FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #11 | Two New Signings!

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FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #11 | Two New Signings!


Really enjoyable episode to make, having so much fun with this Career Mode save already! Back tomorrow with the very next episode, and there’s a new Football Manager video out tonight too. Let’s keep the double upload days coming! 👍🏻


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63 thoughts on “FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #11 | Two New Signings!”

  1. Next episode out tomorrow… and it’s an unmissable one! Can’t wait for that big clash! New Football Manager video out tonight as well, let’s keep the double uploads coming! 💪🏻

  2. Can you expand on your comment about “stunting his physical stats” when talking about Mason Watson? Does training players stunt their physical stats growth?

  3. Next season you should look to bring in myron boadu as striker / mohammed ihattaren as cam those are two great young players with great pot

  4. Big fan of the channel, makes me want to start doing something similar to get me through lockdown. What do you use to edit videos? Thanks!

  5. You should like at rhinomhota if that’s how you spell it he’s a Reading CdM he is so good grows to 82+

  6. Look at possibly when you get to the first divison romario baro, fabio silva and also both tavares on benfica some very good players.

  7. Hola dock, te sigo desde México me gustaría saber como haces para que tus defensores se adelanten tanto.

  8. You should send a youth scout to search for goalkeepers to Italy or Germany as you can get real goalkeeping gems there are even though samba has been brilliant you should have an academy goalkeeper

  9. Bohemian’s in the Irish league have a song to the similar tune too, and they always chant it when they score. You should do a career with them someday and sing it whenever you score 😂

  10. I don’t know a lot about the players, whether they have favourite squad numbers, but can’t the goalkeeper be #1 and the right back #2? Especially the number 11 seams off to me. Really love this series! You’ve got a new sub!

    • Wouter Sipma cuz the right back Marty Cash used to be a winger so he never changed his number when he moved to RB and also the Samba keeper signed late in the transfer window in real life so he took the number 30 cuz we already had a number 1

  11. Try and sign Matty longstaff. Great youngster and possible replace for sow as he’s getting old and semedo is on loan

  12. Search for Ricky-jade jones… Player playing for Peterborough united 16 years old player with great potential for 350k only and he can play in all places forward

  13. Try and get Sam Lammers, he’s a 23 year old striker with 5 star weak foot and good physical stats. Might be good as a sub and you could maybe chuck him at left-mid if push comes to shove.

  14. Directly from 🇧🇷, love your videos bro. I can feel the passion and the involvement that you have with this cm, keep up with the good work!

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