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Welcome back to My Player Career Mode with Barry Barf, after not getting enough game time at Leeds United we’ve gone on loan to Sunderland till the end of the season.. I wish that you could see me now, I wish that you could see me know, hope that I’m making you proud, hope that I’m making yoooouuuu proud…. proud

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  1. I was literally rewatching the Macclesfield rtg and you uploaded

    Love to see you upload a bit more Barf, keep up the good work

    Edit: the haircut looks terrible btw

  2. It’s about time, in quarantine I can’t live without you. Ps you should play sometime in your career for Ajax they are so interesting in football.

  3. It’s 1:00 am here and before sleeping I wanted to watch something wonderful.
    And then Barfieboy uploads it.
    I’m not McDonald’s but I’m loving it.

  4. Aye barfie the man, you should stay at Leeds for a few seasons, maybe win them an fa cup, then move on to bigger and better things, eventually ending up at a massive european club, like real or barca

    • paul scholes ye ginger manc twat.
      ye ginger manc twat
      ye ginger nanc twaaat
      paul scholes ye ginger manc twat

    • I started to watch Sunderland til I die today, a great documentary series. I was also thinking about Barfie it would be amazing

  5. Always love the music you have playing in the background. The “Silent Alarm” album by Bloc Party is still amazing

  6. Barfie is the man. I have taken some features from his channel. He really inspired me to make my channel. This whole YouTube thing is outside my comfort zone but i decided to make one in the end. If you have feedback or tips comment them below. If you like my content don’t forget to subscribe and like

  7. Diving button combo exists in PES however I believe because of its existence the refs in PES are complete morons. Don’t give 100 percent fouls,and blow the whistle over silly contacts.

  8. Barfie we all want your videos in this quarantine. Mate you need to come up with another series pls bro. SOMETHING LIKE AN RTG WOULD DO IT. LIKE SO BARFIE CAN SEE.

  9. I feel like you should start controlling the team than just controlling Barfie Jr. You’ll give him more chances than the AI ever will.

    • @Adam Finnegan Yeah I get that but some of the things the AI do are just very questionable. Especially when asking for a ball and its delayed or doesnt do what it asked you to do. Idk that’s just my opinion mate.

  10. The game you were thinking about (1:40) is This Is Football 2004 or 2005 on the ps2. There was a button that would let your player dive

  11. Great video as always, love your vids. Can I ask how do you make your videos? I’d love to start making videos on fifa during this whole quarantine thing xD

  12. the “he was gorgeous” REFERENCE love it barfie !!!!!!!!! class video keep up the frequent uploads i love them, i get so excited when i see them pop up, post notifications on for SURE

  13. World Tour Soccer 2005 had a button that would dive if you had the ball and would jump slide tackle if you were on defense. Both were instant reds but it was so fun!

  14. I just got done rewatching Sir Barf the Goat career again during these harder times and what ya know ya dirty dog is back again!

  15. i think barfie needs to earn the right to have a good haircut, give him a skinhead shave until he makes a name for himself

  16. can you please do a season per episode because its gonna take a lot time with only less than half a season per episode for you to win the ballon dor

  17. This is football 2004, best football game where you press R2 to dive, if you time it right you get a card for your opponents

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