Every Loss, I Release My Best Player! FIFA 20 Career Mode

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Every Loss, I Release My Best Player! FIFA 20 Career Mode

Every Loss, I Release My Best Player! FIFA 20 Career Mode

We are here to cause carnage in today’s FIFA 20 Career Mode challenge! Every time we lose a game with Chelsea we have to release our highest rated player! How will this affect Chelsea? Hope you enjoy!

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137 thoughts on “Every Loss, I Release My Best Player! FIFA 20 Career Mode”

  1. For your next rebuild, can you do sporting, because they haven’t even won the league in the last 20 years.

  2. I think he should have put Pedro in the reserves when he couldn’t release him because he shouldn’t be playable at that point of the video

  3. You should give the player to the team that beats you by offering a straight swap with a player with a far lower value

  4. look ima just say, i’ve been asking for the FCSB rebuild since the start of fifa 20 in almost every video, and still haven’t seen it in the channel….

  5. for your new rebuild can you do Southampton because they used to have a really good squad but they are battling for relegation now. They are also my favourite team. I liked and subbed aswell!

    • (After Arsenal Match) “ We’re trash now aren’t we “

      Another Quote, JarradHD, Oh man 2 in the Same day!

    • “ Censored By the QAA (Quote Authority Association) “

      Another Quote when is this guy stoppin’, God make Quotes illegal, Oh wait this one was Censored finally!

  6. You should turn this into a series but you should add some rules
    Once it becomes the 1st of January, you can sign players

  7. Imagine if United did this irl, Pereira and Jones would remain longer than Solskjaer let alone the whole squad

  8. Do Tottenham if you do this challenge again, because normally they only lose 1-4 games a season on fifa 20

  9. At one point I think Jarrad hd is going to quit the fulham due to the lack of videos posted of if I think he can be arsed

  10. Make the challenge a two season long episode and the main objective will be to avoid relegation ,will be great to watch

  11. The thing I like about Jarrad is that he is very creative with the videos on his main channel apart from rebuild

  12. maybe its the transfer nerd in me but id kind of like to see what happened to the released players at the end

  13. Jarred says ” last time played Chelsea we got battered”. Me” bruh you mean Arsenel u are Chelsea dude”

  14. Make this a new kind of rebuild, do this for a season and see how long it takes you to “recover” or win the league

  15. Do a series but when you do it you get to have a 5 minute timer to sign as many players as you can like so jarradhd can see

  16. You should go for another season and see if you can win the league or something. But in second season no more releasing players and you can sign whoever… btw as a Chelsea fan this hurt 😂💔

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