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52 thoughts on “DEDICATING THIS EPISODE TO A VIEWER!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG Ep7”

  1. Just some tips on getting the best out of Jack Roles.
    1.he’s great in a 3 as the number 10
    2. If you want to keep your formation set him to “get forward”
    3. Try him on the wing setting him to “come short” so you can make use of his technical ability.
    4. This is a personal one, but I would love if you trained his free kicks, since he’s quite decent at them in real life.
    Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Ches. Just want to say thanks for ur hard work in keeping us entertained. Ur the only youtuber I know who has an upload schedule and constantly sticks to it know matter what. Loving the series so far keep up the good work!!

  3. Please take a look at Ro-Shaun Williams!! 6’2 CB, quick and strong and only young being 20/21 to start with, obviously not now but maybe when u get into League 1 and if u have the funds if not wait until the Championship! He’ll be solid for years to come especially with dynamic potential but at least take a look and see you’ll at least take him into consideration plus he has a game face and came through the Man U youth ranks but currently plays for Shrewbsbury

  4. Ches if you want to get the best out of Jack Roles and make him your playmaker in midfield I’d switch formation to a 4-2-3-1 starting Roles just behind the striker in that CAM role. this is because in one of your Chelsea saves ( and I’m sure in others as well) you said that you like the 4-2-3-1 and that it’s your preferred formation.( I’m not sure wether that’s remains the case however) please please please like this so Ches sees it because if you want Roles to stay a mainstay in this series playing him in a CAM role is essential, as a box to box role as a flat Centre midfielder doesn’t suit him. ( Don’t worry ches just realized you mentioned that was your long term plan later in the video)

  5. Chris should give number 13 to his backup GK because number 1 & 13 is the numbers for GK (I hope that Chris going to see this comment)

  6. Ches. You need to do everything in your power to convince him to sign full time at the club. The NRE needs you 💛

  7. Play Roles as LM and change his instructions to free roam…hes unbelievable there!!!! that way you can get roles and conceicao in same team and will have a lot of creativity!!

  8. 13:33 dont you ever point that finger at me like that again m8.. it’s a BAD gesture 😂😂😂😂

  9. Fair play to jack that’s class, really hope he stays in the squad for the series, could he be the hero of the career???

  10. Jack roles should tell or show the rest of the players the channel and get them to subscribe as how great would it be for a life long Cambridge fan to have some more or most of the squad watching the channel and showing support. Maybe also put a real face on him using mods as a thank you for his support. Great work anyway loving this RTG 👊🏽

  11. Could we have a video explaining how you’ve added the realistic advertising hoardings? I’ve been looking for a while to no avail

  12. Great invincible episode, Ches.
    However, the playoff spot’s not in the bag yet. This is just February in the season.
    Remember to break Brown in some matches when he reaches 60.
    And I think you should also start training the young LB so that you can start using him next season.

  13. People stayed up till midnight waiting for Ches Upload…..
    I dont have that stress because I live in South Africa and its 4PM over here so I can be fresh for some CHESNOID MAGIC!

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