FUT Millionaire Autobuyer and Trading Tool Review


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214 thoughts on “BUYING A NEW STADIUM 🏟️💰 FIFA 22 WREXHAM RTG Career Mode #10”

  1. Can you actually edit the generic stadium of a real club in fifa 22? Or is he using a mod? I thought this was only for create a club

  2. Does this carnt ever stop farking talking.
    Just constant noise coming out of the hole in his farking face. Ffs stop and farking breath man.

  3. Paul Mullin hold the scoring record for league 2 and now league one… Please try and get him to do it in the championship and the prem

  4. Does anyone know of you can buy a stadium on the ps4 version? Ill be getting it soon so it’d be good to know for when i create a club, thanks guys 🙂

  5. Do love a career mode video with rage from Jay. Even better when work forces me to binge watch multiplier episodes at once 😂 makes each of these episodes more entertaining.

    Typical first game of the season, got EAed

  6. i think CB and LB need to improve there and of course the RM position need the replacement after davo go. but with that budget, i believe we still need to go through free agent. just my opinion. anw love this series.. GG

  7. Your videos makes me happy🥺 it helps my depression…don’t go a day without dropping something🙏 i know it’s not easy tho😞

  8. Try getting a higher rated GK, you are going to face high rated players especially during cup runs and championship in general!!!!

  9. I got a couple of (maybe lesser known) players you might wanna look into, all young with ok potential, a value lower than 15M and in the positions you wanna strenghten:

    – GK: Luis Maximiano
    – CB/LB: Arthur Theate
    – RM: Diogo Gonçalves
    – RM/RW: Alexis Saelemakers
    – CM/CDM: Aster Vranckx
    – RM: Romario Baro
    – GK: Maarten Vandervoordt
    – RM: Francis Amuzu
    – RB/LB/RM: Jelle Bataille
    – LM/CM/CAM: Domingos Quina
    – RM/ST: Yorbe Vertessen
    – RW/LW/ST: Michel Balikwisha
    – RM Francisco Conceição
    – RM/LM/ST: Largie Ramzani
    – LB/LM: Nazinho
    – LB: Gerardo Arteaga
    – LW/RW/ST: Ruben Provindence
    – LM: Tiago Araujo
    – RM/CAM/ST: Ryataro Araki
    – RB/CB: Justin Che
    – LWB/LB/LB: Liberato Cacace
    – LB: Daouda Guindo
    – LB: Issa Kabore
    – LB/LM: Luca Netz
    – RM/LM: Shola Shoretire
    – RB/LB: Amar Dedic
    – LB/ CB: Mario Mitaj
    – LW/ST/RW: Mohamed Daramy
    – LW/RW: Tamas Kiss
    – LB: Frederik Oppegard
    – LM/ST: Anthony Elanga

  10. I dont know who made these beautiful announcement graphics but if I was a club manager he would surely be on the social media team. Absolute works of beauty

  11. Hey what happened about 7 minutes in. You won 2 of the 3 games pre season. Then it skipped back and you only won 1 game out the 3…

    That was weird.

    Great series Bucks loving it

  12. The seets at the racecourse irl are red and sign Ben Foster and Joe Allen as they were with us before their breakout season.

  13. This is honestly the highlight of my day I’m checking YouTube all the time to see if a new video of the series comes out awesome career mode!!!!

  14. Can’t get mad at your Mostly League 1 team not holding up in the championship.
    You should have almost an entire new team at this level

  15. You should really bag Liam Delap now you’re in the championship. He cost me £1.6mil and after one season is now worth £55m. Absolute machine on fifa

  16. Love how koeman was Oscar’s agent, man kicked him out of Barca and then made sure he got paid much less than he wants at wrexham 😂😂

  17. Finally some challenge from the ai , i was getting a bit worried there with how easy was to score goals in the last two episodes.

  18. bring in Alex balde, the extremely young left back from barca, he starts off at a 67 in year 1, so he should be around the right overall for the championship now.

  19. I found a 6ft6 keeper in my youth academy a couple of seasons ago hes now 17 and 69 ovr in championship hé plays like a 80 ovr hes a beast🤣

    But my best youth player is called kevin de bruijn from the netherlands with a potential to be special🤣

  20. Great series loving the content only thing i would say is some of the players especially the youth players coming through can you edit them and give them actual boots just to add a bit of realism think that would be a nice touch 🤘 other than that great content

  21. You could sign Gavi, youngster from barce, youngest Spanish international
    Also Sebastian Jurado, Mexican goalkeeper, pretty young and decent potential

  22. I might be biased, but you should sign Gavin Bazuna. I saw you had him shortlisted and he’s been brilliant for the Irish national team

  23. Strengthen your defense in the next coming episodes. Get players within the region of RWB/LWB not only to help the defence but also assist offense in taking the ball forward. Without all the work being put on the midfield

  24. Lmao I gotta say, I came across this channel about 2-3 weeks ago and gave it a chance because I also play fifa but love to watch other people play and make their career modes as well and I have to say, at least from the majority of people that I’ve watched, I can see their anger but don’t show it, I love the real and true reactions that you give when you get scored on or are loosing or think the game is just fucking rigged to make you loose from the get go because I am the same way lol, when the game is not going my way i start to get really angry and start saying shit about my team and the game and I just love that you’re just being you. Also I have to say that fifa 22 is just what seems to me fucking broken!!! I started my career mode with Spurs and have managed to sign really good players and play ultimate and all that and the game just seems so fucking broken, it’s so hard. Like I score a goal and think okay finally it’s starting to give in but no cuz then the game makes it seems like I’m a fucking noob playing fifa with passing mistakes after mistakes and the opponent is playing like they’re the best fucking team in the prem and have all 99 rated players but it is what it is, just wanted to say that I’ll continue watching cuz I love that you have no filters, keep up the good work, cheers.

  25. U should sort out kit numbers and give cb 4 and longstaff 8 and u should also play ur best gk as he has bags of potential and sign Tavares 4 Lb

  26. Try scouting for Modou Barrow LW 73 and Marvin RW 72 …good pace and shooting from the flancs. Also, Declan John could work better than Green as LB. Keep it going !! You can fit all these 3 into the 10 mil. budget that you have

  27. Sign Tom Glover he has really good potential and also sign k Palmer for cheap he’s actually goated for a small club like yourself

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