130 thoughts on “EASTER EVENT IS HERE FIFA MOBILE 20 !?”

  1. Hey guys i really need an active and good league, i could get Zidane a long time ago if it wasn’t because of league tournaments, im 111/190.
    I don’t wanna join in one league that puts 105 ovr playin against 113ovr rivals

  2. Futminer: Easter update comming out
    Me:oh shoot when!
    Futminer: we don’t know yet
    Me:shoot man dang now I can’t wait !

    • U are funny , EA don’t give a f*** 4us they like people who feed them and spend a lots of money not to give something cheaper! Bro u know what! Easy to play and win when they have money to spend not to build a team with hard work 😉
      All my RESPECT for people who make his team with hard work !!!!!!

    • @Laci Kote I made a team of 100 ovr and 140 chemistry. On tenth April my new account playing will get over…..

  3. 82 overal valskis we need more eastern european players becuse easter is verry big in eastern european countreys like lithuania ,latvia or estonia

  4. I sayd i will never make sbc for icons.But today i make rui costa complety free.I get so much 80+ players who i wanted to sell when new icons come..

  5. Me:i have a very good player and fut miner doesn’t have him😎next day:fut miner uploads a video and update the player to 100 me:ah shit herr we go again😂😂

  6. EA: delete futminers account
    Futminers: Made a New account alr rich
    EA: Here we go again…
    Futminers: Don’t Try me

  7. every persons team after the event: INTER MILAN HERE,INTER MILAN THERE,INTER MILAN EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I will give you an advice: in my opinion,for 2 cbs get: blr akanji and blr elvedi,train elvedi to 90ovr,and ur defence work is all done, i didnt say tht u must use the duo,but ive given u a lil advice.

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