Fut Millionaire Review [My Review]

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In this Liverpool Career Mode we will be challenged by the new FIFA 20 gameplay.
The goal is to win the titles Liverpool have failed to win in the last season and create a squad that can live on as Legends forever!
Can Salah Firmino and Mane take us there? Lets see!


  1. I don’t know why but I am failing to believe you 🤣. Is it fixed by EA? If I buy it for console now I wouldn’t experience bugs?

  2. Cani You are so good in Fifa career mode and it`s so fun to watch you Because You know so Much about the players. Nice work

  3. when i sign players during June,aren’t they supposed to appear in my team on July 1st? In my case,they won’t appear until i sim some days(4th-5th of July). Is this a bug?

  4. For a backup/young talent in the team. Bring in Krepin Diatta he is Senegalese (same country as mane) and he has bags of pace and of course he is young. He will easily make a replacement for mane since he has left in the career mode. A fortfeit could even be made around him beating the amount of goals mane got in his first season or something like. I think this will be a very fun and good signing. Like so cani can see.

  5. I have an idea, I think that would help the career mode and more realistic, exemple: Messi at Barcelona, he never leaves if he doesn’t want to. I think you should you same type of things, you shouldn’t change your squad so easily. I also think you shouldn’t upgarde players as often you did in the Newcastle CM. You should upgrade them if they are blocked on a rating and they’re playing a higher than theg are or they’re just scoring Hat-Tricks each game or playing amazing defence or taking out goals almost each shot on target.

  6. 1.Get 25 clean sheets with allison season 100% tackle succes rate in every match with van dijk
    3.make firmino score 30+ goals and 5+assists

  7. #FanObjectives New Puskas? – Get 10 scorer points with Dominik Szoboszlai

    Forfeit – You have to read the longest hungarian word out loud what is: Megszentségteleníthetenségeskedéseitekért

  8. Ok hold up! Does anybody know a quality PC I can buy that runs games because I want a PC RIGHT NOW!!! Thanks for this Cani I need to save up for a PC!!!

  9. #FanObjectives
    ”The new Era”: get 15 assists from Dembele to Gnabry or the other way around.

    The forfeit for this one could be to do a Tik Tok dance video.

  10. #FanObjectives A man for the big moments- Score at least 3 match winning goals with Origi.

    Ps.I have already bought Fifa 20 on playstation, I can’t return it and I want it on PC now so badly. Somebody help, what am I gonna do!?

  11. I have a laptop but I download the demo and the game freezes and it is slow does that mean I shouldn’t buy it on of then I have windows 10 on dell

  12. #fanobjective
    Good investments
    Get 5 scorer points with all the players(5 per player) you buy this window. Go for 10 if you want more challenge.

  13. An idea for next career mode: Ajax youth project, where you have to sell each player that develops above 85 in the summer window. Like so Cani can see

  14. #FanObjectives

    Salah who
    Score 20 goals with Brewster
    Wear a Manchester city jersey and sing blue moon in a video

  15. #fanobjectives keep a clean sheet against the top 6 teams at home

    Forfeit should be go to watch a Liverpool game in a city shirt

  16. Sighn son you never sign him in your career modes and you can play Gnabry on the right and son on the left

    Like so Cani can see

  17. Get a better midfielder. Someone better than Allan. With this budget, you can easily afford some top talent like Isco or James who’d be a great fit !
    Like so Cani can see !

  18. I love your videos I really want to meet you
    But I hate that you are signing demebele because I am doing a Liverpool career mode and I signed him 😂😂
    I am telling you he is a superstar
    # fan objective New Ennis Bardi score 15 scorer points with Dani Olmo
    Like so Cani can see

  19. #FanObjectives beat liverpool’s most goals a season record or you have to put glass of sriracha in your mouth like so cani can see

  20. Hi Cani I’m about to start my fifa 20 lets play I’m just wondering do you have any tips for keeping a conversation going for the whole episode
    Love your vids KEEP GOING

  21. You are cheating, don’t lie, you are surely going to upgrade a lot of your players stats, wouldn’t be surprise if Van Dijk is 95 rated sometime soon, big fan but you messed up

