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183 thoughts on “CLAIMING FIRST STORYLINE PLAYER! – PC ROAD TO GLORY Ep.05 #FUT20 Ultimate Team”

  1. Nep should do his entire FUT 21 RTG on PC. It would be curious to see how it differs from the console RTG when it’s for the entire year

  2. Hey Nep, I want to be able to get more packs but don’t want to do draft or league sbc’s. what else can I do?

  3. Ive been thinking about erasing my team and starting again. Hopefully that will help me enjoy this game again

    • Saul V sotelo I wouldn’t. Maybe just build a full national team that u support or full club team u support

    • Go for it, but don’t erase your team just start on a new account. The start is gonna be rough but it gets really fun after and will probably make you enjoy the game some more again

  4. Hey guys when should I sell the club pre tots? I’ll play draft for a while. Toty Arnold, gold mbape, gold neymar, birthday saint max, SS Mahrez. Who to keep, who to sell, and when? Thanks boys

    • Tyler Keser In general those card will go down in price at tots, but as Neymar, TAA and Mbappe will get tots and the totys will drop in price. But if I were you I would sell the totys quite a bit before tots as before tots people will panic sell totys ready for tots. Saint Max and Mahrez probably won’t get anymore special cards this year that are better than the ones you have so I would keep until best of.

  5. Just got my first elite 2 finish ever, and now I feel like I did it for nothing, because this totw is even worse than TOTW 1!!!

  6. I Doing the same thing as you , but I’m trying to complete bellarabi , but every opponent is dabbing and shhhing on my, I’m playing with a starter team and they are playing with 88 potm ben yedder , icons and players who are 1000 times more expensive than my team, such an shitty community 😐 and the funniest part is that I dominate the match , but they have so much luck , it’s bullshit😩

  7. Can I save my player picks until next week? I know I won’t be able to open packs but I don’t want to get any of these shite players in the totw.

    • Yes, I’d say do the advanced SBCs and other value SBCs first to get good first owned players n then grind out icon swaps this will help u get good players first owned and maybe even pack a good value card or even a fut birthday card… Who knows?

  8. I was thinking i wouldn’t enjoy this PC RTG but maan i love it. I think u should sell verthongen if u need coins for grinding copa and sud sbc-s and in terms of content, loving the rivals games so keep them in in terms of gameplay, cheers neppo u beast

  9. Packed neymar from the 1 player pack for playing friendlies. Swear they increase the weight on that one because nobody plays friendlies

  10. this makes me realise how insanely good those players are that use bronze or silver teams in champs and get elite/ top 100, Nep is a good player but he must be realising it too 😅

    • Dominic Field he used van der sar and R9 in January and only uploaded recently but in I think December he used 10 bronze and VDS because he can’t control his keeper and the point of the challenge is how good he is so VDS isn’t that much of a difference, still mental tho

    • @Ali Meehan last fifa he got 30-0 as well with full bronze team, idk why he used r9 this fifa though I can understand scoring could be hard

  11. Alderwierld strong links lloris, he ain’t good but it’s an option to use koilibaly and use lloris on full chem

  12. Lol I love your vids Nep but you t
    Said that William Jose sucks and a couple seconds later you praise Him.

  13. Yea, i feel you Nep! Every game, people are drop-back, counter attack down the flanks and feed Ben Yedder.
    To anyone playing fifa like that, i wanna let you know that you are a big fat CLOWN!

  14. I’ve been doing a first owner rtg for a few months now and have packed Auba, van dijk, Suarez, inform Di Maria, Gaitan and loads of other walkouts mainly from sbcs. Feels so much more rewarding than my normal account

  15. Willian José: misses one chance. Nepenthez: he’s the worst player ever willian Jose: scores one goal. Nepenthez: he’s acctually a sick player

  16. Mate loving the PC road to glory. Been watching you for awhile and quarantine has given me the time to start grinding fifa again. Keep up the great work Nep! My younger brother and I started our own combined first owner rtg because of you

  17. Nep i have watched you for ages and i love that you have done a PC rtg. There are so many issues on pc, as you know the draft is fucked and the market is not as big (not EAs fault) and I hope this will open EAs eyes and fix the draft issues.

  18. i’m playing on pc as well and when your game crashed it looked the same as when it happens to me. seems to be a bug just like the cross goal game crahser. btw the cross goal glitch where your game crashes happens when you low cross and for example a striker auto-strikes the ball in the net while you controll the back post player, wich the low cross was meant for. you were talking about it crashing with any cross but i have only seen my game crash with the low cross example i have given. happened to me like 3 or 4 times.

