FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #20 | We Need A New Striker!

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FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #20 | We Need A New Striker!

Don’t forget to vote in the poll guys; 5 excellent options but it’s your decision for which player we sign! Have a great day, next episode featuring transfer deadline day out tomorrow afternoon. 👍🏻

Also forgot about the poll for Saka’s number, I think we’ll keep it at 77 for now!


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81 thoughts on “FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #20 | We Need A New Striker!”

  1. I know quite a few of you really wanted Balotelli but I hope you understand my reasoning for taking him out of the list! We had him in FIFA 19 and I think he’s a bit out of our price range, so I think it’s better to go with a different player this season. Plus the five targets are all really interesting and other than Wilson I don’t think i’ve ever signed any of those in the poll! Make sure you vote in the top right guys, and we’ll make whoever wins the primary target to sign in the next episode. Cheers all, have a lovely afternoon, and we’ll be back tomorrow with transfer deadline day and Manchester United away! ❤️

  2. Please sign Edin Dzeko as he will bang in goals as a super sub and 15 million for an 82 rated player is cheap as cheap gets even with his age

  3. Sign Josh King, he’d be a really good backup. Also Bell hasn’t done much, I would start Grady down the left because I don’t think Bell is ready and he hasn’t been as impressive as Watson was
    Edit: wow I’m top comment thanks guys!

  4. Loving this series! I can already see it lasting for a long time on your channel. 
    Let’s get MASON to 90!

  5. Buy Jonathan David for backup striker from Canada and Nicholas Dominguez for holding midfielder they have got amazing potential their base rating are above 73 DAY 3 of sayin this

  6. Defo think you should keep an eye on Ryan Fraser as a potential singing, maybe see if his contract is expiring this year.

  7. Get Borja Bastón as a backup ST, because he gives you the route 1 option, and he’s a total opposite ST to Watkins

  8. We need more people to vote for Dzeko! An 82 rated striker for that price is amazing, he’s very experienced with the Leadership trait, and he’s a different option than what Docks has now (6 foot 4 and a 5 star weak foot). Come on Dzeko!

  9. Sign Danny ings, as a player off the bench he will provide that pace. He has got lots of prem experience as well

  10. Can you sign Miguel Macias, there is already a good Mexican striker In the Prem. Having another one wouldn’t be bad. He has decent potential too.

  11. Sign Dzeko, Watkins and King are very similar players. Dzeko would give this team an entirely new dimension in attack being 6’4 and very technical, could be a great bagsman.

  12. You could sign nmecha or Karlan grant, they were both great in th MGH career mode with Sunderland and I hink they would be great with you 1 of then

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