FIFA 20 – Liverpool vs. Atlético Madrid @ Anfield

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FIFA 20 – Liverpool vs. Atlético Madrid @ Anfield

Check out this brand new FIFA 20 gameplay of the UEFA Champions League by Beatdown Gaming on PS4. In this match Liverpool take on Atlético Madrid at Anfield!

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25 thoughts on “FIFA 20 – Liverpool vs. Atlético Madrid @ Anfield”

  1. EA SPORTS needs to patch this small bug which is the YNWA Music must be playing before the players entrance not after the UCL song which is not allowed by UEFA in real life , this must be done by EA SPORTS to make this awesome game even more realistic

  2. Despite these positives in FIFA 2020, there are still some mistakes …. For example, when you pass the ball, it looks like a balloon ball … really feels a sense of excessive lightness … and also there are irrational movements players while they have The ball and they go with it … there is a poor consistency between the player and the ball …. correct, there is a slight improvement for the game over the rest of the previous versions … it is better to focus on improving the gameplay in the future

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