Can I SAVE the Career of MARIO GOTZE??? FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenge

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Can I SAVE the Career of MARIO GOTZE??? FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenge

Mario Gotze; once Germany’s world cup final hero, a bonified superstar by the age of 21. Unfortunately though; no longer that hero, no longer that superstar. A failed move from his beloved Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich along with an unfortunate medical issue has seriously stagnated his growth. We’re hitting the rewind button and seeing if it’s to late to save the career of Mario Gotze.

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221 thoughts on “Can I SAVE the Career of MARIO GOTZE??? FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenge”

  1. this vid was dumb tbh. The main point of this should be that gotze will rise up and beat his competition. By just getting rid of them, he’s obviously gonna reach max potential. You’re playing him in every game. In fifa someone doesn’t just fall, they go until they reach their max potential.

  2. Honestly tho I can’t wait for the next rebuild and to watch this video. Btw i think you should rebuild Parma or 1860 Munich

  3. You need to buy good players to help the player you are trying to save the career of, as the team is going to do shit so he won’t do as good

  4. Mate just saying, Gotze didn’t have multiple injuries on his legs or anything that ruined his career, we has a disease where his muscles cramp very badly, to the point where he could still play, but he wasn’t anywhere as good as his Bayern days.

    • You can look at a players potential either with pc cheats or you can use fifatracker using the tools and calculator

  5. Jarradhd can you do a new series where you do a rebuild where you rebuild clubs but in each transfer window whoever you sign has to be from the same country so in one transfer window you can sign only english players but when you have used one country you can’t use it again like so Jarradhd can see

  6. Me:Warming up to hit the target
    Mum:What are you doing ?!!
    Me:JarradHD told me to scorpion kick that subscribe button

  7. 0:01 and at the first second of the video and we see this . this will be my nightmare forever…….LOL

  8. Day 4 of asking “Homegrown Talents” rebuild

    1. Pick any non top flight team (Championship, Ligue 2, 2 Bundesliga, etc. team)
    2. Must have at least 5 homegrown/academy players in the final Starting XI, 1 must be an attacker, 1 must be a midfielder, 1 must be a defender, and 1 must be the starting keeper
    2. Youth Players are allowed to be loaned out for development
    3. You can’t spend more than £30mil on a single transfer
    4. You have to win the champions league, domestic league, and nation cup with the homegrown squad

  9. The potential goes up so quick becauss you are modding the morale and form to max so the game thinks he is playing like that.

  10. Can jarradhd save Federico Macheda’s career.He is currently playing for PANATHINAIKOS and he’s 73 rated.He was a wonder kid back at Man utd.lets see what Jarrad can do?

  11. Jarrad: “We have saved the career of Mario Gotze”
    Also Jarrad: chilling in the second division with him

  12. Gotze is worse in this video. Then he was in real life. Like performance wise. The potential doesn’t matter if his performance doesn’t help the team at all. Like come on the best player in the world flourishing in Leigue 2. Impossible.

  13. Player: *Is 31 and scores 36 goals and 13 assists in one amazing season*
    EA God’s: 👎 -3 downgrade
    Player: *has an absolute shit season and only scores 3 goals and gets injured for a few months*
    EA God’s: 👍 +5 potential to 97

  14. Ea have added the best feature in a while -dynamic potential- but it’s way too broken… Please fix it for next year. Let’s make FIFA great again!

  15. I would rather this on the actual fifa of what year it was in for example with this one playing it on fifa 15

  16. Best Fifa Youtuber, supporting you from Germany and watched every single video. Keep on this great content and remain the best Fifa guy that is existing on this platform. 🇩🇪
    P. S. My favorite team is Werder Bremen witch which you never did a rebuild yet so please involve them in Fifa20 or the next one, I would appreciate that!!!!

  17. Do this for Giovani Dos Santos or Carlos Vela they where predicted to be world class players but that didn’t result…

  18. hey i was wondering if you can start a series called “reliving top players career” where you would make messi and ronaldo to the age of 18 and see if simulation would cause them to be the same overall or lower.

  19. Jarrad, this video could’ve gone the other way around, and Götze could’ve easily reached that 99 potential if you went back to Dortmund. IIRC, there’s an option in Cheat Engine to create a job offer from a particular club. All you have to do is make that job offer come from Dortmund, and you will get back to the club. Also, I’m not sure if you know this but why Götze’s potential immediately dropped in Bundesliga 2 is bcos the game code makes it so that Dynamic Potential isn’t too OP in lower league. EA logic: No Wonderkids in Lower Leagues.

  20. If you do more of this please do Pietro Pellegri. Last year he had around 88 potential but this year he’s been downgraded to 75

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