face this issue.

  23. First thing u need to know is that cheaters are only on draft that cheat works like this-they go in game score autogol and leave they got win u get win, and than there is other kind that just goes in game and leaves and u need to search for a game again.

  24. Nep do all the advanced sbc for huge packs if you care about record with loyalty then only do hybrid nations because you don’t need loyalty

  25. I play on PC too excited to see this series :D, can you tell us the difference in gameplay between console and PC ?

  26. Been playing the last two years on pc, switched from Xbox. are you going to be playing weekend league and such? I’d be excited to finally be able to run into you

  27. Also for sounds, I’ve turned off all sounds in game, but can’t seem to get rid of packs or menu noise, and packs always are Loud and just keep going during other gameplay. It’s extremely frustrating

  28. I’ve just logged onto my account that I reset not long ago and got a message from PS4 that I received 1050 fifa points, seeing this video is motivating me to do the sane thing with a newly rest account. Thanks!

  29. Solve stuttering problem by this steps

    1. Set game in settings on 60 fps

    and if you are NVIDIA user

    2. go to Nvidia Control Panel
    3. go to Manage 3D Settings
    4. go to Program settings and find FIFA 20
    5. go to Vertical sync and set to Adaptive

    that is it, game will use 60 fps in cutscene, menu and gameplay

  30. Hey nep it looks like its on xbox or is it deffo on pc love the content keep up the good work you are an insperation.

  31. Dont forget to lock your fps to 60 in the settings for best experience, u prolly have like a million fps and the game might feel wierd. So do u feel any difference playing on PC then console?

  32. Can’t wait for next epi, very intrigued to find out what happens next deffo gonna stick with this series for the rest of quarantine and even until it’s over. Keep it up bro

  33. I’m not going to be watching more of this series cause this is made for the people starting recently. I’ll just keep watching your ps4 rtg when you post that 🙂 good luck with this series

  34. Been a PC fifa player for the past 2 years since the day i got to know the bronze pack method and league sbc grind i have made insane ammount of profit. Thanks for doing this new RTG on our little PC platform.

  35. Make sure you don’t click on the second monitor during the game becouse you’l get dc. Also make the game bordless in the settings.

  36. Hey I’m currently in div 10 and only qualified for champs twice and got bronze three both times what can I do to get better love the videos thanks

    • Hey bro, a month I was literally in your situation. I suggest you to watch videos on how to play. Try skill moves out. They help too. Let go of the accelerator and play the football, not the game. I finished this WL Silver 1. My best yet.

  37. On PC I struggle with playing online because I started my FUT account on PC this week and I’m only matching 185 squads or above

  38. You’ve been my go to YouTubed for years especially when it comes to fifa, I find your knowledge of the game to be very helpful and your vids are always interesting to watch. Kinda sucks the game has taken this micro transaction, take as much money as possible approach, as I remember back in fifa 14 and 15 when I sold my PlayStation for the tiny chance to pack pele or someone else crazy when it was more mysterious. Anyway, great vid and I’m curious if you would ever do a PES rtg

  39. Hey, my account has been hacked yesterday. And now I need to start of again from 0. I am really happy you’re doing this series.

  40. Hey Nep! I‘m playing already 2 years on PC and apart of the origin servers who are down relatively often, it‘s great.. you have to watch out on the market, as you already mentioned, because the prices are going crazy during the weak and it‘s nearly impossible to predict them.. I hope that the series is doing well and hope that I can play one day against you! Greets from Italy 🙂

  41. Its shit on pc believe me, sbc grind is impossible as there are no cards on the market, draft is shit cause you re constantly coming up against bots with no loss glitch and usually every card is like 200/300k coins above the price! Its not impossible to play, it is just anoying xD

  42. After all this time, he will know out struggle. PC might be the master race, but the fifa community is non existant compared to on consoles.

  43. Pc really isn’t that hard.

    Obviously players are generally more expensive but that applies to everyone you play against and I think there’s less gods quads.

  44. Nep, one thing you may like on pc is that there is much less competition in FUT champs, top 100 is like 24 25 wins so you have a good chance of reaching it

  45. Don’t tab out while playing games, u will automatically leave the game. Turn off vsync, bump up the graphics, a lot of random players are extinct, that’s all the tips I have for u

  46. I am so happy you are doing this! I was started a rtg on pc just 3 weeks ago because of lockdown and this series is gold for me❤️love from Iran

  47. Just great to see how PC Master race handles FIFA and how everyone is right about how it is so much smoother than console, you can really see in this video!! LMAAAOOOOOOO

    • horrible. you use the mouse to move, and i think the controls to pass/shoot/lob don’t make any sense(it was like K to cross and D to pass?)

