EPIC Full JAPAN team in Fifa Mobile 20! EXTREME SBC – Expensive Players

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EPIC Full JAPAN team in Fifa Mobile 20! EXTREME SBC – Expensive Players

It’s Tuesday and that can mean only 1 thing. Its time for another epic squad builder challenge in Fifa Mobile 20. This time we built the best Japan team in fifa mobile 20. It’s the best team full of Japanese players. This is the best and the most expensive Full Japan squad ever. I will try to write that in Japanese. 全日本チーム. Well, I tried, if this is not correct blame google translate.
Full Japan team wasn’t cheap at all. I paid over 55M coins just for 2 players. In total, I spent over 65M coins on this insane full Japan team. This hasn’t been done before. We are doing the biggest and most expensive challenges in fifa mobile history. Sky is the limit. If you can dream it – I can build it. I read all your comments and build the most expensive and epic squads in fifa mobile 20.
Before we totally focus on this video, here are some other Full National squads in Fifa Mobile 20:

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Full USA team (This one was over 150M COINS)

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And we are gonna add a full Japan team to that collection. Tell me what Nation should I build next.
Anyway, for this full Japan squad, I used 433 Attack formation. I found the best Japan players in fifa mobile 20 and I put them in Perfect Full Japan team. This full Japan team in the first in Fifa Mobile 20. And most important – is the best and the most expensive Japan squad in fifa mobile history. Nobody has done this before.
Player like 100 RW Kubo and 99 RB Tomiyasu are extremely expensive, but we bought them. We manage to build 115 ovr full Japan team. The best players from Japan needs to be there. In fifa mobile 20 there are a lot of Japanese players, because of the golden week event.
After we build EPIC Full Japan team in fifa mobile 20, it was time to test them. I played game in TOTS and 1 VSA Match. They were amazing! I manage to win against 4 ovr better opponent in VSA.
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277 thoughts on “EPIC Full JAPAN team in Fifa Mobile 20! EXTREME SBC – Expensive Players”

  1. Full Japan team, brought to you by Golden Week.

    (Imo, I like the potm, at first I was disappointed, but he is absolutely 🔥)

  2. Should I claim community tots pique and sell him now if I can or wait to get enough points for vardy and sell?

  3. Next full national team 🇬🇷🇬🇷 love u man u are the best f2p! 🔥
    P.S. please answer me at insta 😭💙💙

  4. Yo I really want to get zidane but the problem is getting h2h masters.Im 115 over 190 chem.Whats the best ways to get masters.Bte love the vid.Ben her since 600 subs

  5. Next Nation should be Senegal pease 👨🏿‍✈️👨🏿‍✈️⚰👨🏿‍✈️👨🏿‍✈️ 🙏🏾

  6. Full Belgium team please and that Daramy guy is not good for H2H.. he only has 68 curve and usally in H2H you finesse alot so..

  7. i saw your team, it is 135ovr already!!!! Will you start a series “road to 145″XDXD

    btw nice vido bro, you are definitely the best F2P player in the world!!!!Also better than many heavy P2P players!!!!!!!!keep going

  8. New potm is bullshit i thought that they will add a new cm like pogba or kante not this player shm😭😭😭😡

  9. Smart squad builder after golden week! Cheap for u!!! :))))

    Nice video man, keep up the cool vids!

    Also thanks for POTM tips (I beat 114 OVR while I am 101)!!!

  10. you are always thinking how to spend money and i am always thinking how to earn money XDXD your channel really helps me a lot

  11. Please use utoty Ronaldo for new St ……or totssf auba….and the best non prime lb is Robertson and rb wan…so please replace….

  12. I’m surprised from your amazing contents bro, you spend your coins for our requests, you’re just amazing🔥😍. Please can you build an Italy squad please?

  13. Hello,I have 10 million budget and I want 2 defenders and 1 gk.Please give me a suggestion.I want beast.I can high this budget like 11 million.Please🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. Nice squad it looks on 🔥🇯🇵⚽️🥅👍👍👍Everyone give a like to Rango if you are watching the video

  15. I lost all my progress in the game😒😒😒 all my coins, tots, kits the whole lot gone

    I haven’t won a single potm tournament game because my team is 73 rated

  16. Can you make a video on 5 things we need in fifa mobile:
    1. Position changing
    2. Custom celebrations
    3. A way you can sort the order of the market (by: rating, price, time left)

    And you’re the expert those are just the things I wanna see

  17. Bro love this you so good in fifa man i a so happy for you please i wanna see a zimbabwean team next plz reply i am a big fan of you man your a legend i can repeat that your a legend

  18. I went f2p 120. No investment, nothing. Just sell and buy. Next SBC Argentina….. Just a doubt , I pulled Felipe Anderson second try. I posted him for 8 Milli . If I get that money what should I do?

  19. I have all these players except Kubo 100 rw rest I also have a full Japanese squad.
    The team is really good though all the players and kamada cam is really good.
    Doan Rm is also a great card.
    Even goalkeeper if upgraded to 95+ becomes deadly as he is 6’5.

  20. Bro I m dissappointed from the potm. I want bruno Fernandez with long shots boost because I can’t tt bruno. I don’t have enough coins and the icons refresh in the midnight. Tell me plz what I have to do to make coins. Love you bro. You are the best f2p. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  21. 4:15 Do Italian one. There are great cards from Italy: Immobile 97, Chiesa 97, Chiellini 95 and many more….!!!!

  22. Hey RanGo, I have a question.
    Should I claim the POTM or save the points? (As I am not sure if there will be another POTM)
    Btw love your videos. 😁😁

  23. Man your just amazing. You have the best F2P team possible you do these amazing SBC where you waste Millions of coins just for this and your vids have an amazing feel.

  24. I will say 4 things : what I think about this video, what I think about your last video, what I think about your team, and what I think about you. 1. This squad is amazing and I love the colors in it. 2. Have you subscribed yet? If not, please do. He planned to get Courtois, Van Dijk, and De Bruyne. We don’t want to miss him getting those gods don’t we? 3. Auba is amazing 😉 but that finishing boost is not that good. Get CR7 and Vardy and switch your formation to 41212. 4. You are the best F2P player in the world 🌎 and together we can conquer the game.

  25. Rango you should videos about the market and all. Not only about squad building challenges. Do more videos of team upgrades,coin makimg ways etc.

  26. what would the 98’s and 99’s cost after totssf.. actually i want an all real madrid defense and want varane for it ..so plz suggest
    btw you are lit bro

  27. can you do another “how to make coins” video….cause sbc required players are not rising after i buy them…not at all

  28. Rango; Guys i uploaded a new vid
    Me; Yes
    Rango building japan team in the middle when he did not have the striker
    That 87 rated card from japan:Are you serious rango i
    That 87 rated card from japan:I am much better than him
    Kubo 91ovr; I have 4 more rating than you B$%&£

  29. I am really disappointed because Daramy the 55ovr player is now 95ovr * if i got it i will sell him in market

  30. Rango, I believe you are from Slovenia so do you mind making a really unique ex-country team like Yugoslavia?
    It will be so nice to see a team that consists of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia players:)

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