FIFA 20 | Career Mode | #225 | Champions League Quarter Final v PSG

FIFA 20 | Career Mode | #225 | Champions League Quarter Final v PSG

Absolutely loving this sunshine… just a shame we can’t go anywhere! Next episode featuring the FA Cup Semi Final v Newcastle United out tomorrow, and a new Football Manager episode out tonight too. Cheers all! 👍🏻


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28 thoughts on “FIFA 20 | Career Mode | #225 | Champions League Quarter Final v PSG”

  1. Just a few episodes remaining this season, should wrap up the tenth campaign of the save on the weekend. Two and a quarter century of episodes made, just unreal. Thanks for the support as always. ❤️

  2. I don’t think dropping down to legendary would help. I have a CM with Bournemouth and I have the same problem. I struggle against “lower” teams but I beat Liverpool 6-0 in the FA cup final. Same problems I guess.

    • YC it’s cause counter attacks are really effective in FIFA and they tend work the best against attacking teams (which coincidentally are usually the big teams)

  3. Hope you’re doing well Jc. Been watching you for time and was looking out for this episode. You seemed down so hope everything is alright. More life💕

  4. Docks I’m finding the same issues playing at legendary difficulty, unfortunately it feels like it’s more about team tactics and less about the difficulty

  5. FYI, Legendary has the exact same problems gameplay wise, champions league too easy to progress in, big teams just rolling over, teams like wolves and Burnley turn up to your stadium and play you off the park if you’re not careful

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