EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL SPECIAL!! FIFA 20 | Leeds United Career Mode S7 Ep18

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EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL SPECIAL!! FIFA 20 | Leeds United Career Mode S7 Ep18

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89 thoughts on “EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL SPECIAL!! FIFA 20 | Leeds United Career Mode S7 Ep18”

  1. Day 3 of saying this and I will continue until you stop using the scammers mod and that you realise that you are unintentionally doing something illegal. Stop using FIFER’s realism mod, the mod is a scam and endorsing a scam from a minor is illegal. I recommend you stop using his mod immediately and instead you use Paul’s realism mod, if you are interested in what happened go search up FIFA Infinity on Twitter and there should be a thread regarding the scam. This is very important from both a publicity and enjoyment perspective as his mod is very unrealistic anyway.

  2. Didn’t Athletico Madrid beat Leeds in the Super Cup? So ChesnoidGaming (Chris) please play the UEFA super cup and fa community shield in the champions league the only season. Atleast have a poll to finalize.

  3. I’d say 2-1 Leeds Bowen (el capitano) to win it probably someone random like Adams to get 1st don’t expect the second team to keep a clean sheet

  4. What happened to Engel
    And u could potentially get donnarumma as a back up goal keeper or a starting goalkeeper

  5. Ches and myself play fifa so differently. I tend to utilize my wide players a ton and play balls across the front of goal, while Ches progresses the ball through the middle and tries to walk it in, seemingly. Different strokes for different folks, however.

    • I play like you do also. Alot of people say that it isn’t possible to have success in FIFA 20 by playing a wide style of play and utilising crosses, but I disagree. If you set your team up to do so it works just fine. Fast wingers with high crossing skills, tall target man type centre forwards, and pacey fullbacks that can get the ball up the wings are the key. Personally I feel like his attack up the middle style is harder, especially against 5-at-the-back defences who just pack the box with defenders. But I do find it interesting to watch people use different play styles.

    • @Steve I too like a good tall cf with heading ability. Sometimes I’ll opt for a strong cf as well, someone who I use to poach goals. I just don’t have much success pinging it around the midfield like Ches does. I’d rather whip in some balls and retreat if need be lol

    • @Travis Williams see ST with good heading ability doesn’t work very well with how header are this games I sometimes like to rock 442 with big man little man partnership at top like
      Rooney and RVP or gotze and lewandolski of bvb 2013

  6. You should do a stream on twitch for season 8 and just do the champions league and start the Cambridge United rtg early

  7. Teams like Man City, and Liverpool for that matter, always run low on stamina because of their ultra aggressive play style. Many of the larger German clubs play this way too. If you watch the AI players the whole team are on full on sprint trying to close you down every time you are on the ball. The best way to beat them is to try to just soak up pressure the first half then play long balls and counters in the second half and exploit their lack of stamina.

  8. You definitely need another 80+ reserve CB as you’ll be simming a lot of matches.
    Just imagine you might cry when injuries hitting hard next season, especially in matches you need to play.
    Please remember to switch the team around during pre-season tournament. It’s not realistic at all to have the same starting 11 play it all and leave the reserve players out.
    In fact, you’re lucky that they didn’t pick up many injuries.

  9. Congrats on a hell of a season! Im not watching twitch….. so good luck on season 8 there bring the champions league home this time!

  10. I cant decide between fa cup and this so i keep exiting and leaving
    Then i keep
    Hearing hello again long time no see

  11. Ches in the Champions League final season, please play all major finals you get to (including Community Shield, Super Cup and premier league final day to lift trophy if you get there) it will make the final season a bit longer but hopefully you can lift every trophy

  12. I think the only position that needs a player is the cdm role in the first team so I would think probably u should sign sandro tonali or joshua kimmich (as back up)

  13. for the backup LB role sell atal and sign Chillwell or Alphonso Davies or Brandon Williams or Kieran Tierney depending on your choice and on how they have grown in ur save.

  14. You should make two huge signings, Sane and Gabriel Jesus or Sane and Mbappe? Sancho was too expensive and didn’t really produce enough to quantify his expense, trade him up for Sane and buy Mbappe to go along with Halland

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