ENGLAND DEBUT!! – FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/Storylines EP8

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ENGLAND DEBUT!! – FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/Storylines EP8

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237 thoughts on “ENGLAND DEBUT!! – FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/Storylines EP8”

  1. When FIFA 20 is over make a compilation of the best moments across all of your career modes for the love of god please see me

  2. Why is the england debut early and kyle roberts is growing after every episode so just start a new manager career mode

  3. while playing for england i think you should have a defensive prescence and try helping in defending as you are playling at CM

  4. As your rating has gone up so fast I recommend for some training sessions skip them because it’s a bit unrealistic.

  5. Love your videos and have been loving you but never got a like or a heart maybe today is a lucky charm…
    And even have a small gaming YouTube channel dedicated to you so please check it out by tapping on my profile picture…

  6. S2g plz dont do BVB carrer mode u have done it before in fofa 19 do leverkusen or bayerin munich please

  7. PCQ: Skip some of the training sessions because your already 80 rated and 16. It’s unrealistic

  8. You need to calm down with the training Roberts is growing too fast no 16 year old is 80 rated seems a tad unrealistic

  9. Not gonna lie the story is pretty bland and being 80 rated at 16 despite multiple average and below average performances is kinda retarded

  10. once roberts improves his finishing change his position to right wing or a center forward making him follow messi’s footsteps

  11. I hope you realize that as a CAM in a 4-3-1-2 you don’t need to defend that deep as long as the other midfielders can hit you with a pass easily and you can easily get the ball to the strikers you’re in a good position. You’re wasting his stamina so you’re less effective in attack

  12. when you were simming the match against cote ivoire roberts was playing you can see numbe 30 roberts look 7:49

  13. S2g kyle roberts is 16 but 81 rated in comparison felix is 20 and 80 rated and he is a fine prospect kyle roberts rating is unrealistic man.

  14. Please change his haircut…for god’s sakeeeeee….I hate itttt… doesn’t look good at him at alllllllll!!!!

  15. 7:59 s2g says Roberts is not starting the 2nd England game but the lineup shows he is playing.

    Like if you noticed it

  16. Great Video. But the intro song wasn’t that good. The one you used for previous episodes was brilliant.

  17. PCQ: Will you continue with your Ac Milan or Man UTD career later on or are you going to create a new one, if you do so do it with storylines

  18. i like the career and all but why didint you play for ireland or some team like that and try and win the world cup

  19. Roberts: CAM
    Goals: 0
    On Target: 3
    Assists: 1
    Completed Passes: 67
    Key Passes: 7
    Successful Crosses: 0
    Key Dribbles: 2
    Games: 3
    Goals/Game: 0
    On Target/Game: 1
    Assists/Game: 1/3
    Completed Passes/Game: 67/3
    Key Passes/Game: 7/3
    Successful Crosses/Game: 0
    Key Dribbles/Game: 2/3
    Total Rating: 80/3

  20. You should purposely qualify for the UEFA Europa League and try to win that because you aren’t winning the UCL

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