FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #15 | The Rock

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FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #15 | The Rock

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33 thoughts on “FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #15 | The Rock”

  1. You know how there are just certain youth players you have in your save who you just KNOW are going to be the focal point? I knew that about Watson ever since he made his debut and scored the winning penalty in the shootout! Mason ‘The Rock’ Watson, we love you! 👊🏻❤️

  2. Next season I’d strongly recommend you sign Myron boadu, nuno Tavares , ryan gravenberch and Saka from arsenal

  3. when you are going down the wing with cash or lolley you shound’nt go for goal as the goalkeeper can easily save it instead cut it back

  4. could have passed it to the middle from loelley instead of taking a shot. not all near post finishes go in. if you can tap/walk it in why not do it? put in that early hard cross, cut it back, get the easy open goals instead of taking a chance near post, AI keepers are much better than player ones.

  5. For the start of next season could you consider getting billy Gilmour of Chelsea I got him I’m my forest career mode and he’s very underrated for how good he is

  6. Think that goal has earned a first team number for Watson, a reward for such a great string a performances and now after a poor one he responds with a goal! He deserves it.

  7. If this is a lockdown career mode you need to turn down crowd sound so it sounds like your playing behind closed doors

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