FIFA 20 CAREER MODE SQUAD UPDATES (29/4/20 & 06/05/20)

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FIFA 20 CAREER MODE SQUAD UPDATES (29/4/20 & 06/05/20)

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A combined double Squad Update is now live on Consoles featuring: New Players and some Potential Variations for some Career Mode Gems.

30 thoughts on “FIFA 20 CAREER MODE SQUAD UPDATES (29/4/20 & 06/05/20)”

  1. Lewis Travis is such a solid player now, especially after they corrected his height to 6ft earlier in the year

  2. Genuinely can’t get my head around ethers downgrades as there’s no football but EA should spend the time doing this; on fixing the shite bugs and servers

  3. I don’t care how sad this is. I had such a terrible day yesterday and this day wasn’t improving but now this video had come out I’m on cloud nine. Thank you so much man you don’t understand how much this means to me.

  4. FCG: can you recommend me some regens to make? im gonna be doing a man united CM only want 2 or 3 thinking maybe a Vidic maybe a Ronaldo and possibly another

  5. I think this is FIFA/UEFA retaliation on French legue because they are first ones who canceled their league,it’s a big money lost for everyone,tv rights,etc…because of that UEFA was strongly recommended to every country that they must finish their championships.
    PS. Anyway most of French wonderkids were overpowered real life maybe they reach max 80 pot…

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