Cristiano Gets A HUGE TRANSFER OFFER! Premier League DEBUT! – FIFA 22 My Player Career Mode #13

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Cristiano Gets A HUGE TRANSFER OFFER! Premier League DEBUT! – FIFA 22 My Player Career Mode #13


Cristiano Gets A HUGE TRANSFER OFFER! Premier League DEBUT! – FIFA 22 My Player Career Mode #13

In this FIFA 22 Player Career Mode we created Cristiano Ronaldo Jr to live in our own Fantasy Football World and play alongside Kai Rooney at Salford City under Gary Neville to then maybe move to the Clubs like his father did like Manchster United or Real Madrid even or maybe go down a different path.
The goal is to one day win the Ballon D´Or and lift the Champions League title after hopefully facing Thiago Messi along the way.

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271 thoughts on “Cristiano Gets A HUGE TRANSFER OFFER! Premier League DEBUT! – FIFA 22 My Player Career Mode #13”

  1. Uhh cani since you don’t wanna do the Ronaldo Jr series everyday I think you must also consider making a team career mode in a different country like Spain,Juventus and Germany hope you see this love to cani and everyone supporting him❤️❤️🔥🔥great series

  2. Cani how about some fan objectives for the gameplay. It will make the videos more interesting and enjoyable as right now the videos only consist of gameplay. In my opinion there should be 3 fan objectives related to the gameplay which you would have to complete, and the forfeit could be reduction of skill points or something

  3. Cani, for a new series I think you should do a rebuild of Newcastle and add 100 million to their transfer budget and try get them a premier league with some new signings on career mode?

  4. Can’t get enough of this series Cani! I still think we should get an episode every other day just to avoid getting burnt out.

  5. Increase your rating more on a 5-6 goal involvement state instead of 10 goal involvement because it takes long time and cr7 jr might no be able to reach his maximum potential overall rating

  6. Use a different celebration to the Siu,it’s too similar to his father and he wants to make a name for himself and not just have a good career because of his dad

  7. Hey Cani. A suggestion. We want to see a create a club mode, if possible could that be something you do next 🙏. Like so Cani can see

  8. cani you should play for a st now bcz there is no kai rooney ….. so change your formation to striker ..otherwise you will play as cb one for sure…..

  9. Cani change the celebration because he want to be different from his dad so change his celebration and do his own iconic celebration .

  10. Cani increase the difficulty now,as you are in the prem,realistically the difficulty is much higher in the higher leagues. Also,as you are not planning to do this daily,may as well start youth academy rtg from league 2,create a club style.

  11. Hey Cani do you realise how many people are doing this RONALDO Jnr my player because they have seen you do it. Same teams and everything. Much love from Australia

  12. @CaniSports …please consider rebuilding ISL teams..they are newly introduced to FIFA this year and have huge fan bases..🙂🙂

  13. Cr7 initially had no28 at sporting
    Half of that is number 14
    So its that way😂
    So cr7 jr. Can have number half of cr7
    He is a junior for a reason😂😉🤣
    Like so cani can see😄😍
    Love from nepal

  14. How about you make a Nottingham Forest, As they have won the champions league in the past and now they seem stuck in the championship, it would be a cool rebuild! Btw, keep up the good work! Like so Cani can see!

  15. Cani, you can change your boots! You just need to make sure to go to Position after that (before saving the changes) and change it to your usual position because it will always revert to being a CF.

  16. NB: Cani, this season you shouldn’t quick sim matches because of the original quality of Norwich and it will lead to a loss of points. like so Cani can see.

  17. Hi Cani, when you move to a other club and want a new haircut maybe Think of getting something like noodle hair like his father had. Btw love your videos!

  18. Started a myplayer Career mode
    His name Kylian Niang born in Lille( France). Age:16. His Family moved to Los Angeles and Niang decided to play Football so he joined La Galaxy. After 4 years of Mls, Portugese Teams like Porto and Braga wanted the 20 year old French Player and he signed for Braga ….
    But can he make it to the France Squad? Coming soon….

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  20. Trying lowering the manager rating by not training so that u can come on as a sum u might return to a winger once u return to the starting 11 like so cani could see

  21. Cani, i totally think you should do a rebuild outside the big 5 leagues in Europe, maybe something like Denmark, Sweden or Norway. Build a Viking Team and win the UCL.

  22. At the rate his growing at the higher he goes the more G/A contributions required for you to improve him. Try increasing the requirement for using your points to every 25 G/A contributions now since he’s at PL level now. This will reflect more realistic growth.

  23. Try and reflect his maturity and growth through his appearance by constantly updating it. Perhaps a little more mass and body size, and if that’s not possible loosen his Jersey, it’s too tight.

