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  1. Really looking forward to this series to start Matt! This could be one of your best ever career modes like the Sunderland and Portsmouth ones!
    Also when it comes to near the end of of the FIFA 20 cycle you should load the Sunderland Cm again and try to win the treble!

  2. Nice I love the masters fc and can u create a player called Killian mcgivney as that was my brothers name who lossed his life at 3 days old and I’m named after him

  3. I’m sorry but MasterBucks allowed all of his subscribers to have a say in his career mode. I find it stupid that we can only have a say if we pay to do so. Are you not going to look at comments or tweets to help you make decisions?

  4. Sorry Matt i would donate but my parents are not making much money right now but I’ll give it through the comments you are my fav youtuber ever keep up the great work

  5. Really enjoying the content , taking tips for my career mode series on my channel
    Can’t wait for the first one 🤟🏽

  6. Matt, I’m sorry but I think £50 is abit too much, for me at least. I’d think It would have been better if it was £25 or even £30.

  7. sign santi mina hes been pretty good and sign rafa silva hes very underrated. both of them arent common players and i think giving them a try would be good

  8. Never been a fan of career mode
    But I’ve been a fan of your series for so long there’s so much to them, you immerse us into your series so well. Can only imagine how great this is going to be

    • You don’t have to pay. If you can pay, and have no problem with paying, then you can if you want. No-one is forcing anyone to pay.

    • Did you not hear what he said?? He’s not even earing a third of what he makes normally have some symthany

  9. I’m sorry to hear your problems matt,
    Me too wanted to help but myself kind of getting the same problem as you.
    I’ll make sure t watch your videos without ad blocker tho

  10. You should also put the Sunderland team in your career mode playing against McKinley and others

    Like so he can see

  11. Matt u should do a twitter account for the club where there will be polls etc. So everyone watching can contribute

  12. I wish i could buy thr tier but since im in south africa with our economy being sooo bad it is my full bank account to get it😪

  13. I cant donate, but I would love to be in on this project. So I really hope this goes far. Also I think that I can make the social media account for the team. I can run it and everybody can get in on it and it’ll be really fun. Alright, see ya later!

  14. Remove Stevenage, they are bottom of League 2 and will most likely go down also on fifa they usually aren’t that great in simulation on fifa they do not do too well

  15. Matt ur main colorway should be white and red. Like Arsenal has, and so does the badge etc. So the main colors are white and red

  16. This feature is in other sports games like NHL regularly without mods so I don’t see why it’s not in fifa

  17. dont feel bad matt, we understand you have a family, i’ll be supporting you through these tough times.

  18. I would sub to your stream but at the moment u dont stream enough mate.. Good to see a new series hope this goes well
    With your creativity it should go well

  19. Matt I’m a big fan, so i will definitely be apart of your midfield. I’m a semipro footballer as well, so it kinda makes sense for me. Keep up the good work bud ❤️

  20. Hey matt I am only 15 so can’t do the Patreon but please just for the nostalgia put Mackinely in to the team. Even if I cannot get into the team please put mackinely in.

  21. Omg i can imagine myself in Fifa😂 Good luck though with the series Matt desperate for that starting 11 but how will you decide the stats? I’m considering the 50 Quid patron

  22. Fam this guy should have 1mill subs he is so good and one of my favourite YouTubers keep up the good work

  23. Hi Matt may I pls be in your team I am a subscriber from when I was 5 and u r my fav youtube ever, can I pls be your CAM

  24. Love this idea Matt, don’t feel bad for asking for money mate. It’s your job. Great idea to add fans. Keep it up mate. I wish i could give you 50 quid and be a left back but unfortunately i can’t. Loving it none the less

  25. All the best Matt- I’d donate but I can’t at the moment. I’ll watch every vid tho I’ll do what I can! Been here for around 8 years now

  26. I saw a comment a while ago saying at the end of ur RTG series u should do a “Where Are They Now” with every player u had in the first 1 or 2 seasons, I’m sure everyone would LOVE to see that and u should really consider it, it’s not to late!

  27. Hey Matt Ur my fav youtuber it would be great if I could be a player for Ur career mode… I’m an arsenal fan and IM A STRIKER, RIGHT FOOTED, 17 YEARS OLD, 5ft 7, IM QUICK BUT WEAK AND MY NAMES DANIEL BOOTH… IM SORRY I CANT DONATE IM KINDA BROKE WRIGHT NOW…

  28. Idea here: for the people who pay for that ultimate subscription, you should allow them to chose one or two stats that they are better at than the rest
    For example; someone who wants the striker role they can have a better stat at shooting
    Feel like this would be a good idea to give that lil bit extra to the people who pay that much

  29. I hope you get to see this. Am a huge arsenal fan. Been one since 4years. I hope I can get my player to be in the series. I don’t have money to donate cause I have spondylosis. You make me happy. Am a Nigerian

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