FIFA 20 | Career Mode | #29 | January Transfer Window Opens!

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FIFA 20 | Career Mode | #29 | January Transfer Window Opens!

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32 thoughts on “FIFA 20 | Career Mode | #29 | January Transfer Window Opens!”

  1. Going for our fourth straight quadruple upload weekend! All we need is 1000 likes on this video to guarantee it, so let’s do it!!! 👍🏻

  2. at this point I would consider toning down injury severity because it’s a bit ridiculous, there’s been so many long term injuries it must be painful to see haha, just a thought

  3. Feeling sorry for huddersfield? I just finished my first season of my morecambe cm in the prem and sheffield united didn’t get a single point in 38 games.

  4. Sign Edouard from Celtic he will be a brilliant striker for you, fast, tall, strong and will not cost a lot

    Like for him to see this

  5. you should practice timing your penalties, you don’t even need to have timed finishing on and it it makes it soooo much more accurate especially with players who have a lower penalty stat

  6. In my Wigan career mode Sheffield United have been relegated and are struggling in mid table atm so just to let u no ur doing a good job

  7. Please train Tyler, the new PTBS prospect, as a striker, as his wr/sm’a are perfect and I’d like to see more youth players in the first team.

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