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Squad Update Features: Many Career Mode Gems from Ligue 1 receive a significant Potential Downgrade.

29 thoughts on “FIFA 20 CAREER MODE SQUAD UPDATE (22/04/20)”

  1. Ligue 1 downgrades are actually realistic, the only real big future talent is Camavinga, I, as a French watch a lot of Ligue 1 games and I always thought that some players like Tchouaméni or Zagré (and the others) were really too strong for their actual prospects.

  2. Thankfully I just started a career mode before this update so Camavinga and others can remain what they were lol. No idea why the need to downgrade players when football isn’t even happening right now

  3. Camavinga play 2000 min for first team, got downgrade. While other young players not even challenge the first team got higher potential. Smh

  4. I think EA Don’t rate French youngsters all of a sudden. No reason why a bunch of them got Potential downgrades

    • We usually see a large group of young players downgraded towards the end of the season.
      They usually do a league weekly.
      Mainly to make way for the new potentials in the new release of the next FIFA game.
      But this is way to early to be that. 😂

  5. Great vid again
    What is ea doing to the French youngsters
    They low key racist
    Have Ea ever watch aouchiche who the fuck is Doing this

    • The need to be 17 in Real Life before being eligible to be entered into the FIFPro Database.
      Personally I think it’s an outdated rule, but it’s been that way since we could download live updates.

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