FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #25 | January Transfer Window Opens

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FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #25 | January Transfer Window Opens

I’m not totally sure who we’ll be bringing in this window as new signings, but right now I quite like the team as it is! I’m sure we might pick up one or two but yeah, if you have any suggestions let me know! Have a great day guys, next one out tomorrow featuring Wolves and Manchester United in the FA Cup and EFL Cup Semi Final! 👍🏻


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45 thoughts on “FIFA 20 | Lockdown Career Mode | #25 | January Transfer Window Opens”

  1. It’s a glorious day in the UK today, hopefully you’re all making the most of it! Have a lovely afternoon guys, new Football Manager tonight, next CM episode out tomorrow. 👍🏻

  2. Cut my exercise short to go and watch a meaningful series on YouTube, @docks keep it up😂😂👏👍

    -Keep OLAZA till he retires, what a swiss army knife🔥
    -Stay at Nottingham forest till the end.
    -Stay safe!!!!

  3. This pisses me of. How the hell can Jorghino keep up with Campbel???!l? One has like 90 and the other one 60 pace.

  4. Hey Docks! I recommend you Buffon, yes your heard me Buffon. Right now he’s costing £0 and he’s around 82-83. Could be a big improvement if you don’t like Samba or Darlow:) Keep up the good work!! Enjoying this series so much:))

  5. I don’t know what to do. Legendary is way to easy for me but Ultimate is so painfull to play on when I’m using a Championship side (Swansea). I have tried to use sliders on both legendary and Ultimate but it makes the gameplay even more unenjoyable and unplayable. Can anyone help?

  6. Please buy Jonathan David’s and Dominguez from Argentina could replace sow great potential above the rating of 73

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