FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #2 | The Local Lad

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FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #2 | The Local Lad

Thankyou so much for all the fantastic support on the first episode, and all the transfer suggestions! Keep them coming in, as we’ve still got a couple more episodes before the summer window slams shut. Hope you enjoy today’s episode, much love guys! ❤️


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76 thoughts on “FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #2 | The Local Lad”

  1. Played for the junior team at 8 years old… ten years later, and the Nottingham born local lad is fulfilling a childhood dream! Really enjoying the start to the series and I hope you guys are enjoying the different presentation style, a bit quicker and faster paced than before. Have a fantastic Sunday guys, much love! And make sure you keep those transfer suggestions coming! ❤️

  2. I recommend Troy parrot because like me he is Irish 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 and docks maybe bring back face cam?? Loving the videos as always

  3. Take a look at Aberdeen’s 22year old striker Sam Cosgrove he’s strong tall and is reasonably quick as well as being around 71-73 rated

  4. Don’t forget about Alex mighten youngster in the reserves. He hasn’t got a face but has a great potential

  5. Sign Baluta from Brighton (I think he might be out on loan at the moment in the game) but he’s a young Romanian CDM who has a decent potential to start out with and with dynamic potential could grow into an proper solid player. Other players from Brighton to consider are Aaron Connolly (a young Irish striker) and Steven Alzate (a Colombian who can play in a lot of different positions and has a decent potential).

  6. Sign sancet from Bilbao. He starts at a 71 and has 85 potential. I saw someone get him to like a 90 something.

  7. Please look at Billy Gilmour. I think the only issue with him would be his wages being from Chelsea so he’s probably on a high wage. I got him up to 87 rated and obviously with dynamic potential and training he could go higher but he is such a good player on career mode

  8. Ben Osborn left for Sheffield United last summer, would be a nice signing bringing an academy graduate back to Nottingham – also Arvin Appiah was sold to UD Almeria, really talented winger who was an academy graduate

  9. By the way, your CB’s name is pronounced “Fig-where-doh” 🙂

    Class video as always though, should deffo give Yatesy more starts imo 🙂

  10. play riberio at LB he is quality and can easily get to 80+. Also would be good to keep the portugese core they have at forest- maybe sign baro for ST/wing

  11. When taking penalties, if you press shoot again as the player is about to kick the ball it could improve accuracy if you didn’t know already 🙂 great episode again!!

  12. Really lost interest in career mode, moved to fm but honestly idk how docks makes it so exciting to watch ngl

    • I think most of it comes off the fact he’ll play players based off how good they perform instead of just rating. Even the little things like giving the youngsters game time is fun to watch 🙂

  13. Yesterday, I read your comment saying and tomorrow will be the next episode. I jumped up with exitment and put on a ducky song. Dad came in and said wtf are you doing Sam? I was like. DOCKS DOCKS DOCKS DOCKS
    Edit: did you change travis number too 8?

  14. Really interesting career mode! Loving the faster paced style and especially the transfer policy you currently employ with young English talent!

  15. Sontje Hansen from Ajax can play anywhere along the front line will be cheap as chips he’s got 85 potential his starting rating is 64 he could play in cup games and so on also he’s got 4 star skills and 4 star weak foot like so docks can see!!

  16. Docks at this point sign the young Irish lads: Aaron Connolly, Adam Idah, Jason Molumby and Gavin Kilkenny. (Probably butchered the spellings) Connolly plays for Brighton, Idah plays for Norwich, Molumby plays for Millwall and Kilkenny playd for Bournmouth. If ye dont want to sign them at least have a look at them. Troy would probably want a few mates

  17. Ben Davies has been one of the Championship’s standout CBs and is left footed which isn’t too common – could recommend a number of Preston players but Davies is the most suited for how you play

  18. Could possibly bring in some experience in to the team with Michael Antonio, used to play for Forest and was great, could play striker and right mid, and I’m not seeing much activity from Lolley, could possibly drop him as a good sub and have Antonio starting if you sign him.

  19. Bring in Neco Williams, he can play left back and right back and can be a good backup for Matty Cash

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