  19. When u said imagine if I pulled a Ronaldo out that one rare player pack I actually did not long ago I thought it would be Bernardo but turns out I was wrong

  20. On pc u litteraly have a cheat engine that u can buy and get like 5* wf and skills in any player so these guys just come out doing elasticos with the GK its fucking disgusting ah and u have a timed shot cheat too

  21. I’d rather you finish the objectives and players and record what you can instead of recording everything and slowing yourself down.

  22. Do the icon story objectives in beginner offline friendlies makes it super eazy and no waste of contracts or fitness

  23. “it’s my skill level that’s allowing me to not concede a goal every time he counters me” – so EA have made it so of you’re good you can stop their attacks? Is that not exactly how it should be?
    What do you want changed?

  24. We dont want to see full game, do a lil intro thing just explain what objective ur doing maybe a bit of match highlights if sum interesting happened and then u telling us how the game went and the final score

  25. Hashtag Harry went 30-0 in FUT champs with a BRONZE TEAM if ur losing it’s ur fault nep even you’ve said that team doesn’t usually matter so stop trying to say that it’s “ur skill level that’s keeping u in the game but ur team not being anywhere good enough to help you” and yada yada yada

  26. So this comment might seem irrelevant but I need to get this of my chest. This game is shit. If you still play the game your a masochistic. For the last two weeks I played division rivals (about 40 games) and the script is HORRIFIC.There is a clear pattern in how the game results are.So pretty much you play 2 games and win and the third one you lose and when you are close to promote in division you get fucked every single time and you are back to square one and every single game I was dominating .You have 14 shots on target on average per game and never score but when your opponent gets one occasion he gets it every single time.I have been playing fifa every since fifa 14 and I am pretty decent player considering I have at least 600 games every fifa and managet to get gold 2 or 1 some years on fut champs and this year I am division 10 can always get fucked in the ASS because how shit the gameplay is. And dont get me started on the objective rewards how I redeemed a couple of packs and never got them.Shit game , that doesn’t deserve the 500 hours invested in it. I am really sorry that I might’ve wasted your time on my complaint but it’s something that I need to get off my chest. FUCK YOU EA

  27. nep i think we would all like how you grind the bronze pack method and how you get these players to get packs, because you just tell us but you don’t show us how we really even started

  28. Nep after beating a full bronze team 2-1: ‘oh i played some great fifa!”

    Nep after getting battered 7-0:
    “I think he was a half-decent player but a few things here and there went against me”

  29. Loving the vids Nep. I really like this series idea and have decided to do the same but on xbox. Keep it up and good luck. 👏

  30. I’ve stopped watching since you switched to PC dont know why just not enjoying it as much anyone else getting the same vibe

  31. Stop hoarding the players you pack and just sell them when you no longer need them like Loris and Alderweild, better players will come around and you don’t need them if you’re doing swaps and you have the prem boxed off, whereas you can do more sbcs / can do Sud/Copa grind for Ozil with the coins

  32. Nep you inspired me to get the 50k pack from the same SBC and I ended up getting a fut birthday Lozano. As a Mexican myself I was so happy and just wanted to say thank you for this road to glory for new players

  33. Nep, I play and PC and something that has helped me crash less against cheaters is you disable something in the settings to stop sharing data to EA, I forget where it is(I think I’m matchmaking settings) but it’s helped for me

  34. Same here. I was playing gwc on nhl 20. The guy messed with the connection and made me lose. I called him out and he admitted to it and I reported gim

  35. Welcome to the pc format brother!! It’s terrible trying to break down almost everyone plays one depth drop back. I average 20-23 wins a week champs plays a lot better than rivals as on most platforms keep grinding dude!!!

  36. Really enjoying this series nep, look forward to it everyday, helps break up the days of isolation 🙂 keep it up!

  37. Hey nep!

    You should enable Adaptive vsync in your nvidia control panel. If you do that, you won’t have the awful 30 FPS lock in menus, freekicks, penalties etc. It feels amazing.

  38. Hi Nepenthez , im a fan of you and i will start an RTG series too on PC , if you want to avoid cheaters on PC go to settings and uncheck the “share usage data” box , i like this series 😉

  39. Play the majority off line ? Highlight it when you complete certain objectives or make big movements. Don’t think we need to see every game just maybe one or two here and there 🤷🏻‍♂️

  40. He claims his storyline player at 21:24 for those who can’t be bothered watching through the whole thing

  41. Do you think they are gonna add an additional player to the league sbc player pick options? Just wanna hear your opinion! Keep up the good work!

  42. “Javi Martinez as a duplicate so now we have two in the club”

    Javi Martinez shows up not in the duplicates

  43. Hey Neppo, not sure how much you read your comments, but wanted to encourage you! These videos have CARRIED me through my first week of chemo this week. Appreciate the effort you put in to entertain us!! <3

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