FIFA 20 | Career Mode | #217 | END THE SERIES

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FIFA 20 | Career Mode | #217 | END THE SERIES

Spending the day playing through my Football Manager save, will have the brand new season up tomorrow afternoon. Cheers all! 👍🏻


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39 thoughts on “FIFA 20 | Career Mode | #217 | END THE SERIES”

  1. You should do a career mode where you take one of the main players from the series and make them a manager of a lower league team I think that’d be sick

  2. You already know they’re gonna be that one person who is like

    Disliked for using All Caps.Learn how to construct a title better, Shame on you

  3. Could you do a Wycombe career mode next? Not many people choose them and they have a good squad with some good younger players and some old players aswell and irl have had a great season

  4. Disliked for using all-caps in your title. Shame on you; do better. You’re as pathetic as Cani or AA9, those wastes of oxygen.

  5. Personally think it’s an issue with all difficulty levels unfortunately Docks, I play on World Class and I struggle against relegation fodder then going and beating Top 6 by 3 or 4 – I don’t have a strong squad yet there’s no challenge

  6. No bias to older series on your channel before but please go back back to racing Santander it was one of my favourite series of yours. if not could you do one where you put all of your ex career mode teams into one league and control an new one. And if not that either I’d like to see a return to the experiment but with some sliders added 😁😁

  7. Back to the Welsh roots (after the Cardiff FM) for the new serier RTG an go for Newport. Playoff finalists last year

  8. Lets go first freekick scored actually so happy for you.
    Tip: push the circle all the way above the goal the highest you can go and you can make it drop by flicking the left controller stick down then up and that is what i did and scored my first ever freekick with rashica.
    But i’m extremely happy for you!!!😁😁

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