EARN THOUSANDS OF COINS EVERY DAY on FIFA 20 using the FUTMillionaire Autobuyer and Autobidder

How Ultimate Trading Robot Works
EARN THOUSANDS OF COINS EVERY DAY on FIFA 20 using the FUTMillionaire Autobuyer and Autobidder

FUTMillionaire Trading Center for FIFA 20 – sign up today here:

The most POWERFUl trading App EVER released by FIFA.

The FUTMillionaire App will allow you to make the millions of coins needed to buy a full in-form team and crush the FUT Weekend League with the best players in FIFA, like an in-form Ronaldo or Messi, literally in a couple of weeks of trading.


Make real money by selling the coins you make to other players on FUTEXCHANGE.COM , the new site that’s like the Ebay for FIFA coins, where you get paid much more for your coins.

There are now FUTMillionaire members selling their coins on FUTEXHANGE.COMand making over $1000 per week , REAL MONEY.

All of these coins will be made by the FUTMillionaire App completely on AUTOPILOT.

This latest version of FUTMillionaire is by far the most POWERFUL released so far and is making some members over 300,000 FIFA coins PER DAY trading in the FIFA Ultimate Team market.

Easy and quick to set up – anyone can do it.

All you need is a FIFA account, a windows or MAC computer and an internet connection!


The FUTMillionaire Autobuyer picks up cards with ‘BUY NOW’ and is good for sniping players as they are placed in the market in the 59th minute.

While the Autobuyer is REALLY good, it’s the AUTOBIDDER that is the best trading tool EVER for FIFA.

The AUTOBIDDER is so incredibly powerful that it has allowed players worth 50k coins for under 15k coins in FIFA 20!

The AUTOBIDDER module works by bidding for items and preying at the end of each auction, gradually incrementing bids when you get outbid, and winning bidding wars like if it were a real player.

FUTMillionaire does everything for you. All you need to do is insert the players or consumables you want to trade, choose the percentage which you want to get, and the hard part is DONE!

Then all you need to do is simply click the update price button to bring prices up to date, then click start and THAT’S IT!

FUTMillionaire will now trade on your behalf 24/7, adjusting itself automatically to market prices.

This means that while you are at work or school, or even sleeping, the program will still be trading, MAKING COINS FOR YOU!


It updates prices live on the market automatically every few minutes for you to make sure you are buying and selling prices that are always in line with real market prices.


Find a list of recommended players and consumables to trade that are already picked by the FUTMillionaire team so you will always know which players to buy.

Watch trading tutorial videos and step by step guides, and the BEST coin making methods on the market right now.

Everything you need to be a pro trader and start making millions of coins in the FIFA market. GET STARTED TODAY

You will never go out of items to trade.

Not everyone has rich parents who can afford to buy packs EVERY DAY until they have a kick-ass team.

Most of us don’t have the 3-4 hours a day to trade manually.

FUTMillionaire lets players sit back and relax while their program makes coins for them to build their DREAM TEAM.

EVERYONE deserves the chance to have a GREAT team in FIFA, regardless of how poor they may be and how little free time they have.

Some people even make an extra income selling their FIFA coins!

To get the FUTMIllionaire Trading Program to where it is now wasn’t cheap, new versions are released sometimes several times a month to keep making the App better and even more profitable.

That’s why there is a very small fee when you join, so FUTMillionaire can keep improving the program for every one of its users.

If YOU want to become a PRO TRADER yourself, maybe make MILLIONS of coins per week, so you can sell them and get PAID to play FIFA, sign up NOW by clicking here

There is a 60 day test drive offer – if you do not make any coins with it, you get all of your money back.

To buy FIFA 20:

To buy FIFA Ultimate Team – 4600 FIFA points DLC. go to

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