  22. #fanobjective TheNextSalah- beat the salah”s goal record of 32 goals in premier league with ousman dembele

  23. #fanobjectives karius rebirth
    Keep 5 clean-sheets with karius
    Forfiet: drop Allison in the next seasons meryside derby away

  24. #Fan objectives
    Make naby keita the top assist in the league this season
    Like so Cani can see

  25. #FanObjectives
    “Make him A star”
    Bring dani olmo(or bruno if you sign him) 40 goals contribution
    👇Like so cani can see

  26. #FanObjectives
    “Break the curse” : Get a clean sheet in a match,in which you repeat over 20 times “clean sheet”.hahaha

  27. since you can edit players it would be better if you edited the player numbers of certain players elsewhere , like Salah who is nr 42 at barca

  28. #FanObjectives since you failed record breaker so badly last season try it again now that you have the mod. Like so cani can see.

  29. plz cani remove the music when the goal approch cauz it like sowling something u see like so cani can see sorry my bad english

  30. “French Destoyer”: Sign a French center back and get 5 clean sheets with him in the team.

    Forfeit: You have to get 3 eggs thrown onto you or hit 3 eggs onto yourself

  31. Bring back the myth the legend Enis bardhi miss him in the Liverpool kit

    Like so cani can see
    Also love your Vids

  32. Hey does anybody notice that cani tells us to vote at the top right corner but i dont see anything there..
    Like so cani can see

  33. First have a look at bernardo silva, then decide between him and bruno fernandes. Btw i want you yo sign one of them, but if you have money for that you can buy both of them cause allan is 30 or he is turning 30. Like so cani can see

  34. Cani what will do you think about the number 7, 10 and 11 shirt number as they are vacant after players left the club

  35. #FanObjectives be the top pl goal scorer with rhian brewster or at the end of the season you need to offer 100m transfer fee and buy mbaye diagne aka the worst striker ever for 10m.

  36. #FANOBJECTIVES the best attacking fullbacks in the world,do a combined 20 assists with Roberson And Arnold in a season.Like so cani can see plz

  37. #get 125 goal contributions with front 3 # forfit let biscuit make a video doing what he wants. Like so cani can see

  38. #FanObjectives Noisy neighbors. Avoid losing to Man united and Everton every time you play them. Forfeit for it sign 1 player from Man U and 1 from Everton and play them for 10 games

  39. #fanobjectiveforfit Van tastic make sure that no one dribbles past Virgil van Dijk all season. #forfit you must sell van dijk and by a 60 rated cb in play him for half of the next season.

  40. #fanobjective
    Get 2 clean sheet with the oldest goalkeeper that u buy for the forfeit of season 1( on fifa 19 2.0🤣🤣)

  41. #Fanobjectives
    ‘Back to Front’ Score 10 goals with defenders (LB, RB, CB)
    ‘Cani’s Clean Sheets’ Get Alison the Golden Glove
    ‘The new age’ Assist with Gnabry for a Dembele goal or the other way round
    ‘Corner taken quickly’ get 10 or more assists with Trent

  42. #fanobjectives
    Break mo salahs record of 32 goals in a single premier league season with any player

  43. #FanObjetcive
    “The new Salah”
    Reach Salah’s 2017-18 premier league goal record with Dembele
    Forfeit: dye your hair blue for Everton

  44. Fan objective
    “Dembele Greatness” Score 25 Goals/Assists In 1 Season (short term)
    Forfeit:Burn Your Liverpool Shirt

    “Who Needs Salah and mane” Score 100 goals with brewster In 3 seasons (long term)
    forfeit:Sing Blue moon for 5 hours

  45. #fanobjectives ”The Goat ” Break the record for the most goals scored in the prem with a player from the front 3 the punishment could be eat a ghost pepper

  46. #fanobejctives

    Score total 15 goals with centre back partnership combined.

    Forfeit for this

    -you play goalkeeper as striker and striker as a goalkeeper for 5 premier league games next season.