  48. Nep as someone who plays on PC I’ll lay out some ground rules

    The stuff U talk about on your channel all the time works on PC allthough people struggle with there just being a lack of players and items on the market

  49. The problem isn’t what platform ur on, what ppl still don’t understand is that u spend 8-10+ hours every day on ur account, normal ppl just can’t do that with 9-5s kids school college university, imo ur not showing anything new that u haven’t shown early on in FIFA games, it’s has to b balanced nep, I’m older than u with 3 kids, this game is all luck an time based, found a fella few months ago called thefutacountant, just like nick an very good at what he does, but he’s around 450/500 games played an about 20million coins… My question is whats the point in the grind forget platforms just simulate nick an tfutacc? No need 2 play because the game is s***!

  50. Love the fact that u r starting this series…I liked the console one but its good to see how u play on PC since I’ve never tried it before

  51. Starting all over again and pretending to enjoy the game, I’ve got to hand it to u… you have true dedication😂

  52. Nep I opened 17 100k packs and 11 125k packs spent all my coins and the best player I packed was normal salah that’s the end of the road for me

  53. Being a PC FUT player I really appreciate you attempting this series. I don’t have the time and also work weekends to smash out game after game and have made most of my coins from icon trading (only about 2 Mill), but with the PC market fluctuating so much recently and I having God awful pack luck (saved 40 packs for FUT birthday, got 1 walkout being Thiago Silva), i can’t seem to make profits or gain a steady income anymore. Just seem to be stuck around the same coin mark. Trading tips for PC would deffo help as it is sadly much different to the other platforms. Much love Nep.

  54. Ok. This is perfect. I always had the impression that on PC WL is harder. I’m curious how many wins will you get on PC compared to consoles.

  55. Nep you starting this has convinced me to return to FUT, haven’t owned Fifa since 18 due to time constraints but now i just want to grind. This series is going to be great

  56. I love that the pack glitched and it played the entire walkout song just really make sure you know Nep didn’t tweak the audio settings haha

  57. Hey, a top100 trader here on pc, no fp spent, so I guess it’s not that hard, you just have to grind the game, same as on consoles

    • Hey bro, I find it hard to make coins on PC. I can’t get to a solid MIL and I’ve only a 500k squad rn. Any help?

    • @Darshan Sweczs honestly, it’s not hard, just watch some yt content on trading, and you’ll be good to go, but if you have only 500k and have been playing regularly from the beginning, then you are doing smth wrong. Also, avoid completing unnecessary sbcs

    • @bbgone I started in Dec. Those yt contents dont seem to work effectively on pc and thats the main reason I struggle

  58. The issue that I find in pc fut is that the market fluctuations are very unpredictable.
    Most cards on ps or Xbox have a similar range but in pc it’s either less or very high.
    Try to keep the switching manual auto or airball becomes shitty in rivals.

  59. why do you always say packs this year are broken, in the last week I’ve gotten sane and son from 84 + player packs and I packed Djene fut birthday in my marquee Matchups.

  60. Hey nep. This is gonna be a sick series. You have that drove and determination. I see it in you. Just trying to watch your stream from last night but it just keeps buffering any ideas? Keep up the good work.

  61. Love to finally see some content from “my platform”. BPM defo works but not as a good, i dont think u will see bronze fitness for 5k here, but they sell regularly for 200.
    If u start playing draft u’ll start matching teams without chemy which are cheaters who produce insta disconnects after the game starts, luckily they fixed it so u dont get a loss for this. Last year draft on pc was unplayable because of this.

  62. I picked up FIFA 20 for cheap and am.enjoying it the grind is fun it’s nice having a game you don’t have to pay to win on I’ll admit I have bought FIFA points but I’ve only spent about 50 dollars and I’ve got a good English squad built around Sergio Ramos which was tough to fit in the team but I managed it

  63. im really confused about putting players on the transfer list. I put my duplicate players on the transfer list and then they sit there. What should I do with players; should I sell them or leave them there?

