FIFA 20 | Career Mode | #207 | The Deal

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FIFA 20 | Career Mode | #207 | The Deal

I know quite a few of you weren’t best pleased with what I did with the financial takeover last year, so trying to amend it this year with something unique. I’M JUST TRYING TO KEEP EVERYONE HAPPY. IT’S NOT EASY. PLEASE BE UNDERSTANDING.


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40 thoughts on “FIFA 20 | Career Mode | #207 | The Deal”

  1. So glad you brought Walsh back, everyone who says don’t bring your heroes with you don’t understand this save and aren’t your long term followers

  2. Docks. Your so consistent and the vids are amazing. You said your boring but your one of the most exciting you tubers to watch.
    Love your channel

  3. 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️

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