  47. #FanObjectives
    ”The next Salah” : Beat Salah’s most goals in premier league record with Dembele
    Forfeit: Either sell Dembele or Gnabry

  48. #FanObjective:
    Winning at least 80% of the games against big rivals.
    Wearing any big rival team’s jersey for one episode.

  49. #FansObjectives- Score 5 hattricks with Naby Keita in only premier league, if you fail this you have to write a song for Keita and sing to us as part of a YouTube video. The song has to last at least 5 minutes. You can name this objective “Naby In Charge”.

  50. You should buy Konate even though you bought lenglet . His qualuties are he’s over 80 pace 6’4 and strong like so cani can see

  51. #fansobjectives
    Make a milk shake food.carrot.smelly sock.cumin.tomato sauce
    You have to drink 1 full cup
    “The gold title”-go full premier league season undefeated

  52. Cani, its my birthday today, I turn 18. I love your vids and a birthday wish from you would be awesome 🙂 .

  53. Why not go for someone like King Kai Havertz instead of Bruno Fernandes, Better potential and is proven in a big league.

  54. Sell Gini W and then buy Bruno Fernandes sell gini so Olmo can get more playing time and grow. (Like so cani can see)

  55. Can you please change Dembele and Gnabry’s number to 10 and 11 respectively since they are Mane and Salah’s replacement?

  56. #FanObjectives : 17 for a reason
    Get Dani olmo to be the top assister in the premiere league
    # Forfeit : Buy Enis Bardhi and release him

  57. Bring in Xaver Schlager from Wolfsburg as a second team midfielder!! A lot of potential for him and a beast if a left foot

  58. Not fixed. How am I not able to find a black Brazilian player but when I scout Germany there are many black players? The Netherlands also not a single black guy. Ridiculously ridiculous.

  59. #fanobjective
    2 right foots: score 2 goals outside the box, one with the left, one with the right, and the same with a volley, finesse and a direct shot. (The name is kind of ironic because it says hes left footed in fifa🙃).

  60. no need for Bruni Fernandes just use Dani Olmo
    Score or assist 40 goals with Dani Olmo
    Like so Cani can see#
    Love your videos by the way, keep it up

  61. #fansobjectives
    You have to go with underwear to a walk for 10 minutes
    “The legit Robb”-find 1 realese clause bargain and sign him

  62. A 13 year old has managed to fixed career mode in a matter a weeks, meanwhile a billion dollar company are sitting on their arse doing fuck all.

  63. FIFER is amazing. Thanks for fixing career mode.

    EA should be ashamed of themselves


  64. #FanObjectives

    NO MAN LEFT BEHIND: Every Player in the Roster Gets Some Playing Time

    Forfeit: Sell a player who is vital for fulfilling a different objective

    Like so Cani can see

  65. Change gnabry and dembele’s number to 11 and 10
    And in real life do you think klopp should rotate the term a little bit more often and give the likes of ox keita origi lallana and shaqiri more chances
    Like so cani can see

  66. #fanobjectives Lower rated: score 30 goals in total with the two lowest rated players in your first team in any leagues.

  67. #fan objectives ‘enis bardhi version 2’
    Score 10 and assist 10 with Dani Olmo and forfeit should be 🍰 in the face and also change gnabry’s number to 10 like so can see

  68. In the season finale you said that icons are available in Mod, but in this video you said nothing about it, but if icons exist then you can do #fanobjective with a reward and not a forfeit like:Scotland past and present reach 7 scorrer points and 5 clean sheets until January and if You will succeed the will be bring Kenny Dalglish in January.

  69. #FanObjectives
    The next messi:score/assist with almada at least 10(in total or one of them your choise cani)

    Mo who?:break the record of mo salah in the epl when he scores 32 goals with some player

    France magic:score with dembele at least 10 goals

    P.S: like your career mode cani
    See you since your liverpool career mode at fifa 18

  70. Hey Cani do you use the right stick to do heavy touches if you don’t if you push the right stick the direction your running if your free it has heavy touches

  71. Change the kites numbers man it doesn’t look good bro
    Best partnership
    Get scores points withe

  72. is Fiffer not gonna try to make a mod on console (idk how that might work just asking) consoles users please like so cani would ask Fiffer

  73. #FanObjectives
    “The new MSN”: Scorer 65 scorer points with Dembele,Gnabry and Firmino

  74. Sucks you still have to buy a mod because the original creators didnt get it right the first time.. what a shame ea.

    If this 13 year old made his own game, I’d buy in a heart beat. #boycottfifa

  75. #FanObjectives
    The great wall of Liverpool
    Keep at least 15 clean sheets this season with any other keeper besides Alison
    Like so Cani can see..