  64. Make sure to check all silvers and bronzes, some are redicuolously rare and you can grab some insane prices on them

  65. Just waiting for the next episode to be something like “We packed the cure for coronavirus” or something

  66. Nep, Make sure you complete the advanced sbc’s hybrid leagues and hybrid nations. I find that those sbc’s give great profit!

  67. Love this series
    This is ideal for me because I have just started playing Fifa 20 and this road to glory is perfect.
    Keep up the hard work.

  68. Episode 5…….. ‘sadly guys I’ve proved that even on PC the BPM is OP, I have 3 million coins and a god squad, it’s time for me to end the series there, I have put to much time into my main account to not play’
    Goes onto his main account……..
    Might start a RTG on Xbox….. 😂😂😂

  69. Hi guys… I desperatly need some guidance. I play UT on PC from keyboard. I am decent at atacking, but because I can’t defened I am stuck in division 10 rivals for months now.
    I see opponent defenders coming directly at my atackers and tackling with incredible precission, whilst I guide mine from arrows in the hope that I somehow target them properly.
    A guy with Messi gave me 3-4 kickoff goals yesterday, without me able to come even close to taclking him.

  70. yo Nep, i just packed FUT birthday Gaitan, not worth a huge amount, do you reckon its best to hold on to see if his value rises or sell him now? cheers mate, looking forward to the series x

  71. How do you think about, telling the time you spend on this account? After 10,20,30,40… hours you have reached …, I think if you tell this, people can anderstand what is needed, to get on the same point.

  72. I started FUT on PC a month ago after years out from playing FIFA. It’s not that bad honestly, I regularly talk to friends that play Xbox and it’s just the market is alot smaller and you do play against some suspect players but it hasn’t discouraged me so hope it doesn’t discourage you from grinding on here!

  73. As a PC player u really want to go to Nvidia settings and disable Vsync , then for fifa 20 settings if ofc u have a very powerfull PC go with ultra , MSAAoption turn it off , frame rate : no limit on fps , and for directX , ok u will not find this as a option but fifa 20 is using DirectX12 and its really bad imo , i suggest using Dx11 how ? u go to PC>>documents>>FIFA20>>right click on fifasettings .ini and choose edit with notepad++ (ofc if u dont have it just dowanload-install it ez ) then on (DIRECTX_SELECT = 0) put it on 1 , hopefully this is bit helpfull , keep up the great work <3

    • another thing that i want to mention is , for origin settings u go to origin (up on the left ) >> application settings >> in Start-up options i disabled both options there , on Client update its up to u Nep then on Diagnostics >> i disabled everything there then on Install&save >> nothing to worry about there , then on Notifications i suggest to disable everything there , u dont really need to see to notification while playing champs right ?! , and then finally Origin in game >> disable origin in game !! 🙂

  74. Ia am on PC and there are some singularities but i bought it 1 month ago and i have 800K transfer profit, SBCs Bellerin, Sancho and Ozil, never played it before on console/pc, if you complain about the pc version you are simply not good enough at this game, and while there are a lot of things EA are to blame that isn’t one of them…

  75. Can’t wait until You start league SBC method and then stop when You realize You can’t complete certain teams because the players are not on the market.

  76. Fifa on pc always were more smoother and better only the cheating thing ruined it Nep please help us pc players for ea to recognize it…

  77. Hey Nep I think that you shouldn’t be able to use the transfer market at all. I know it is quite more difficult but I think it is far more interesting!

  78. I have never really been into FUT before. Is a RTG a good idea for someone new? I’m not interested in putting any money into the game. Happy to grind.

  79. I am also a pc player and You’ve become my number 1 FUT content creator now, coz you’re the only one who is actually doing it on pc , thnx man

  80. hi nepenthez, I’m also a pc player myself, I was wondering if u could do the fut friendlies Objective with me. I really cannot be asked to play 21 friendlies, as none of my friends play on pc so I have quite a hard time even searching for opponents, I would like to ask if you and I could help each other and complete the objective quickly , Thx !

  81. I think the biggest separator in this game between “success’ and mediocrity is simply skill, its easy for you to start a fresh and get somewhere because you’re good, i mean obviously no fault of your own you grind and thats where the skill came, just saying this to say that for the average person to grind and get remotely anywhere in this game is hard because our record quite simply has more losses than yours ever will and that affects the will of anyone to even want to play. with that said love your vids keep up the grind.

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