  24. Also the higher you go and the better you become, increase the match difficulty because you need to challenge yourself and CR jr needs to prove himself , but you also run the risk of making the game too easy if you dont.

  25. Hey cani I love this series in between the episodes I think you should do rebuild of Middlesbrough as I think they could be better

  26. Hey Cani, why don’t you rebuild Leicester, City because because they have been doing so badly this season, all I can recall is the win against Manchester United

  27. Mabye try putting some more shots into the bottom corner I swear every shot when your 1 on 1 goes top corner 😂 also when your running down the wing cross it normally a bit more

  28. Cani will you be playing his full career or will you play until a certain achievement like getting a 90ovr or winning a ucl?

  29. anyone else thinks Cristiano has to be as tall as his father. Because that is usualy what happens. like so Cani sees this

  30. You can change your boots but you’ll have to go back to the Position tab to make sure you keep the same position and won’t reset your manager rating.

  31. Cani, if it’s anything like fifa 21 career mode, Kai and thiago ain’t going anywhere and will be stuck at their starting club

  32. Hey Cani!

    I would love to see you doing a career mode when you create your own club and is only allowed to use players from one region in the world. For example a club with only african players or a club with only scandinavian players. Ofc the ultimate goal is to win the CL or get in the top of the big leagues. That would be awesome and a big challange.

    Love your work! Keep it up!

  33. By the way cani. Once you get to level 25 you can’t upgrade your player anymore. So I don’t think you will get cristiano much higher than a 82/83 rating

  34. I recommend upping your rating when you get 5 goals, since you are in the Prem, originally you won t be scoring that much and you would be stuck with low overall, for example you would get around 82-83 at the end of this season, after that you wont really make anything more special than Prem, since Prem is the hardest, if you already win here, going to Ligue 1 or La Liga would be boring with low overall, i think getting around 84-85 overall in the end would be more realistic for Ronaldo Jr. After that you can either go to a huge club wich will play you out of a sub, or stay on teams like Arsenal, Leipzig, As Monaco, or even the likes of Real Sociedad/Sevilla, i think any of those teams would make a beautiful season of Cristiano Jr. Not boring since noone actually goes to 3rd/4th/5th teams and would make a perfect Europa League winner out of that.

  35. Hey Cani greetings from South Africa I was wondering maybe, why don’t you do a creat a club series as you’ll care very much for the club as you do cr7jr

  36. for fun I think you can improve pens and free kicks or get a certain archetype that makes you captain (I think) its unrealistic sikce he’s only 19 but you could always improve jumping and heading if you dont want the ovr to increase too much

  37. cani do a road to glory like leyton orient along with this cristiano jr. series as leyton orient one is still one to my heart

  38. Cani, I would suggest to choose RSC Anderlecht to rebuild, because they have not won a title in the last 5 years, while there is a lot of quality in the team and many young players with great potential.

  39. 1.Cani make a team win UCL with only regens
    2.this time only with the youth academy products and scouting

    I know it’s very hard task but it’s one of my long-term wish😌

  40. Nice video Cani, can’t wait when Norwich vs Manchester United… It will be Dad vs Son battle… Will be interesting

  41. cani, if you are planning to do a new club carrere mode and don’t know a club yet try dortmund 2 or freiburg 2 they both play in the 3rd divison of germany

  42. hey cani if you see this please do a series where you create a 99 overall player and try to beat ronaldo and messi stats as a challenge …thank you bro

  43. Cani for once stop being selfish and don’t call for the ball when the corner kick happens just to shoot outside from the box like you do over and over.. Let the ball come to you eventually after the corner kick also if you are playing mid or any other position plzz play as what that position player has to do don’t go for a goal every time from the midfield

  44. What about you do a career mode in between as well or instead like a Newcastle career mode with the takeover or a Barcelona career mode because of thier position and you could have restrictions and stuff

  45. Cani why don’t you do a rebuild with Oldham Athletic? They were one of the founding members of the Premier League but now find themselves in League 2

  46. Cani if you change your boots you’ll get a different Position but you can change that back and then still have the new boots and your manager rating will back to where it was before, it has happened to me!

  47. You have to do the training so you can become a starter. And you can just simulate them and It’ll actually give you more manager points 👍🏾

  48. (story comment) Cani. Dimitris Giannoulis( norwich current lb ) and Kostas Tsimikas ( liverpools lb) were playing against each other in the greek super league in one of the biggest rivalries in the greek league ( PAOK against OLYMPIACOS ) and now they are meeting each other in the prem! Like so Cani can see !

  49. mate now since you play in the cm position you need to make sure you need to get that defending up… jr has 36 defending and that is not helping him in the RCM position

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