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53 thoughts on “CHAMPIONS LEAGUE DREAM LIVES? OR DIES?! FIFA 20 | Leeds United Career Mode S7 Ep8”

  1. Hey people in the comments! I’m sorry to self promote but I am a new career mode YouTuber and I am not sure how else I can grow my channel. I just started my Arsenal career mode and if you guys are bored during quarantine and you like career mode then please give my first videos a chance! Thanks 😁

  2. Fun fact: This career mode now has the same amount of episodes as the Southampton one. Well done Ches making this Leeds CM a longer lasting one than the Southampton CM

  3. Please do a CM in Spain before the Cambridge RTG. You’re doing an English team now… so one abroad would be nice

  4. I think if you win the Premier League this season, then don’t do the season 8. But if you end the season without a trophy, then proceed to do the eighth season

  5. If you’ve got money you should just buy a ST who’s maybe slightly older like 29 or 30 cause he’ll be cheaper and your only doing this season but can also cover whilst the others are injured

  6. No hate but I cant help but laugh at people like Mark Goldbridge and this gazy don who get so passionate over a game 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you can tell these lot can’t play football in real life

  7. That goal by Raphael Leao is the epitome of a world class goal. Stunning strike with 2 defenders around him.

  8. Dont worry too much Ches, Malen won the golden boot in the season he spent up top for you.
    Sucks that Cunha is out too

  9. When this season ends. Do one more season just UCL while starting the cambridge series. (1 episode of each series a day)

  10. Do one more season where it’s just the champions league even if you don’t win the premier league the really the aim of the series

  11. Sell one of your backup GKs and bring in a new 2nd team striker. Should be able to afford someone low to mid 80s who will get the job done in the 2nd team.

  12. This is wrong on so many levels ches! Please be a big man accept that the sliders are way too difficult to play! Big fan but really puts me off!!!! Give us another seasons we deserve it!

  13. Buy striker who is 28-30 years old coz they are usually cheap but cinsiderably have decent ratings and also, sell on of your back up keeper

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