FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #22 | Youth Academy Stars

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FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #22 | Youth Academy Stars

Not afraid of the bright lights are they? MENTALLY STRONG YOUTH ACADEMY PLAYERS.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode guys! New Football Manager out tonight, and then another quadruple upload weekend coming your way beginning tomorrow morning. Cheers all! 👍🏻


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40 thoughts on “FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #22 | Youth Academy Stars”

  1. Jay, Marco and Mason… the future is very bright at The City Ground! Hope you’ve all had a great week, new Football Manager video tonight, and a quadruple upload weekend as always coming your way starting tomorrow morning. Cheers all! 👍🏻

    • Great video once again Jay.. Would you consider doing a Sheff Wed career as they were going for promotion a couple of years ago and were mid table before the stop of football. Would love to see it as I love Wednesday and I think it would be great getting them back into the premier once more.

    • play saka up front, use the other guy as your left back, saka potential is 89 and 90+ with dynamic potential he is a left sided attacking trust me he will provide you with goals

  2. I started a cm save with Derby, won the League and the FA cup. And somehow I got into the EL, is that possible ? I can’t remember if it is

  3. please don’t finish top 7 its just boring- i know it’s difficult with how badly lower league teams do in terms of points but please don’t finish top 7 or near it

  4. A draw against Liverpool with a 2nd season team from the championship is very respectable in my opinion, i wouldn’t take a look at sliders just yet

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