  76. Serious now why does a 13 year old have to do what a billion dollar company should be doing? He’s doing it for free, he’s fking 13, if he can do what the fuck is the excuse from ea?? In under a month he sorted out mods to fix the games? Es sign this kid to a scholarship out him through uni and get him working at EA head of career mode

  77. #FanObjectives
    “Top of the big 6”
    dont lose a game against any team in the big 6
    (Arsenal,Man utd,Man city,Chelsea,Spurs)
    Like so Cani can see

  78. I’m just saying woodburn still looks like a great talent and he’s bossing it on loan and keep in mind how young he is and how much time he has to prove himself

  79. #FanObjectives | Care for the youth- make Van den berg and brewsters rating up by 3- forfeit- sell si senór (Bobby firmino)

  80. #fanobjectives
    “Future is bright”
    Score 15 goals with Brewster and haland where they assist each (Brewster assist for haland or the other way around)

  81. Two In Gujarati is be
    It is a new series
    Fifa 20 first episode
    Best mod ever
    Tried it. So good
    Btw sub to my channel
    Trick shots with KND

    “Crochet crochet” Get more more than 12 assists with dembele in the prem breaking his record at Dortmund 🐝

  83. #FanObjectives
    “New Faces”: Try to beat Mane, Salah, and Firmino’s goal record from your previous season with Gnabry, Firmino, and Ousmane.

  84. #FanObjectives Beat Petr Čech’s record for the most clean sheets in a single season with 24 with Alisson
    Like so Cani can see

  85. #FANOBJECTIVES Brazillian Brillians Get 35 Goal Contributions With Fabinho Firmino Allan Ext

    Forfit Sell One Of Them For 1 Pound

  86. Cani, you should change Gnabry’s hair to an afro now you have that editor like his real life hair! Like so Cani can see!

  87. #FanObjectives
    “Ambidextrous” : Score 5 goals with Dembele’s weak foot in the Premier League.

    Forfeit: Step on a pile of Legos for 10 seconds. 👍🏽😁

  88. #Fanobjectives Redbull Rampage get 25 scorer points with players from any Red bull teams like make sanbozlai (can’t spell it) and Keita good work Cani

  89. #FANOBJECTIVE Get allan to man of the match 5 times before the season ends FORFEIT: Jump into a lake or river on a really cold day

  90. #FanObjectives “Super Sub”
    Get 10 goals with any player as coming as a sub.
    Forfeit is that you have to drink a shake with random ingredients

  91. I think you should get Fernandes because he is a creative goal machine and wijnaldum did not show that last year

  92. Yo cani penalties are easier than u expect….aim firstly with the left analog stick to ur position and just shoot with the right amount of power u dont need to press shoot a second time for a timed finish….jus one time and it goes in works for me bro hope this helps

  93. #fanobjectives
    “VVD is a better striker than rashford” score 5 goals with VVD

    Forfit play VVD as a striker and Firmino at center back for 10 games

  94. #FanObjective.Zahas brother:score 5 el tornado goals with Ousmane dembele.I put zahas brother because of the Crystal Palace career mode.

  95. Hungary For Action – Get 15-20 scorer points with Dominik Szoboszlai and the forfeit would be to Naruto run around your mall will screaming “RASENGAN”

  96. Cani you should look into Kai Havertz as the replacement for Wijnaldum! He is young, very high rated and has a great ability to finish!

  97. #FanObjective

    Get 50 goals with your front 3
    Forfeit: release one at the end of the season… change the forfeit if u want its a pretty bad one

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